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OHSU primate lab open recods request

In 2003 and beyond, the focus of activists on OHSU's primate lab lead to a lot of talk about state level open records requests for more information on the lab. It is not clear that any information was ever derived from this...does anyone know of information successfully gathered from the lab?
I am a law student and I am writing a paper on Oregon open government laws. I have found a lot of information on the internet encouraging people to request information from OHSU's primate lab, but I have not found any information gathered in this manner online. Is there anyone out there that successfully got information from OHSU and, if so, are you willing to share it with me?
IDA Has A Wealth Of Info 17.Jul.2006 19:03


Matt - You should check with Matt from In Defense of Animals. Best of luck to you!

give me a call 17.Jul.2006 21:53


I work for In Defense of Animals and we have a long history of document requests. Feel free to give me a call at 503 249 9996.

ohsu is not above the law 18.Jul.2006 19:49

a human primate

law student matt, i sincerely hope in your research and writings you are able to bring to light the ohsu philosophy "we are a sovereign,self-righteous,self-governing facility who answers to no one.we do what we want,when we want and to who we want and there are never any consequences to our actions." it is time ohsu is held accountable for their misdeeds.

Human Primate 23.Jul.2006 13:20


Human primate: I totally agree with you. ohsu tries to be so secretive. But I will be the first to ask for records for primates or so called animal activists. They make up fills for anyone who even asks or questions anything they do. We all know that serial killers first kill and torture animals then move on to hum,ans. Some even prefer to kill humans.

human primate 23.Jul.2006 13:24


If OHSU isn't above the law how do they get away with arresting people for asking about their research,labs and torturing animals. Then having a judge allow them to do something like that?????

human primate 23.Jul.2006 13:46


If OHSU is not above the law how can they arrest people for not reason other then they want to know who someone is. How do they get away with arresting someone on a public sidewalk ?????