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corporate dominance

The politicized American Agriculture industry.

America's agribusiness is growing more and more politically powerful, The new farm bill passed by the house gives large farmers 191 billion dollars in subsidies none of that money goes to small (mom and pop) farmers.
America's agribusiness is growing more and more politically powerful, The new farm bill passed by the house gives large farmers 191 billion dollars in subsidies none of that money goes to small (mom and pop) farmers.
Businesses like Conagra foods get those subsidies not people like farmer Joe he doesn't get any money, he only gets a broken back and kick from a mule.
Here is a good example we have the largest Chicken operation in the world Tyson foods, under President Clinton they bought the entire west coast whiting fish run and wiped them all out thus killing the economy of several small towns on Oregon's coast. Earlier during Clinton's election to the oval office Tyson made a rather large donation to his campaign, well I guess in American society you do get what you paid for. Now our current President Bush gets all sorts of donations from every company, He got a rather large donation from the Timber Industry and as part of the Homeland Security he tried to place an expedited logging of Oregon's forest. President Bush is now trying to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Alternative fuels (ethanol) there is not enough soil in the US to grow enough corn to make ethanol. One viable alternative fuel that should be looked into is the sun, The sun wakes us up every morning, and puts us to bed every night. The only problem is that the sun dose it for free.
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knee deep in it 18.Jul.2006 21:01

rah rah

I recommend reading Michael Pollan's book "Omnivore's Dilemma". Having been raised in Iowa, I know all too well the damage done to the local economy at the hands of greedy corporate bastards such as ConAgra, ADM, Tyson and the like. Back home visiting this summer, it has become clear to me that the folks here are hog-tied, so to speak. Hog confinements are popping up everywhere (one is threatening to be constructed barely a mile uphill and downwind from a favorite local nature preserve) while stores downtown are boarded up because local shopowners cannot compete with the likes of Wally World, Target and Home Despot. I've been riding my bicycle on backroads all over the area and can hardly stand the stench created by these confinements, let alone hearing the squealing cries of those poor wretched souls roasting to death in those metal houses of horror. It breaks my heart. I remember when farms used to have cows in the pasture and pigs and chickens and horses. Now, it's all been plowed under to grow corn, acres and acres and acres of corn with some soybean fields scattered here and there. And no one here seems to notice or put up much of a fight. The farmer used to be the epitomy of a self-sufficient, DIY, populist. But now since less than 2% of our country's population lives on farms, the farmer holds very little sway in a government funded by corporate interests. It's pretty bleak my friends. Grow your own food and support local farmers, yo!
Food not lawns!

rah rah's post 19.Jul.2006 09:13


In my community land that used to be farmland is now cookie cutter subdivisions, and more and more of the farmers that can't compete are selling out. I don't have to pay their property taxes so I can't blame them but this begs the question of where the hell are we going to get our food from? Grow your own as much as you can, join the community garden if you're able, hunt and fish if you're a meat eater, and do your best no to buy into the ConAgra, Tyson bullshit.

Why was south central community farm destroyed? 19.Jul.2006 15:47

tierra y libertad

Why was the south central community farm destroyed by Caterpillar bulldozers (same ones that destroy Palestinian olive trees, redwood forests, etc..) despite tremendous global opposition? My guess is that it is beyond real estate developer Ralph Horowitz and enters into the domain of an overall attack over the last few decades on community farms in general. Community farms rely on crop symbiosis and diversity instead of pesticide/fertilizer dependent plantation monoculture found in AMD, ConAgra, Monsanto, Pioneer Hi-Bred International Seeds, etc..

The biotech seed corporations claim ownership of living organisms via patents, an illegal modification to US patent law following corporate personhood. Now thanks to biopatenting, large corporations can sue farmers out of business, thus siezing their land base..

"The talks involved top executives at both companies, including Robert B. Shapiro, then Monsanto's chief executive, and Charles S. Johnson, then Pioneer's chief executive, as well as Richard McConnell, now president of Pioneer, and Robert T. Fraley, now Monsanto's chief technology officer, according to company officials and documents. Together, Pioneer and Monsanto control about 60 percent of the nation's $5 billion market for corn and soybean seeds."

article cont's @;

more info database @;

What it comes down to is south central community farm is tended by campesino farmers who care about the food they grow and eat, and who don't want to sleep, eat and work in a cloud of petrochemical pesticides. The presence of US colonial outpost Israel in Palestine, US occupation of Iraq and in general US dependency on petroleum for fuel, fertilizer, pesticides, etc.. will continue under GMO/GE food crops but would be broken under community farm proliferation where crop symbiosis diversity breaks the cycle of the pesticide treadmill. However, CEOs of large corporations like Monsanto, ADM, Cargill, ConAgra, Pioneer, etc.. won't be able to pull in their billions of dollars in profits and wealth will be redistributed amongst working class people..

That could be one of the main reasons that south central community farm was destroyed, corporations require complete control of the food source to remain in existance..

makes 20.Jul.2006 08:22


The connection between developers and agribusiness makes sense. Is it possible to wake the common human up to the fact that paving over every open space, farmland or just "open space", isn't a good idea?

Yes it is possible, but that is going to take alot of effort to do so 29.Jul.2006 15:49


Yes it is possible to wake people up, I and I truely hope it is possible, here is an example here in the us the price of bread is under $5.00 in Europe its almost $9.00 simplely economics might wake people up, but I hope we wake them up with intelegence mean while checkout out some of my political comic strips www.sroachart.com