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Portland Mural Project - August 4th to 7th

Upper Playground in conjunction with FIFTY24PDX Gallery are pleased to work with some of the world's top contemporary artists in what is has been billed The Portland Mural Project. Over three days many of Upper Playground's artists will spread across the City of Portland to work with different organizations and people. Each artist will create a unique mural in the outside space provided.
The following artists will be available: Sam Flores- www.samflores.com Herbert Baglione- www.herbert.ind.br Saber- www.saberone.com Basco- www.fifty24sf.com Cody Hudson- www.struggleinc.com Thesis- www.thesissahib.com If you are interested in becoming involved with this project, have outside space available or have any questions please contact Jason Sajko @ 503.888.9505 or email jsajko@hotmail.com .