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The Second American Revolution : Zionists, the Naked Whore

The problem with being a naked whore is that everyone can see you, darling
The nation of Israel once upon a time, long, long ago, cherished a dream of being a light to the world. Her dreams have long since disappear, and today all she can be is an eye sore, while her Kings and rulers are extinguishers of lights, one of so many who bring darkness into the world.

By now most people should be familiar with the supposedly brilliant brainwashing strategy, of the rulers of the Israel, the naked whores. This propaganda tactic, like all the propaganda tactics of the ruthless oppressor, consists of doing evil and then getting away with it by pretending to be an angel. In the case of that naked whore the King of Israel, being an angel means that you are not a ruthless serial killer and therefore a ruthless oppressor, but rather you are a persecuted victim.

Now if we wish to turn some sows ear into what people might believe is a silken purse, it helps to have a tragic story to tell, in the hopes that sinking your fangs into that heart breaking tale might allow you suck blood like vampire, by sucking on the blood that was shed by the people of Israel during the Second World War. The Naked Whore then becomes like a snake which coils itself around the people of Israel, or like a big spider spinning those cob webs around its victim, for there are two victims of that oppressive Whore, the Palestinians and the people of Israel. The people of Israel have been victimized twice, once by an oppressive Whore, and the second time by that collection of oppressive Whores known as the Zionists.

In the past I have discussed how a previous generation of such Naked Whores created an idol, which I referred to as Ted Bundy, since you certainly would not want to call that filthy thing the Zionists created by the name of 'God'. It turns out that somehow Ted, who is an idol consisting of words scribbled onto paper by a cabal of maniacal priests, somehow fell behind a desk in the Jerusalem Temple. Ted must have fallen behind a desk, because you see, according to those sociopathic priests who scribbled up Ted, Moses brought Ted the Serial Killing Idol down from some mountain, and then what must have happened is that somehow the papers fell behind a desk in the Jerusalem Temple, and then when no one could find out what happened to their papers, they were then forgotten. You would think that when someone lost something as sacred and divine as Ted Bundy, they would tear the Temple apart looking for what they had lost, but when Ted got lost behind a desk, no one tore the place apart looking for Ted. If you crack open a Bible and take a look at that monstrous mass murdering Ted Bundy, you might understand how someone might decide that if Ted got lost maybe it would be a good idea not to look to hard for Ted.

Well according to the spin doctored story in the Bible, one day they must have been doing a thorough dusting in the Jerusalem Temple, and as a part of that dusting, which hadn't been thoroughly done for centuries, they pulled out a desk, and the High Priest found Ted behind the desk, no doubt covered with the dust of centuries. Having discovered such a sacred document as the Law of Moses, which had somehow fallen behind that desk, thus kindling the wrath of Ted, due to those centuries of neglect, the High Priest, being a godly man, quickly ran to that previous Naked Whore, the King of Israel. Since Kings of Israel don't mind going along with propaganda scams that make them appear in public as Naked Whores, the King ordered the entire country to swear allegiance to that baby killing idol, Ted Bundy, while the newly created Zionist religious right went back and forth through the country telling what they considered a prophecy, which stated that the wrath of Ted was burning fiercely, because his document had fallen behind a desk for centuries, and that therefore if the people of Israel did not want to be squeezed between the red hot plates of a waffle iron by that maniac, they had better start following all the Laws of Moses laid down by Ted, as they were being ordered to do by the Naked Whore, their King.

It was the plan of the King and the Priest and the newly formed Zionist lobby group to use religion as a tool to create a nation of Ted Bundy types who would then sweep across the middle east like Genghis Khan and establish an empire dominated by the parasites who were ruling Israel at the time, but who felt that this would not enough, and that they wanted more. This wanting more is the cause of all of those wars, the only good wars humanity has ever had being the wars of liberation against those vampire bats at the top of the heap, known as Revolutionary Wars.

A Jewish prophet warned that brain dead vegetable, the King, that such a naked and obvious plot was never going to work, but it is the custom of ruthless oppressors to proceed with naked plots, because they are cunning schemers. Sociopaths study human behavior, because they have to be able to imitate a human in order to pass as a human, having lost their memories since they made the decision to cross the Rubicon. Therefore, it becomes crystal clear to them that the human race is not wicked like they are, but instead they assume the best about someone, which means then that a weirdo like a sociopath can proceed to use Hitler's Big Lie technique on them and it will work, because they will not believe that someone could ever do such evil things, not being the type of people to do such things themselves. Therefore they can be deceived if you do evil but trick them into thinking it is good. Because even violence can be good, in those extreme cases where it is required as the last ditch option when removing some vampire like a ruthless oppressor who is crushing a victim, it can also be possible to justify evil violence, provided that you can convince a nation of gullible people that it was some kind of war of Liberation. You see the only good wars are wars of liberation targeting oppressors, so therefore all wars, even the rotten and bad wars fought over such things as a hunk of real estate of a collection of oil wells, must be peddled as wars of liberation, for then they will receive public support.

Unfortunately for the King of Israel, only evil people would want to go along with that perverted plot of his, because you see the Ted Bundy Idol found in the Bible is not fighting a war of liberation against an oppressor, but rather that thing is practicing the most ruthless genocidal Imperialist Colonialism, with Moses playing the role of Attila the Hun. It is for this reason that the High Priest was brought in on that filthy plot, since that brain dead vegetable, the King of Israel, noticed that people respected Priests because people had a respect for God, and that people were inclined to do just about anything, provided that God wanted them to do it, and therefore so that crack pot theory went, the Priest would be able to use that Ted Bundy idol to create the nation of sociopaths the King required, for all that was needed was to tell the gullible horde, who the King believed were obviously a nation of brain dead vegetables, that this is what God wanted them to become.

As the prophet of Israel predicted, this proved to be more difficult that the King imagined. That idol was never anything more than some perverted rotten egg sucking weasel, a chicken bandit and ranch plundering horse thief. Trying to get the people to listen to that weasel and turn into rotten egg sucking weasels themselves proved a task beyond even the abilities of a Priest, which is why, with the exception of a few weird maniacs who still keep trying, Priests have abandoned the project of trying to be Naked Whores, and so whenever a Priest is up to no good they have returned to their previous strategy of being pure angels, with no clear agenda, just a vague agenda, or if they have an agenda it is a worthless agenda, for to have a worthwhile agenda is to oppose the ruthless weasels of the world, and when the Priest is found to be a weasel as well you will find a Priest stubbornly pushing religion as a substitute for having a clear agenda.

The people of Israel no longer bother much with that egg sucking weasel idol, having become today for the most part an entirely secular nation that no longer sucks upon such rotten eggs. Not that they ever did spend much time working on that evil project, although they still remained brainwashed enough to cart those ridiculous sociopathic weasel writings everywhere they went as they wandered aimlessly over the surface of the planet for a few thousand years, carting that weasel with them everywhere they went as some sort of supposed favor to God. If a rabbi was a maniac he would be heard talking about how that rotten egg sucking weasel was the best part of the Jewish scripture, while if a rabbi was just some addle headed twit, he would step around in that pile of weasel turds, carefully avoiding stepping on a turd, and just use a pair of tweezers to pick out something not to offensive when it came time to tell a sermon.

The people of Israel are no longer seen down on their hands and knees, snout to snout with some weasel sucking on a rotten egg, not that they ever spent much time working on that project in the past. Only a small percentage of the population of Israel can still be found enjoying meals with that demented weasel, and they are known as the Zionists, the Jewish Lobby, the Jewish Settlers, and of course the Naked Whore, the Israeli political and military establishment. If you look at how demented such people as Jewish Settlers have become then you would know why it would be the case that the entire rest of the country, not to mention the entire rest of humanity, would not want to be sucking on such mind warping eggs as were laid by that sociopathic bird, because the whole idea is that when you suck that egg you are supposed to become a sociopath yourself, or you can justify becoming a sociopath if you have previously become one and need to back up your previous decision by quoting scripture. If you are unfamiliar with the ruthless oppression, the rancid racism, the murders and constant robberies of the Zionists, you might want to ask a Palestinian, who have to live next door to those rotten egg sucking psychos, at least until those horse thieves decide to add on a few more acres, thus fulfilling the divine horse thieving agenda of their idol, the rotten egg sucking weasel.

The Kings of Israel do not actually suck such rotten eggs themselves, being to cynical to bother with any so called god, but they do like to get down on their hands and knees from time to time and get snout to snout with that weasel while pretending to suck on that rotten egg themselves. This is what a brain dead vegetable like a King of Israel considers a photo-op, for it turns out that there is thing called a church, and like her older sister Israel before her, she also was seen dragging that egg sucking weasel around with her as she aimlessly wandered the planet, blundering from one disaster to another, while wondering, always wondering to herself what the hell was going on around her and what could possibly be done about it. Therefore, since the Christian Church is also riddled with egg sucking weasels who are seen regularly sucking on rotten eggs in a high pulpit, Kings of Israel figure that having a photo op snout to snout with that rotten weasel would be a good way to build up a base of political support in any country where there still might remain a church and where therefore there will be found at least some people who support the rotten weasel agenda, which then makes the ruthless oppression of a King of Israel seem like the divine plan of a god. This is convenient, because a King of Israel is nothing but a sociopath, as you can tell by all the endlessly daily serial killing of old women and children and infants, the ruthless bulldozing of houses and ancient orchards to clear out a few more acres. After all this, such an evil prick as the King of Israel will then be found drinking martinis and downing small cocktail wieners on toothpicks, and then going for a good nights sleep, before getting up in the morning and doing it all over again. If a demented prick like that is going to look like a god fighting a most sacred battle against the forces of darkness then this requires that at least a percentage of the population be found before rotten egg sucking pulpits. Even if they don't love God, they will have to at least pretend to love God, which is what people do when they have somehow been snared by a devious prick, and thus try to stay out of trouble with Ted by pretending to like Ted and then getting the hell out of the way as that serial killing maniac performs the next in his series of divine acts.

Since not everyone sucks rotten eggs, the King of Israel must also be seen sucking on the blood of the Jewish people, always reminding everyone, if that were still possible, that it is Israel which is the oppressed victim. Israel is an angel, fighting for her very existence in a war of liberation against a ruthless oppressor. Normally ruthless oppressors are the ones found armed to the teeth, while the oppressed play the role of the helpless victim facing over whelming military power, but in the case of the story of Israel, with a little help from that egg sucking Zionist Lobby, perhaps that can be turned around, so that some monstrous dragon can be presented to the public as an angel.

This will require presenting helpless civilian populations who either unarmed or who are armed with stones or perhaps some home made rocket cooked up in someone's kitchen as the violent oppressors of Israel. Since Kings of Israel do not mind being Naked Whores, as their history illustrates so well, this ridiculous scam is a project they have decided to adopt as their supposed ingenious propaganda strategy.

We have seen the ingenious propaganda line of the Zionist lobby play itself out. First you become a brutal oppressor and you allow no one to speak, unless they say what you want them to say. This silencing of opposition is required by systems of brutal oppression since they cannot tolerate dissent, which is why Capitalists systems always try to crucify revolutionaries, bring in McCarthyism, and only allow liberals on television to pose as the 'left' and thus opposition, and it is why Nazis end freedom of the press, and it is why Capitalists create enormous media monopolies. All evil systems behave this way, because they are evil, and thus hate free speech, for then someone might find out it. The Zionist lobby is so notoriously intolerant and oppressive because they are also up to their necks in wickedness and would rather not have that known, which is a ridiculous strategy, because the longer you are wicked, the better known you become, until finally at the end of the road you become a Naked Whore, and being a brain dead vegetable, probably do not even realize that you are a Naked Whore until after everyone else has figured it, which works out perfectly if you happen to be in the business of liberation and not ruthless oppression.

After practicing brutal oppression, the Zionists lobby, being a little smarter than most, then moves on to the strategy of acting like a devil, then acting like an angel, all the while spreading angel propaganda. This compares favorably to the strategy of Washington which is to just act like a damn devil all the time while spreading angel propaganda the whole time, which does not work at all, or at least, not for very long. You see people need to see angel deeds, and the Zionists are clever enough to understand this which is why the King of Israel is seen to bob and weave like a boxer in a ring. The pattern would be that first you give the oppressed a really good goring with your oppressive horn, and then you do a horn withdrawal. This is the cue for the Zionist lobby to start spreading pixie dust and spreading angel propaganda, while the King of Israel dusts off his angel wings for a short time, at least in public. In private the King will throw off those angel wings and begin plotting the next really good goring which is always certain to follow whenever you see a King of Israel in angel wings. So then the familiar pattern is a good goring, followed by a horn withdrawal and a worldwide barf up of angel propaganda, and then this will be followed by deliberate provocation, slapping the oppressed victim around to make them mad so they will try something, which will not be reported, but just ignored, until finally those Palestinians take a shot or maybe slap back, which will be reported in blaring front page headlines and given top coverage on the television news. As is so very predictable, since Naked Whores are by definition stark naked and thus very predictable, the Naked Whore, the King of Israel, rises up righteous indignation, timing the righteous indignation just perfectly so that it follows that media blitz declaring whatever some Palestinian did when they got provoked and slapped back. In great outrage, the Naked Whore declared Israel's right to fight a war of liberation against an evil oppressor determined to hurt Israel by doing something like chucking a rock or maybe slapping a cheek or perhaps throwing a spear if that is handy or maybe trying to hit the King in the face with a bottle of bleach. In response to this ruthless act by the Palestinians the Knight In Shining Armor appears and the King of Israel, that Naked Whore, then orders another horn insertion, since the act of the Palestinian proves that horn withdrawal does not work with a ruthless oppressor like a Palestinian. Out come the F16s and the cruise missiles and the tanks and machine guns as once again Israel plows that withdrawn horn right back in again, then withdraws that horn.

If horn withdrawal is not on the agenda then what we see is talk about withdrawing that massive horn, but only if a Palestinian will stop throwing rocks or tossing bottles of bleach. Furthermore, according to the Naked Whores reasonable demands, the Palestinians will also have to make sure that not even one other Palestinian will try throwing a can of bleach. This would be just about an impossible demand to fill, for we all know human nature, and how you are supposed to patrol an entire area and make sure that not even one person throws a can of bleach is a good question. I imagine they have burglars in Israel, and if someone said that Israel must patrol the country and make sure that some unemployed burglar does not burgle even once, or else the whole country is going to get it really good, well I am sure you can see that only some maniac would propose a so called solution to the burglar problem such as that one.

But then the Zionists are nakedly oppressive whores, so they proceed to make such ridiculous demands because they know that they need at last one tossed bleach bottle before they can reinsert the horn. Not that a tossed bottle of bleach is required for horn insertion, but it is required if you want to beat the shit out of a bleach tosser with an F16, and still look like an angel with wings while you are doing it. At least, that is supposed to be the strategy, as we all know, and we all do know, or at least most of us do, and the rest are now learning.

So I say to the Zionist Lobby and those maniacs, the Ted Bundy's ruling Israel and sucking on her Holocaust blood like a demented vampire bat : "The problem with being a stark naked Whore is that everyone can see you, dear."

Once again Israel proves to be a light to the nations, in that we can notice that if a Naked Whore is found under a spot light, she does not put on her clothes, but remains naked, and turns to the strategy of brutalization which she hopes will result in demoralization. She knows that some people see her without a stitch on, but when they are hit in the face with pail after pail of wickedness and maniacal pitiless cruelty, they will become demoralized and despondent, perhaps give up on all hope for the future and thus become the kind of ruined wrecks who see a murderous naked Whore and then give up hope instead of ripping the tits right off that filthy bitch.

But things being the way the are, the time comes when a Naked Whore gets seen by everyone, and that is when she gets her tits ripped off after all. It just takes some time. I have been holding my nose for years waiting for tit ripping day to finally arrive, as it must, and as you know it must, when you are watching the strategy of a brain dead vegetable unfold. For the wicked are snared in their own devices. A wicked fool is seen digging a pit for his victims only to fall into it himself. The ways of a wicked oppressor are folly and the actions of some brain dead vegetable, and their end is ruinous destruction, which comes suddenly, all at once, much like a high wall, already cracked and bulging, suddenly falls in an instant, and the destruction of that worthless wall, built brick by brick and then white washed by false prophets, is so complete that not even a shard remains behind big enough to scoop water. People will then be found asking why those brain dead morons went to so much trouble building such a wall in the first place and why those moron prophets ever bothered to cover the thing with white wash in an attempt to hide the obvious cracks.

These are the teachings of Jewish prophets, by the way, and it just goes to show you that Zionists, while technically they may be 'Jewish', are actually found to be maniacal egg suckers sucking a rotten egg snout to snout on the ground beside some weasel. For it turns out that you can either be good and have justice, in which case you would listen to a prophet when they spoke some common sense to you, or you can suck rotten eggs and go off to your ruinous destruction. The Zionists like to mention their divine mission, given to them by the rotten egg sucking weasel, just in case someone in some church is impressed by the way prophecy is being fulfilled by those egg sucking Zionist weasels. To which I respond that certainly prophecy is being fulfilled by those weasels, just not the way they expected. For it turns out that when you suck rotten eggs you don't listen to prophets, and thus you wind up fulfilling some pretty bad prophecies, so that people can say that while the Zionists failed to fulfill the agenda of that weasel they were serving, they did nonetheless manage to fulfill Jewish prophecy, so that at least some kind of prophecy managed to get fulfilled in the midst of that disaster they have created in the Middle East.

The Zionists and the Jewish Capitalists and the Kings of Israel wrap themselves around the people of Israel like a giant poisonous viper, by reminding Israel that she is the oppressed victim, and that she lives in mortal terror and requires protection, such protection being offered by a sociopath like the Kings of Israel, who are the ones who are responsible for Israel living in such daily dread of their enemies, since that brain dead vegetable on the throne insists on creating more and more enemies for them to be afraid of, so they will support that plotting vegetable when he makes a few more enemies for Israel to fear.

The biggest mistake Israel ever made was to run for protection right into the arms of those rotten egg sucking weasels, the Zionists. She is found now to be wrapped in cobwebs spun around and around about her by cynical serial killers like the Kings of Israel, who are so depraved, that even exploiting the Holocaust is not off limits to them when it comes time for them to plot their next scam. Since a ruthless oppressor is nothing but some brain dead vegetable when it comes time to plot strategy, Israel was led into disaster by those Zionists, and now she remains trapped like some bug in amber. For even though brain dead oppressors are morons, they think they are geniuses, the evidence being just how far they get and how much they have accomplished. If they have accomplished anything at all it is only because the house has not yet burned down around the ears of everyone trapped inside while that idiot goes about the house pouring gasoline and stacking up sticks of dynamite, which is handy when you find yourself in the middle of a revolution. A brain dead oppressor therefore is one of history's greatest revolutionaries, for that moron thinks that pouring gasoline and stacking dynamite into ever higher piles is an excellent counter revolutionary strategy, thus causing such a dimwitted vegetable to proceed to do just that.

There remains only one viable solution for that mess we see in the Middle East. Like every other country being preyed upon by rotten egg sucking weasels, Israel requires a revolution in order to drive a stake through the heart of that blood sucking vampire bat, before that bat makes things even worse. For the end of a wicked fool is ruinous destruction. Idiotic folly is the characteristic hall mark of the behavior of the wicked. The wicked boast and their minds are puffed up. They think, 'No one can see me. I will never be shaken, and I will continue rule the world for all generations.' But the wicked are found to be placed on a slippery slope, their feet slip, and they begin their relentless slide down that cliff, over a slope and into the bottomless pit. The end of a wicked fool is the destruction of the people of Israel who will be found riding that idiotic turd as it swirls down a toilet bowl, as though a turd like that one was something you would ride as though it were a pony.

Since the United Nations committed an act of gross injustice when it voted for the creation of the State of Israel, and so they should pay a big fat fine, the money being used to repair the ruinous wreckage and the damage caused by that brain dead decision. For you see, during the British mandate the census reveals that Palestinians numbered millions and there were only tens of thousands of Jewish people in that area at the time, which means that hundreds of thousands of people were robbed by some armed bandits at the United Nations who were conspiring with those horse thieves, those Zionists, as they worked to supposedly fulfill the prophecy of that egg sucking weasel invented by the Priest and the King of Israel so long ago. Restitution is the best form of justice when a robbery has occurred. This is a point worth keeping in mind if one of those brain dead oppressive so called 'prophets' shows up with a can of white wash and tries to cover that big crack in the wall with white wash by making that ridiculous claim, endlessly repeated, that the country of Israel was like an empty desert before the Jewish people returned to their vacant and empty land. Apparently such morons consider Hitler's big lie technique to be a form of doing prophecy, thus explaining why they are constantly found to be white washing cracks, since it does not matter to such cruel weirdos whether or not a thing is true, only that you be brainwashed by thinking a lie is the truth. Such detestable cretins pass for prophets in some church circles, and this is a clear indication that some rotten egg sucking has been going on in those places, for only when you have poisoned yourself by sucking on a rotten egg would you ever be willing to put up with demented oppressors acting like Hitler and passing themselves off as prophets.

I have often heard it said that both Israel and the Palestinians have the right to live in peace, but while I hear platitudes I never hear anything that resembles a real solution, but that could be because those who only mutter platitudes don't have an agenda, because they understand nothing and therefore don't know what they are doing. A know nothing is not someone to propose a real agenda, and even if they did propose an agenda it would be something worthless, because they understand nothing. They are blind and they cannot see.

Both Israel and the Palestinians deserve to live together in peace, preferably in one country, not two, but this will never be possible until Israel has a revolution and gets rid of those maniacal egg sucking weasels that have been cynically exploiting the holocaust and are the real culprits responsible for all that violence in the Middle East. As Israel can see, the end of ruthless pricks is the ruinous destruction of entire nations, as the example of America proves so well. For after decades and decades of the most shocking acts of ruthless wickedness, which Washington might have thought was a good idea at the time, but which certainly doesn't seem like such a good idea now, we will all be given a live demonstration of the wisdom of Jewish Prophets by watching the end of a clique of wicked pricks as they slide down that slippery slope. Washington will be seen clutching at straws, as though a straw was a steel beam, or as though a straw might miraculously somehow become a steel beam after it is clutched and various other stupid strategies. Washington will be seen being forced to make a choice between two options, both of them equally evil, and really being only one option since there was no real choice there, except perhaps to pick one of those two options and then clutch at a straw. All this has happened because of the consequences of a big pile of heaping wickedness which has now caught up to Washington so that at the end all she had to show for all her evil deeds was a damn pile of straw, and remarkably she has now become quite helpless, because you are helpless when you are sliding down a well greased slope like that one, heading for a crash in the bottom of some pit.

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