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Alberta Coop celebrates 5th Anniversary

Alberta Coop at 15th and Alberta celebrated its fifth anniversary this past weekend with bands, a potluck and founding member recognitions.
The Alberta Coop started as a buyer's cooperative in the late 90's by a group of community minded visionaries who realized NE Portland needed it's own coop. Many of the early members were supporters and members of either Food Front or People's but those stores were too far away. The members started as a buyer's club with the long term vision to open a store in NE Portland.

In 2001, the Coop leased its current retail space and opened its doors. The first few years were a challenge but I believe the Coop is in good financial and operational health.

I love shopping there because the staff and working members are friendly and helpful, the produce, food and products are locally sourced whenever possible and I can shop the entire store quickly. It is such a relief to not have to wade through 10-50,000 square feet of grocery store. Alberta Coop has everything I need in its 5 aisles. On top of that, it is owned by the community.

Prices are fair, especially when you buy in bulk. You can shop really cheaply if you purchase most of your food in bulk. I am always amazed how many pounds of food I get for so little money when I buy in bulk.

If you haven't visited, stop on by. Memberships are $180 lifetime and they have several payment plan options. Members currently receive a 2% discount while working members get 15%.
alberta co-op rocks! 17.Jul.2006 23:20

supportive neighbor

the arrival of alberta co-op totally changed the alberta neighborhood for me. the workers are very friendly, and the store is amazingly well organized for being so small. i have done some volunteer computer work for them, and was proud to support such a great local business. before alberta co-op i shopped at wild oats on ne 15th and fremont, and now i almost never go there except for some obscure stuff. wild oats now seems dead by comparison to the scrappy co-op that could. support them!

I love the Alberta Co-op! 18.Jul.2006 00:30

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

This is a perfect example of localization in progress! the perfect place for good food, freindly people, and periodicals that support us. I've been there a few times.

Live on, and grow!