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Local radio show promotes violence against cyclists (again)

I received an email (from a local music listserve) this morning about a Portland radio station promoting violence against cyclists.
I wasn't listening to the show, like many of you reading, I cannot deal with commercial radio shows. I appreciate hearing these news from people that can tolerate garbage radio.

Not sure what was done in the past and what is effective with these types of situations so I have no suggestions, other than sharing my concerns.

I am always on the bike when commuting. I do not own a car and do not know how to drive. Violence against anyone when not provoked or notin self defense is unconscionable.

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It Works 18.Jul.2006 20:00

I Have Done It

Biker, may I suggest you listen to this station and make notes on who their sponsors are, then contact each sponsor to inform them why you will not purchase their service/product. If enough people do this then the advertisers will pull their ads from the station.

Legal action 19.Jul.2006 00:22

Car go not

The station faces danger of legal liability. They should be convinced to cease and desist and issue a public apology/pledge to rectify their mistake with some responsible driver education spots about "sharing the road." Here's some details:


organized get-together 19.Jul.2006 15:49

organic brian


"The website also has information about an event in which the morning show personalties will be at on Saturday the 22nd of July in Grants Park between Noon and 3:00PM. I wonder how many cyclist we can have thank the radio station for misusing our airwaves and endangering our lives ..."

So, everybody:

Tuesday July 22nd
Noon - 3:30P
Grants Park (between NE 33rd - 36th
and NE US Grant Pl - Hollyrood Ct.,
near NE Thompson - Brazee)

I just learned that this is not meant to be an activity to directly engage the FM 95.5 picnickers or the show's hosts, but to demonstrate cyclists having more fun and putting a human face on cyclists. There should be bike-jousting, great food, bike clowns... basically having a great time and allowing people to come over and see that we're really terrific people.