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Recently released APOC political prisoner Rob los Ricos to give speaking persentation at the Wayward Cafe in Seattle.
WHO: APOC activist writer and public speaker Rob los Ricos
WHAT: Speaking presentation
WHEN: Friday July 28 7 pm
WHERE: Wayward Cafe 901 N.E. 55th St. Seattle, WA
Admission: $8.00 suggested donation. No one turned away for lack of donation.
Info: 1.503.493.2505  en_lucha@riseup.net

Rob los Ricos, a Chicano anarchist, was arrested for hitting an officer on his shoulder with a rock during the June 18, 1999 Reclaim the Streets demonstration (which came to be a police riot) in Eugene, Oregon. Of the twenty-one people arrested in connection with the June 18 protest, Thaxton received the stiffest charges: Assault II, Riot and Attempted Assault I. An Attempted Murder charge was briefly brought forth and then dropped.

Thaxton's bail was set at $240,00. In a trial fraught with bias as Judge Mary Ann Bearden continually sided with the prosecutor, Bearden also allowed jury members to be seated who stated that they could not be impartial about anarchists given the news coverage of the events of June 18.

In September of 1999, Thaxton was sentenced to 70 months for Assault II. Bearden departed from Measure 11 sentencing guidelines to hand down18 months for Riot. The sentences ran consecutively rather that concurrently. Los Ricos was released on June 29 of this year.

Visit Rob at roblosricos.blogspot.com and www.roblosricos.net
spirit of survival 19.Jul.2006 10:55

circle a

I missed Rob when he did Laughing Horse Bookstore in Portland but I heard that he gave a moving and funny presentation and that he was very gracious and accessable after he spoke and even invited a boatload of people who attended the event over to his partner's house afterward!

His trial, sentance and imprisonment were all just so unfair. I find it truly amazing that he has survived all of this with his spirit intact. I will defintetly be up in Seattle on July 28. Anyone interested in carpooling?