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9.11 investigation

FBI's Robert Mueller Involved In Lockerbie & 9-11 Coverups

Robert Mueller was involved in both the Investigation of
Pan Am Flight 103 which blew up over Lockerbie Scotland
in 1988 and the 9-11. In both cases there have been
substantial instances of a coverup.
Robert Mueller Involved In Lockerbie & 9-11 Coverups
By James F. Marino
The 9-11 Was The Mother Of All Black Operations Website

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby...

Are you listening Bobby Mueller?? Isn't it odd that you were heading up both the investigation of the Lockerbie disaster of Pan Am Flight 103 back in 1988, which gave the CIA an excuse to attack Libya, and the investigation into the attacks on

So why is it that in both the Lockerbie case and 9-11, accusations of fabricating evidence run rampant? In both instances, the FBI appears to have done far more to obstruct justice by aiding and abetting the guilty parties, than by doing anything constructive, like furnishing the public with legitimate evidence which would have put the real criminals behind bars.

Your participation in cordoning off the WTC plaza -- that wasn't protecting evidence now was it? In reality it was helping to get rid of some very damaging evidence which could have proven that the WTC Towers were imploded by dynamite charges, and did not collapse from any fire as the public has been told.

Of course then there's that unmistakable smell of cordite in the air which tends to damage your credibility even more. And that same smell of cordite was common at the Pentagon that same morning as well.

Hmmm, where have we heard this before? Oh that's right, TWA Flight 800 when it was downed by a missile back in 1996. Of course there was evidence of explosive materials found there as well, right Bobby?

But the FBI found it more convenient to ignore the accounts of 270 eyewitnesses who claimed that they had visual contact of a flare going from the ground to the air, changing course dramatically while in the air (heat seeking missle), and heading straight for Flight 800 just before it exploded.

Even an FAA agent claimed that the entire situation was very strange and ended up getting into trouble when he blew the whistle on your investigation.

Now, it seems to me, that a 5th grader could have deduced from this information that a missile had taken down Flight 800, and that the destruction of this aircraft was no accident, but instead a terrorist attack. So why did the FBI spend 7 months and millions of dollars to fabricate a story that virtually no Americans believe; a complete LIE that is still be perpetrated 10 years later on the anniversary of this tragic event?

And while we're at it, Bobby ole boy, perhaps you can answer another question for me?
Where are the 3 black boxes which were recovered from the World Trade Center, and all of the tapes which you confiscated at the Pentagon and surrounding areas, that would clearly show whether or not a 757 hit the Pentagon? You know you have these items. At least you had them on the day that you confiscated them. Several eyewitnesses have already testified to it. So what did you do with them?

Destroy the evidence? That's obstruction of justice Bobby boy. And in a federal investigation no less. We are looking at life in prison here in any type of normal situation. And since this is a treasonable crime, perhaps even the death penalty. So how come you are still slithering about?

Are you going to tell us that with the dozens of cameras that were operating around the Pentagon on 9-11, that the best you can come up with is the lame footage from one camera which does not even remotely show an aircraft of any kind hitting the building? Common sense would dictate that the FBI would have released every single video taken of the Pentagon on the morning of 9-11, simply to back up its claims that a 757 did hit the building.

So why aren't you? Simple. The videos will clearly show that no 757 ever hit the Pentagon on 9-11, and that this adminstration has lied to us, while the FBI ran defense for it, aiding and abetting George W. Bush and the PNAC, while commiting obstruction of justice in the process!

Your confiscation of those tapes was not protecting evidence, it was in fact an attempt to prevent the American people from ever seeing it. Let's face it, we see one tape that shows a missile hitting the Pentagon and the rest of the official story unravels like a cheap piece of twine. People go to prison for that kind of stuff Bobby, so why are you and the rest of the people who are complicit in these crimes not wearing orange jumpsuits?

And while we're at it, have you got anything else that you wanna get off your chest boyo? The chances are that even if you did, some very powerful people would make certain that you never lived long enough to tell the truth about it. Let's face it, the US Intelligence community is as corrupt as it gets. And the Illuminati that you take your marching orders from (I know you hate to admit it but it's true) makes certain that you all keep your dirty little secrets, regardless of who (outside of your own criminal community) gets destroyed in the process. That is SOP for all of you, and many innocent people have been murdered for it over the years.

You people have a LOT of blood on your hands. And you must certainly all be atheists, because if you believe in God, you already know that you are going straight to hell the minute that you leave this earth.

Another interesting article on Lockerbie -- yet one more US Government lie perpetrated by the US Federal Intelligence community on the ever gullible American and Scottish people.


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hmm, well 20.Jul.2006 22:18


Even sicker are certain signs of the possibility that these mad-people are not aetheists, but satanists (in a literal/practicing sense), but no matter their theosophy, the horrifying aspect is evidence that these powerful elites and their attack dogs not only are evil, but are SELF-AWARE of it, gnashing fangs and all. Scary? A bit.

One thing that our collective awareness needs to begin seriously considering is that yes...truth IS more terrifying than fictional ponderings of the human imagination.