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A Cry From Beirut

As missles fly and bombs fall in the middle east, much of the mass media coverage centers around the impact on israel with the plight of the Lebananese people taking a back seat. Despite the propaganda being spread, it is not Hezbollah being punished be israel's missles; it is the children, the tourists, the workers, and their families. Below is a recent email that I received after inquiring about a friend's family. A wife and children had been visiting relatives in Beirut and have since been held captive by israel's bombardment of the country. Our country has thus-far failed to help them. The U.S. response: go home, stay put, pray for a phone call.

The letter below is included unedited to convey the dismay of the writer. The writer's name has been removed for safety reasons.

Many of you had expressed concerning about my wife and my kids who currently are still stuck in Lebanon. I just spoke to my wife few minutes ago, and she had told the situation is from bad to worst. All exists out of the country are blocked (air, sea and land). The only way out of Lebanon, is thru American Citizen evacuation, among other 25,000 American.

My wife just came back from the American Embassy, who had turned her back and told her to stay put and wait for a phone call when the evacuation begins.

Again, my family is staying at my mom's house, which is in the middle of Beirut, little bid far from all the boming.

I will keep you updated as soon as I hear my family had left the country.

(name withheld for safety reasons)

Charging Americans To Go Home 18.Jul.2006 05:16

Sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

There's an article I stumbled on that links to blog.times.com(I think) where an email from an american student in beirut said the americans were offering to take americans trapped there home...for a price! She said the only other way was to walk to the syrian border and hope for help.

has anybody else heard of this? here's the link  http://news.netscape.com/viewstory/2006/07/17/