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HappyNews.com Publishes Story on the Prosperity Project 'Open Source' Social Enterprise

Since turning the Prosperity Project into the first Open Source Social Enterprise, Portland, OR-based founder Kim Breas has been reaching out to social justice and economic development nonprofits across the nation. Read the HappyNews.com story on the Prosperity Project at:  link to www.happynews.com
As an open source project, anyone is free to build the Prosperity Project. My hope and desire is that Builders will honor the spirit and principles of the Prosperity Project. Since introducing this open source social enterprise, I have been reaching out to social justice and economic development nonprofits across the nation to invite them to build the Prosperity Project in their community. I hope you will spread the word.

- Kim Breas, Founder, DoughNation Services LLC

The Prosperity Project: the first Open Source Social Enterprise

Since 2002, DoughNation has proven homeowners will pay for tax deduction documentation and delivery for donations of quality clothing and belongings. DoughNation gives customers an easy way to feel good helping the community, and they all enjoy gaining deductions worth at least as much as they paid (the service is even tax-deductible as part of making a charitable donation).

The DoughNation business model is proven: customers repeat business and refer others. Customers will pay upfront hundreds and sometimes more than a thousand for handling the entire household contents.

The business model is proven, but most of Portland, Oregon and the nation have yet to hear of DoughNation or the Prosperity Project - an open source model introducing four new enterprises in the donation services industry. This is because as founder, my strengths lie in design. Recognizing I cannot build DoughNation or the donation services industry into what it should become, I have turned the model into the Prosperity Project: an open source social enterprise offering.

1. A new, socially positive, economically promising industry: donation services.

2. Ownership. Prosperity Project Builders own the businesses they create with the model.

3. 'Do well by doing good' culture.
 Ongoing interpersonal and professional skills training will support individual success.
 Flexible positions can accommodate single parent and caretaker schedules.
 A policy preventing individuals with criminal records from access to customer information allows plenty of opportunities for those rebuilding lives after incarceration.

The Prosperity Project introduces four donation service enterprises, including:

1. DoughNation: providing tax deduction documentation (including photographs and itemized lists) and delivery for donations of quality belongings.

2. Gentle Disposition: clearing the home through donation, recycle and disposal.

3. Full Circle Fundraising: leveraging the tax deduction benefits for donations into flexible programs that benefit every school and nonprofit.

4. The Community Partnership, strengthening the community core by introducing local businesses to schools and community organizations, helping generate revenue for them all.

Additionally, excellent potential exists for spin-off businesses involving repairing and reselling donations, including furniture and electronics repair, resale shops, online auctions, event planning, etc.

As founder of DoughNation and the Prosperity Project, my anticipation is enough Builders will want my help as a consultant to provide financial rewards. Regardless, each Prosperity Project Builder owns what they create with the Prosperity Project, and this is a vital element of the model.

For more information about becoming a Prosperity Project Builder email  doughnationservices@yahoo.com or call 503.320.8213.

In prosperity,

Kim Breas
DoughNation Services LLC

Kim Breas Bio

After a diverse history including work as a massage therapist, electronic medical records implementation project manager, technical writer, and various other things, I found my calling as the founder of DoughNation and the donation services industry four years ago.

An out-of-the-box thinker always, I recognized after three years that I am incapable of running a business ("I shouldn't even be trusted to run a stocking", is my favorite way to put it). I also recognized I am on to something with the donation services industry; since I cannot build it I am working to put the model into the hands of those who can - with my hope that the spirit of 'doing well by doing good' will be honored more than not.

I believe the donation services industry is the most socially positive and economically promising industry to emerge in decades. I believe 'doing well by doing good' is the most needed ethic to put forward in our deeply corrupt times. I am doing all I can to promote this approach, and this is why the Prosperity Project is the first ever open source social enterprise.

e-mail::  doughnationservices@yahoo.com homepage::  http://www.doughnationservices.com phone:: 503.320.8213

homepage: homepage: http://www.doughnationservices.com
phone: phone: 503.320.8213