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Cascadian Currency? Willamette Valleys Allready Got It

Cascadian Currency? Willamette Valleys Allready Got It.

Its called the Hour and the folks who use it formed a group called the Hour Exchange
Cascadian Currency? Willamette Valleys Allready Got It

Its called the Hour and the folks who use it formed a group called the Hour Exchange.

Check it out.


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homepage: homepage: http://www.hourexchange.org/

isn't this just another fiat currency? 17.Jul.2006 22:30


If the money can be printed on paper, then isn't is just another token of faith? Don't get me wrong, the Feds have abused us with the continual devaluation of the US dollar, but what's to stop this group from doing the same over time? Right now, though, it looks a far cry better than what we have.

money is whatever you think it is 18.Jul.2006 01:17

shiny shiny rocks

If you don't like "fiat currency," you're free to use gold and silver coins. They do exist in the world.

gold, paper, handshake 18.Jul.2006 07:35


any person may make a verbal, written, or possibly telepathic contract with any other person. might it be a paper i o u, pretty silver libertydollar, or a wink and a handshake it functions to accomplish the same end. these modes of vector need not be designed too complexly, they need no database, they need only two cooperative citizens exercising their inherent rights. so it is, a key sits upon the floor, and behind the door, another room, empty, more space for me to ponder, to rest, less to wonder and stress. live love. less...

flat as in constant or as in paper? 18.Jul.2006 08:32

whada yous mean

flat as in constant or as in paper?

tying the currency to hours of work is great, and yes it is constant. Of course the number of hours can be negotiated just like dollars....plus "bartering" like this effectively avoids the war taxes...its great!

flat as in paper....well if you want to lug around exclusively metal be my guest ;)

I think there is a place for metal currency and I don't doubt if as a region we could agree on some silver hour coins, but I like checks and bills just fine.

check out this book!!! 18.Jul.2006 10:06

it's well researched:

By Tracy R. Twyman

"It is commonly known that the United States was founded by men with a philosophy grounded in the occult: namely Freemasons, who saw in the US a potential "New Atlantis," which would guide the nations towards a New World Order of peace, democracy, and enlightenment. But what few people understand is the correlation between the esoteric doctrines of Masonry and the economic principles that underpin the American economy. Few understand that the dollar is a unit of magical energy, and the dollar bill itself a magical talisman. Although many words have been written by conspiracy theorists analyzing the Masonic symbols on the one dollar bill, no one has yet been able to sufficiently explain why these symbols are there, or what they really mean. Solomon's Treasure explains how the magic of the dollar operates. The creation of money by the Federal Reserve, and its exponential multiplication by the procedures of the banking system, is analogous to the creation and multiplication of gold in the metaphysical practice of alchemy. The members of the Federal Reserve Board are in many ways like sorcerers, conjuring wealth seemingly out of thin air and distributing it at will to transform the American economy according to their desires. The dollar is "fiat currency," declared into existence by the central bank in a manner similar to the creation of the universe by the divine words "Let there be light!" This system depends entirely on a religious faith by the American people in the supernatural power of the dollar."

 link to books.google.com

buy my stuff 18.Jul.2006 20:02

its really good!

I've got a bot that goes arround on open posting sites and uses free advertising!

magic 18.Jul.2006 20:05


I owe you's are magic too.

I mean...you actually believe I'll pay you?!
and checks too?


gold is the only standard....cause....um.....somebody told me...and...um...its useful? well....at least its valuable....I think.

buttons or perhaps 18.Jul.2006 20:12


do you think any landlord will take alternative currency? to me , bartering would be the obvious solution, yet ownership of property stands in the way of manifesting many a good idea. I would love to hear any thoughts out there on practical ways to decentralize our communities dependance on the corporate power grid or how to initiate some sort of commons legally,or whatever....

fiat as in "not constant" 18.Jul.2006 21:09


The "hour" is printed. For those of us out there who feel like 4 years of college ought to command a higher rate of pay than straight outta' highschool, the "hour" is obviously not a constant if it is to symbolize the value of one person's labor over a given unit of time. Putting that aside, though, the people who control the printing of the "hour" could print up as many as they wanted to. That would lead to erosion of the worth of an "hour". That's why the "hour" is not a constant at all, and why some would call it fiat. If the "hour" is regulated in a way such that it can't be printed up whenever the folks in power feel like it, then great. If not, look out. In a word, fiat isn't inherently crappy, but it usually plays out that way.

fiat is not flat 18.Jul.2006 21:36


even though this font sucks and you cant tell FIAT from FLAT in lowercase

thanks ggg 20.Jul.2006 03:20

Ecotopian Yeti

I did a little more research (translation typed in Local Economy in google) and found yet another exchange within Oregon that I did not know of:


Cascadia Hours
Portland Cascadia Hour Exchange
John Poling
P.O. Box 8608
Portland, OR 97207
1st Issue: 1994
Participation: 100+ members (professional/business/hobbyists). Each new participant is issued 5 CHE hours.
Outreach: Monthly directory for members only, 100+ listings; monthly events such as auctions; and a web site, updated almost daily, which provides a copy of the CHE Directory and calendar of events.
Background: Cascadia Hours originated as Rbarter-clubS in Eugene in 1993, branches developed and have operated independently in 3 different areas, including Portland. Portland acts as a cooperative, and has developed and expanded with no Federal Reserve cash budget.
Information last updated 2/02

Corvallis HOUR Exchange
Christina Calkins, Program Coordinator
P.O. Box 1534
Corvallis, OR 97339
1st issue: May 2002
Currency: HOURS come in four denominations: 1 HOUR = $10, 1/2 HOUR = $5, 1/4 HOUR = $2.5, 1/8 HOUR = $1.25. Over 1,000 HOURS are in circulation as of Fall 2005. Each member is issued three HOURS for listing (in aquarterly newspaper directory), plus two HOURS for an annual renewal. Participation: HOUR Exchange has 120 members, including 20 businesses.
Outreach: HOUR Exchange holds quarterly potluck gatherings and events and uses word of mouth and media coverage to spread the word. A business outreach position began in spring of 2004.
Background: The HOUR Exchange is an Oregon Non-profit organization operated by a member elected Board of Trustees
Information last updated 11/05

Gorge Local Currency Cooperative (GLCC)
Theresa North, Steering Committee
993 Tucker Road, Suite A
Hood River, OR 97031
1st Issue: September 2004
Currency: RiverHOURS are primarily based on the Ithaca Hours system, and have three denominations: 1 HOUR = $10, 1/2 HOUR = $5, 1/10 HOUR = $1. The GLCC chose the Hours system for its local currency to emphasize the value of a person's time. The GLCC focuses on the Columbia River Gorge region within a 35-mile radius from the center of the Hood River (Oregon) bridge. It contains portions of five counties in two states.
Outreach: The GLCC provides informational presentations for interested community groups and booths at numerous community festivals. Hispanic outreach is a top priority. There have already been articles in several local media outlets, both print and broadcast. In 2005 GLCC published its first trade directory with listings of all paid members.
Background: RiverHOURS began in fits and starts in 2001, and finally became a group dedicated enough to meet week after week and hammer out all the details beginning in August, 2003. By the spring of 2004, the GLCC had written and adopted its bylaws and began soliciting members of the community to participate. RiverHOURS will be officially launched as soon as the GLCC reaches at least 100 members. The GLCC's mission statement is, "The Gorge Local Currency Cooperative (GLCC) seeks to create and sustain a local currency system in order to build community, promote regional economic independence, support local business and trade, encourage entrepreneurship, honor diversity and enhance the local minimum wage in the Mid-Columbia region."
Information last updated 11/05.


CHE celebrated another meeting at Sleighbells in Sherwood 28.Feb.2007 12:00

John Poling

Now that Christmas is past, Cascadia Hour Exchange (CHE) just completed another meeting and another year at Sleighbells in Sherwood. Members and guest enjoyed dinner, a flea market and the CHE auction that followed.