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The Second American Revolution : Weirdos in High Places

When someone doesn't get their job done, under the capitalist system, the solution is to just fire them and then not give a damn
For the first time I can remember, Israel is really catching hell, and has begun slightly withdrawing her horns. I noticed it this morning, that very slight Israeli horn withdrawal. That slight horn withdrawal was a slight relief. A full horn withdrawal would be a great relief, but apparently that is going to take some more work. But that's okay, because, like most people in this place, I don't have anything to do but work, so I might as well work overtime.

It turns out that if you want an Israeli horn withdrawal, you should not waste your time working on the project of trying to get an Israeli horn withdrawal. If you work on that Israeli horn withdrawal project all you will get is an Israel growing an even longer horn, this being the repeated pattern as most people already know, having probably just about exhausted themselves trying to get a horn withdrawal policy and then always getting a pie in the face for their efforts by being given a horn insertion instead.

The reason for this failure, as well as about one million other failures, is that in the case of Israel, Israel is not the boss. Israel is just a tool in the bosses hand. The boss is some scared aristocratic hamster, and it turns out that as with everything in this life, when you want something, you have to talk to the boss about it. Since the boss is some capitalist, and as we know, that means that the boss is some ruthless weirdo, certain techniques are required when talking to the boss which would be different techniques than the ones you might use when talking to a neighbor over the back fence, assuming that people actually talked to neighbors over back fences any more. Apparently, according to poll data, they do not do that anymore, having become to completely ruined and crushed to be found talking over fences. A people who no longer talk over fences are doomed, which would explain why some ruthless weirdo would want to keep at that, oppressing and launching psychological attacks against them relentlessly, breaking their hearts, crushing their spirits, and always making sure to hurl more and more demoralizing acts of ruthless wickedness into their face as the response to all activism, so as to make sure that people no longer talk over fences so they will much easier to herd into some Nazi concentration camp, once that ruthless weirdo finishes baking up some real nasty souffle to serve on a platter.

It turns out that when you want to get rid of a ruthless cabal of capitalists like those maniacal weirdos running the show at the present time, you must burn the house down. Fortunately, a ruthless oppressor is nothing more than a brain dead vegetable, and therefore burns the house down repeatedly himself, and so that won't prove to be a problem. When the house burns down people are suddenly found talking over fences again, burning the house down turning out to have been a cure for that sickness caused by all those psychological attacks launched against them that first caused them give up the fence talking habit in the first place. Naturally, they will remember those attacks, so they won't be having sweet conversations with their neighbors over the back fence, since it turns out that the ruthlessness of an utterly ruthless prick always backfires on them at the end of it all, since it reveals that they are in fact maniacs and weirdos, and once the house burns down, instead of setting Frankenstein back on his feet again, that thing winds up being completely destroyed in the fires.

Fortunately there are still found some people who remain talking over fences, in dwindling numbers. They are found in churches. The problem with tapping phones to find who the friends of the revolutionaries might be so they can be hunted down and shipped to those newly constructed eye sores, those concentration camps on the American landscape, is that you would also have to start shipping some church granny to the camp, which won't look good, and since that church granny is also a revolutionary, you can see that even if you arrest every revolutionary in the country, and then use their phone records to arrest all their associates, even if some of them were just associates and not revolutionaries, that does not mean that you have solved the problem of fence talking, since there were still be more people talking over fences, and perhaps you should not arrest them, because you already look bad enough as it is, and if it was your plan to erase any last lingering doubts, that would be a good way to pound that last nail or two into your own coffin.

If you wanted to arrest some church people, you might want to arrest the top church leadership, which is infected with that same astonishing corruption and yes, even what looks like moral depravity, as every other institution in that shocking place. As I say, if you turn to the institutional systems, all you will find are acts of the most disgusting indecency committed on a daily basis, and as a part of that psychological attack strategy, these ruthless acts of indecency will be committed relentlessly, without respite, which means that a person just never gets a break.

But let us suppose that a person needs to take a coffee break, and take some time off from the added burden of the work required to put up with relentless ad nauseum flowing from the warped minds of demented scheming weirdos. It turns out that the best way to get a break, is not to go on strike, playing the role of a small hamster facing down a supposed T-Rex. No, the best way to take a break from working with some ruthless werido is to just kick that weirdo so hard in the balls he will be found rolling on the floor gasping for air. If he dares to get up again, then its another super hard kick in the balls. This is better than filing an official complaint form through the system or going on strike, and playing that other unionized role of the small, almost helpless hamster facing down what is allegedly a ferocious and unstoppable T-Rex. This bit of role reversal is the ruin of everyone, which explains why everyone so persistently continues to do it, because they have been brainwashed to do it, and since all systems of oppression exist only in the mind, it therefore follows that the real solution to ending oppression is to do a little unbrainwashing, thus solving that problem.

Now let us talk about horn withdrawal, and we will use the example of that tool of the boss known as Israel for the purposes of our discussion. It turns out that like all things in life, only the boss can order Israel to do a horn withdrawal. If Israel gets permission from the boss to do a horn insertion then that is what Israel will do, because like everyone else, Israel obeys the boss.

The same principle applies in every area of life, since we live under a form of fascist dictatorship, called capitalism, which is a way of handing all economic power into the hands of a small cabal of all powerful autocrats, who then enjoy absolute power, even the power of life and death, because the way that system is designed they now control the economy. Since you will always have some weirdos who are such control freaks and who get pleasure from the havoc they can wreak on the planet by exercising their supposed powers to push buttons and punch levers, while everyone is powerless to stop them. Or so it might seem.

And yes some capitalistic weirdo does get pleasure from pushing buttons and pulling levers, which is why they first invented a system of fascism that would allow them to push buttons and pull levers, or else they would not have power, since the system would have been democratic, thus depriving them of that cherished opportunity to play that game of being real powerful. Systems of oppression are designed from the very start to allow the powerful lever game to be played, because you see, not because its rational, since it is obviously dangerous to the planet to design such systems and then let weirdos play the game, but rather these rotten systems are designed because pulling levers is fun for the weirdos. You often hear that a sociopathic serial killer only feels alive when killing, and feels dead otherwise, thus explaining that urge inside a sociopath to exercise the destructive power that gives life to sociopaths only when they are destroying the lives of others, thus proving their powers, for you see, although they were destroying the lives of others, which was very naughty, nothing could be done to stop them, which proved they were powerful, the elite have mores, and the very creme de la creme, because if that wasn't true, someone would have stopped them but since they are the master race of humanity, as is obvious since they are pushing buttons and pulling levers, that proved to be impossible.

Now the problem with being the boss and having absolute fascist power and becoming an all powerful autocrat that no one can stop, even when the autocrat is a maniac, is that means that you are not only all powerful, you are also completely responsible. So then, for example, should someone wish to have a horn withdrawn, it would not do to ignore you and then work on the horn itself, but rather since you are the boss, it will be required to ask you for permission to have a horn withdrawn, since you, being the autocratic fascist, and all powerful, are the one to ask. As we all know, you are also a weirdo as is demonstrated by the fact that you are a brain dead vegetable, and therefore you respond with a further horn insertion as a form of psychological attack. Therefore the response that is required is first, to kick the boss in the balls so hard and so many times that his balls swell up to the size of basketballs and thus become useless for sex, which would mean that Ted Bundy will have to just get his kicks from the killing part, and not have much fun with the sex part, because his balls have been ruined. The second response is to burn down the maniacal system that functions to put power into the hands of maniacal ruthless perverts, for you see that system was designed to do that very thing, for how else could it be done, and therefore when such a system of oppression is exposed and burned to cinders this is what is known as 'the salvation of the world.'

Therefore let us suppose that I wanted a horn withdrawal on the starved baby problem of the world, wherein, under the glorious leadership of the ruling class, who have been diligently keeping up on their affairs of ruling over things for centuries, is a problem one would not expect to find but still, for damn strange reason one does find it. Since the boss is all powerful, and thus completely to blame, it then logically follows that since starved babies starve at the rate of thirty thousand per day, the boss should be getting thirty thousand really hard kicks in the nuts, or in the general region where his nuts once were before they were kicked to a bloody pulp and then kicked some more, because it turns out that you just cannot kick a ruthless prick enough times in the balls, and therefore you should just keep on kicking even after he loses his nuts.

Pick an issue that is close to your heart. Take for example the old growth forest. Some people are very upset about that one. The typical strategy is to target the American people, and then wonder why the American people don't do anything about the old growth forest. This would lead me to ask you why you don't do it, and then if you are an activist you will say that you are doing your part, protesting about it, which is true, because we need outraged protests about old growth forests and about starved babies and a long, long list of other things. Don't get me wrong. I am not crapping on protests. I am just crapping on the way protests are done, as a pressure strategy, wherein we are to exhaust ourselves and lose the very last old growth tree, by pressuring some ruthless sociopath to stop. Since some weirdo is the boss that never works, as you can tell when you watch some flushed turd swirling down the toilet bowl and then out the hole at the bottom again and again. What also doesn't work is to blame the American people, because they are the boss. Why the hell blame them.

Pick an issue. Pick any issue that is close to your heart. Now you need an activist strategy which means that you need to clearly analyze the situation and then come up with a working strategy. It turns out that there is only one correct strategy, which is the revolutionary strategy, and since the house is burning down and there is going to be a revolution required if you want to avoid a visit from some Gestapo later, having eaten that poisoned souffle being whipped up for that very purpose, it just follows that there is no other strategy than the revolutionary strategy, unless you were planning to play the role of Don Quixote and tilt at wind mills until you get so damned tired you just wonder sometimes if you should just give up, but you can't because then some weirdo will order the chop down that last old growth tree, which would then be your fault because you gave up (etc etc etc).

The correct strategy on every issue is to go the boss, this time not with official papers, or a petition, or with a can of beans showing that you have the most beans, thus pressuring the boss with that can of beans of going on strike and playing the role of a hamster facing down a supposedly large aristocratic T-Rex. No the correct strategy should be obvious. What you need is a pair of steel toed boots and then you do that kicking the boss in the balls things. If this is not obvious I will demonstrate, thus proving that when even one person is kicking balls suddenly you start seeing slight horn withdrawals, at least until that maniac has been pushed to far, and then you see some idiotic attempt to insert a bigger horn, which just ruins that brain dead vegetable since such vegetables can only plot strategies that bring ruinous destruction raining down upon their heads, for you see, their are ruthless evil pricks trying to pretend not to be Dragons, and when you can no longer pretend to be an angel, and have to just be a Dragon, well that erases any last trace of lingering doubt. At that time even people who never kicked a boss in the balls in their life suddenly are found wearing steel toed boots. Its called a revolution. Happens throughout human history.

Now once the ball kicking gets rolling what you will see is that the scared aristocratic hamster will do such things as order a slight Israeli horn withdrawal. You see you do not want to erase the last trace of lingering doubt, which would cause a revolution. The scared aristocratic hamster will also do such things as giving little food pellets to a liberal, and then the liberal, who must now play the role of an activist for 'social justice' so that perhaps a liberal might be able to hijack a revolution and steal it from leftist, and the liberal will then construct a blinking neon billboard sign celebrating that small pellet it got from the scared hamster, for you see that pellet was victory, in that the giant T-Rex agreed to make a concession and dole out a pellet. At this time the liberal can lead everyone away from the revolution and back into the system where they can park themselves, perhaps celebrating another victory or two if that is what it takes to keep them in the system until that maniacal aristocrat can finish baking up a souffle of Nazism. When a liberal tries to tell you that a food pellet sent out by a scared aristocratic hamster is actually something sent by a T-Rex, you should understand that the liberal is just screwing with your head, hoping that you will continue to play the helpless role of that hamster yourself, so that you will then allow that hamster to go back to being the all powerful boss. All systems of oppression exist only in the mind, so the liberal will have to keep busy trying to pull stunts like that one or risk losing control over your mind.

What we see from the maniacs in recent times, is that maniacal fiends have control of the system, who so obviously run the world and enjoy destroying it for kicks, as you can tell, since they are the all powerful autocrats who decide what is going to happen by imperial decree. This is not a new development. Someone once asked Al Capone if he invested on Wall Street and Capone replied that the capitalists of his day were such a bunch of crooks and gangsters that even Capone didn't want anything to do with them. There are limits to how much crime a person might want to get mixed up with. The problem here is with the system of capitalism itself, which was designed so that when some creep has control of the levers the policies of a creep are the policies that get done, since there is no other way to do the policy of a creep. The system is fascist, and therefore the policy of a creep can be done, should a creep claw his way to the top, as creeps are so good at doing, or should someone change into a creep on their way to the top, having crossed the Rubicon and thus finding evil a lot easier to do than might otherwise have been the case.

Yes, the lunatics are in charge of the asylum, but then they always have been done, the system being designed so that a lunatic could put through his policies, since only under autocratic systems could such a stupid idea ever come to fruition, which then explains the design of that capitalist system, which then explains why the world is a complete wreck. The world is a wreck because it gives Ted Bundy great pleasure to wreck planets. Besides, Ted won't be here for generations, and all Ted cares about is wrecking planets so he can feel that alive feeling so important to sociopathic weirdos, and Ted cares about sex, which explains why he hordes money in giant stacks, for when you have a giant stack it means that you have a giant cock, even when you are 72, and thus can screw hot babes until you drop dead, something that most people don't do because they can't afford it. This will be one more thing for Ted to enjoy doing as he savors the pleasure of knowing that he was the creme de la creme, as was proved by how out of all humanity, he was the one who got to do that lever pulling thing and then get his cock wet with hot babes all the time when he was as old as 72. As you can tell by looking at the wrecked state of the planet and then watch Ted Bundy stack and horde great big stacks of nickels, sociopaths, who consider themselves the top predator and thus superior, have a very weird sense of values, which also causes them to get confused and consider themselves the creme de la creme, when actually they were the scum de la scum, which then explains revolutions which dot human history.

Now it turns out that when you have a hopeless nation of people like Americans, who no longer talk over fences, not only do you have a bad tempered Giant who yells at you, you also have a demoralized Giant who doesn't give a damn any more, for what's the use. That does not mean that you should not talk to Giants, it does mean that you will have to be patient, for when you talk to that Giant the Giant will become to bitch and complain, or perhaps pour out sour pessimism about how things might change in a far off life time, but they will never see it, and so on. When Giants act like that you must resist the urge to damn a Giant as some kind of original sinner who never does anything right, because you see, Giants don't get over that psychological mauling in one day and just turn on a dime. No, that healing process will take time. Fortunately, while Giants no longer feel much joy, it is not joy that is required to slam a piping hot souffle into the face of some chef with an egg beater whipping up some poisoned souffle. That only requires anger and a bad temper and as any activist knows, Giants are notoriously cranky creatures, so that won't be a problem either. Later after using the emotions Giants have left such as anger or dark despair as the motive force behind some piping hot souffle in the face of some chef, the Giant can begin to get therapy and develop better emotions later, when, after that Ted Bundy is no longer pulling levers, finally right policies can be done to the planet, and so you can see, that the Giant will be healing right along with the planet.

Until then I would recommend that anyone who still has some energy to annoy that Giant by telling that Giant the truth and then allowing that Giant to bitch and complain and whine about hopeless despair. This will be fine, for the more down in the dumps that Giant is the more of that notoriously cranky bitchiness you will see building up down inside that Giant. When you are not talking to Giants, you should ditch your other activist struggles, if you have any energy left over for such things, and buy a pair of steel toed boots and come out of the forest and save a really old tree by kicking some ruling class weirdo right where it hurts, making sure to continue kicking until the bastard has been kicked right out, or should a liberal get you to petition or something like that instead, the bastard system which empowers such bastards will remain in place and the planet will destroyed by really weird pricks who push the wrong buttons because its just more fun that way, and who pull the wrong levers, just because they can, proving they had great powers because they could even do things that evil and get away with it.

Revolutionary prophecy

The following discussion is intended for those advanced revolutionaries, the ones who know that it is a revolution which is occurring right now. The Giant can ignore the following remarks, and go back to being real bad tempered and sour, as Giants should be at a time like this (and maybe give out cranky or despairing Giant comments as Giants should at a time like this, thus proving how sour they feel, since you have to be feeling pretty sour to launch a piping hot souffle into the face of a weirdo like some flying red hot pie).

It is required that a Dragon pretend to be an angel so as not to get caught. In recent times we have seen Dragons pretending to be angels but just being Dragons all the time, which is damned weird. That does not work very well, as those plummeting poll results prove, because after all it was a Dragon being a Dragon and looking like one while doing it. The reason why a Dragon would be found still making a futile attempt to pretend to be an angel while just acting like a damn Dragon all the time is that at the present time a Dragon can only be a Dragon, having boxed itself in by all its past generations of Dragon conduct. A ruthless oppressor is a brain dead vegetable. This can make telling prophecies about the day to day turnings of that weather vane rather difficult, for who the hell knows what that maniac will think up next. As long as you remember to kick liberals really hard in the balls he shouldn't be able to try pulling that pellet stunt. Of course, he doesn't have much room to manouevre as far as pellets are concerned, since they don't get pellets in China, and so the liberal will have to get a slight increase in the minimum wage and call that thing a pellet. Meanwhile, the pension pellet will have to be withdrawn. I don't see much hope for a liberal during this present revolution, but it still doesn't hurt to kick a liberal real hard in the balls just to make doubly damn sure. The fact that a liberal will be making neon signs for a very small pellet will only make it that much easier to nut them, and so no opportunity should be missed to reverse that stupid brainwashing trick of theirs, where they try to convince everyone that a small aristocratic hamster is an all powerful giant that you need to beg favors from and who should be celebrated in neon should he prove to be an angel by giving a pellet to those less fortunate than himself.

Since a Dragon can only be a Dragon and since a Dragon must do what a Dragon must do, therefore we should expect to see Dragons being Dragons and doing what they must do, while being real weird on a day to day basis, perhaps withdrawing a horn temporarily so as to look like an angel with no horns showing. Of course that horn cannot be withdrawn or a Dragon will be brought down in a revolution, so it must be reinserted, perhaps with additional angel propaganda, so that the Dragon can continues its past policy of just being really bad all the time, while persistently putting out angel propaganda and hoping that will work. It doesn't work, as the poll results prove, since that was Dragon conduct, which at the end of it all matters much more than angel talking. Since that has been the only option available to a brain dead vegetable like that ruthless oppressor as the compounding effects of ruthless oppression now come back to haunt that Dragon, leaving no options available for strategic plotting, other than being a Dragon, we should then expect to be amazed as a Dragon acts like a Dragon even though that is a very bad idea. Otherwise a Dragon will have to lay down its arms and come out with its hands up, and Dragons have never been known to do that, which is why you need a revolution to get rid of the damn things.

Therefore, since we are dealing with raging maniacs here, it logically follows that after some interesting twists and turns, if any seem to be available, Israel must either stop making a temporary horn withdrawal and just stick the horn right back in, or Israel must do a horn withdrawal, thus proving to be an angel, by withdrawing the horn, which is the current strategy, only to ram that damn horn back in later when being an angel only gets poor Israel abused by a terrorist or some damn thing like that.

Israel must insert the horn, although, as I said given the weird way that weather changes with every gust of wind, it is hard to tell what might happen from day to day or just how the scam might play itself out in all its details. Israel must insert the horn, because Washington must invade Iran and thus control the Straits of Hormuz. Washington must attack Iran, and Washington will attack Iran. Washington will take Iran over its knee, and give Iran a good hard spanking, because she has been such a naughty country. Remember, this is angel propaganda. Iran will get spanked even harder because she refused a direct order from daddy to do what daddy told her to do, and so now she is getting a good hard spanking and her dinner will be taken away, and she will be left in her room by herself to think about what she has done.

It would take a genuine miracle to stop Washington from attacking Iran, and those things just don't happen in a place like this one. We know that Washington decided to hide the M3 data for the American dollar is heading down a toilet like flushed turd, which then requires a reckless strategy whereby you hide the M3 data in the hopes that this will not result in loss confidence in the value of the dollar becoming contagious, but then hiding the M3 makes loss of confidence in the dollar contagious. This would be one of those damned if you do and damned if you don't deals, and everywhere Washington turns Washington finds nothing but such rotten deals where all you get is the same result no matter what you do, and if you do something to try to fix that problem, you are not actually fixing the problem but just pointing out that a problem exists, which is not the cause of the problem, but rather one of the signal indicators of where problems are located.

Iran continues to cooperate with Washington's plans, playing the role assigned to her, that of the dangerous country which is quite strong and thus a force to be contended with. What else can she do. She can roll over and lose the base of her political support, or she can be strong. If she rolls over she loses it all. If she is strong she loses it all, since Washington wants a strong Iran. She can roll over or she can be strong. She is damned if she does and she is damned if she doesn't. At least if she is strong she might have a chance, whereas if she rolls over she has no chance.

Washington must invade Iran to save the American dollar, for you see then it will be Washington with a choke hold on the Straits of Hormuz, which would then ensure that Washington can help keep the American dollar the currency of choice for oil transactions. That however will not work, since Washington needs to print lots of dollars thus reducing the value of dollars, thus explaining why Washington would hide the M3 data, so while everyone will suspect no one will know for sure. However with oil at a high price, Washington will have an excuse to print lots of dollars so there will always be enough, even if printing does reduce the value.

Washington cannot save the American dollar. . If Washington does not save the American dollar, which is going right down the shitter, and fast, then there will revolution even sooner than might otherwise have been the case. I say sooner rather than later, for as you can tell by that ballooning trillion dollar trade deficit, what we have here is a capsizing whale, and under capitalism, there is no such thing as a pure service economy, since someone needs a real job to buy services. If the dollar tanks that trade deficit would be heading towards two trillion, which would be even worse. Invading Iran would be a strategy to delay the inevitable, and would be another one of those damned if you do and damned if you don't strategies, so therefore Washington, will do, for since when did Washington ever just come out with its hands up and surrender to revolutionary forces?

Washington is very good at invading countries and only has troubles holding onto them, but that does not matter to Washington, because we are dealing with maniacs here. Just so long as the damn thing is held onto, even if it is bleeding all the over the place till the end of time, that is fine, just as long as it is held onto. For this reason those who think Washington would not seize South West Iran because it would be messy holding onto it are indulging themselves in a fantasy, probably because they think these are not maniacs, but rather normal people we are talking about here. But they are maniacs, as you can tell by that Dragon action Angel talk thing. A tree is always known by the fruit it produces, and you can ignore any propaganda about any given tree and just look at the damn fruit if you are interested in finding out whether or not a tree has a poisoned apple or has sweet pears.

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