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creation of Israel

jewsh people have always been in palistine
Jewish people have always been in Palestine, they have always been part of the community, until the creation of Israel by Zionist. Even when they were coming after WW2, they were welcomed, while a large ship caring Jewish referees was not admitted to the US.

Imagine a foreign people coming here to the US demanding to take part of the US and wanting to create their own country here on our land. How would you feel? what would you do? suppose they used a foreign power to force it, then having the entire US taken and you asked to get citizenship to get certain rights and having to pledge to this new government which is completely driven by religion. what if millions of Americans had their homes and land taken and then forced to live in refugee camps for years even decades. what would you do? I know that I would make groups like Hamas look like wimps. how can you take a sovereign country and chop it up to give this new nation US lands to establish a new country for the invaders. then when you try to fight the invaders you are labeled terrorist. imagine getting a 24 hour notice to leave your home and property so it can be razed to build homes and a community of theirs without paying you anything, land that ahs been in your family for generation, and you have no recourse. an then bulldozers come right on time and destroy your home Israel is the only country that has tanks fitted with bulldozer equipment.

What would you do?
I would make they Palistinians look like absolute wimps 19.Jul.2006 08:21


If the US would be attempted to suffer as palistine, I would do nothing but organize with the people I know and commit acts of terrorism every day. If the US is lost like Palistine was, there wouls be no other pupose to me than to drive out the invaders anf kill as many as I could.

Setting History Straight 19.Jul.2006 08:55


"Even when they were coming after WW2, they were welcomed, while a large ship caring Jewish referees was not admitted to the US. "

Distorted history. The British were returning "jewish" ships to Hamburg.
Before the creation of Israel, jews were being massacred, raped and ethcically cleansed from their homeland in "palestine" The Arab riots of 1929 and 1936.

Hajj Amin Al Husseini joined forces with the Germans. Al Husseini was the Mufti of Jerusalem. Arafat whose real name was Al Husseini called him "uncle".

The total Jewish population of Hebron was ethnically cleansed BEFORE the creation of Israel.

Why was there no "palestinian" resistence when Trans jordan and Egypt invaded, occupied and annexed "palestinian" land?

The answer is glaringly obvious to those who know and understand the history of the region.

Don't think so 19.Jul.2006 09:10


A ship carrying Jewish refugees was turned away by the US. Fact. My Grandfather was on that ship. Sorry about raining on your so-called setting history strait.

History 19.Jul.2006 09:40


No one said that the US didn't turn away the ship.

The facts of history remain. What it points to is the US complicity in the German venture.

You haven't rained on anyone's history rant. You just confirmed and bolstered the argument.

Riots isolated with both Arab and Jewish Deaths 19.Jul.2006 10:45


I now read about the riots, which was very unfortunate, but it was not "a cleansing". The cleansing occurred after the state of Israel was created. I know that in Syria Jewish people are protected. However there have been incidents far worse than this. What we have now is white Jewish people going to Palestine demanding that because of their religion, they be given lands, which belong to Palestinians. I love the Jewish people, but the Zionist have to go. There is a very large portion of Jewish people who believe this. How can anyone hate Jews when Christ was Jewish, even Muslims account for his being here in the Koran, I think they see Mohammad as being the only true prophet, but I don't think it is written that way in the Koran. Jews and Arabs are cousins, it has been genetically proven.

problem? 19.Jul.2006 12:11


It was after the Balfour declaration of 1917 made the Zionist's offensive plans to carve a state out of the Palestinian's homeland that Palestinians started resisting the Zionist invadors. The Balfour declaration was a declaration of war. All hostilities after it is clearly blood on the hands of Zionists.

But what was the real creation of "Israel"? Zionists say that the Arab states attacked "Israel", which was nothing more than Zionist occupied Palestinian lands. So, what was the creation of "Israel"? Shall I tell you??? Sure, why not. "Israel" was created when the Judeo-christian (small c) dominated 1947 UN drew a line across a map of Palestine and gave Zionists thier blessings to steal 54% of the palestinian's homeland. It is only AFTER Zionists occupied Palestinian lands that the "Arab states" could "attack Israel". For some reason, western interloapers think/feel that they have a right to be giving palestinian lands to Zionists AND that by giving ZIonists the Palestinian lands (democraticly) to ZIonists means ZIonists are something other than murderous thieves of those lands.

That Zionists believe they have a birthright of murderous theft of Palestinian lands is thier vile offensive psychosis. That western politicians think they have a right to give palestinian lands to ANYBODY is thier vile offensive psychosis. We can only deal with one of those. We can vote those vile offensive clowns out of office. We can not vote the Zionist's delusional might makes right ubbermensch mentality out of the Zionist crusaders.