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We need a protest against Israel

Israel is using US weapons to kill civilians, and Bush is condoning that. We need an action against this IMMEDIATELY. It needs to be loud and forceful. When the President is out of control, it's up to the people and the congress to rein him in. Bush's comments about Israel do not accurately reflect the opinion of even moderate Repuglicans.
There has never been a better time for Little Beirut to rise once again. Israel's problem right now is that they have no popular support. Let's show them just how little support there is for any sort of civilian murder using US weapons.

Call your congressmen IMMEDIATELY and demand that a resolution be passed cutting off all military aid to Israel until hostilities cease. Call your congressmen and remind them that now is the time to show that Bush does not represent the US views on the murder of innocent civilians.

And, those of you who know how to organize gatherings, now id the time to hit the streets. Now is the time to march on the square. Now is the time to shoe the world that WE DO NOT APPROVE OF ANY VIOLENCE AGAINST CIVILIANS.

Better now, than after WWIII breaks out in the Mideast. Let's show the world that PEACE IS THE ANSWER, and that BUSH DOES NOT REPRESENT AMERICAN VALUES. Republicans, Democrats, and people of all political persuasions agree that the murder of civilians is not an acceptable response to ANY action. Let's get the spectrum out. Let's show our unity against violence.

Let us Oregonians follow the example of Mark Hatfield and make a stand for peace.

Organizers- tell us where to go. We'll be there.

Thank you.


I AGREE...BUT 17.Jul.2006 10:35

Holocaust Survivor

To prefice my comment: I am a survivor of one of the "children's camps" in Germany 1945.

The current mass over-reaction by the Isreali government should be protested strenuously by all, Jews and non-Jews alike. But we should also protest Hezbollah and Hamas for the decade-plus long killings of Isreali citizens.

agendas 17.Jul.2006 10:51


Israel kills with US weapons, Hezbollah kills with Syrian and Iranian weapons...this is not so cut and dry. Everyone has an agenda. Protesting US "allies" is not the same as proacting for peace.

Isreael 17.Jul.2006 11:16

use of BANNED weapons

In Operation "Summer Rains"
 link to www.libertyforum.org

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has recently made it known that the Israeli army is using radioactive and toxic shells against unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip. Medics and surgeons throughout the Gaza Strip say they are dealing with new kinds of injuries resulting from these Israeli shells .

The Ministry reports that most of the 249 injuries inflicted on the Palestinians in Gaza since the offensive began have been caused by this new form of toxic shrapnel, which is leading to full amputations or extremely severe burnt flesh.

Dr. Joma'a Al Sakka told Voice of Palestine Radio that "These tissues die, they do not survive, which obliges us to perform arm or leg amputations, and there are fragments which penetrate the body and do not show up on X-rays. When entering the body they spark like a combustion firearm, but not chemically. They seem radioactive." Dr. Al Sakka went on to say that it is difficult to diagnose such injuries due to the fact that the Israelis destroyed their lab.

The Ministry of Health has asked for the international communities and other human rights groups to send medical teams to examine the injured and to verify its report of 's use of these banned weapons. Yet Dr. Al Sakka stated that "no one has lifted a finger." The medical international community remains silent.

At least 88 Palestinians, more than half of tem were civilians were killed and around 345 were wounded in Israeli artillery, war planes and tanks attacks in the Gaza Strip since June 29 in a military offensive which Israel calls "Operation Summer Rains." The operation is aimed, according to Israeli military officials, at freeing an Israeli soldier captured in a military operation launched by Palestinian resistance at Kerem Shalom military base on June 26, yet has rejected all offers of prisoner swap deals proposed by the resistance groups.

Beirut, Lebanon, July 16. (AP): Lebanon's Cabinet issued a statement Sunday saying the country faces ``real annihilation'' by Israel, and accused the Jewish state of using banned weapons against Lebanese civilians.

``We are facing a real annihilation carried out by Israel,'' Information Minister Ghazi Aridi said after an emergency cabinet meeting.

``Israel is using internationally prohibited weapons against civilians,'' he said.

He did not elaborate on the weapons allegedly used. But there were Lebanese media reports, which could not be confirmed, that Israel had used phosphorus incendiary bombs and vacuum bombs, which suck up the air and collapse buildings.


There are ten Israeli Embassies located within the United States and every last one of them should have a convergence of people demanding their immediate withdrawel from Lebanon and Gaza - that the UN condemn Israel - that sanctions be imposed against Israel and that all US aid to Israel should be withdrawn

Not a Tit For Tat 17.Jul.2006 11:41

Lady Celticfire

K so I disagree with a LITTLE bit of what the other posters said, but I won't go in to that... Now is not the time to divide, it is the time to join together in Solidarity. We must protest what Isreal is doing to Lebanon and what Isreal HAS been doing to Palestine for far to long. End US Imperialism. End US PUBLIC Support of a Terrorist Nation.

Show me where to head and I will be there.

Free Palestine, Free Iraq... END THE OCCUPATION

In Solidarity Lady Celticfire

I have 17.Jul.2006 12:24

to commend CBS

in sorting through news stories today regarding the Middle East, I viewed the following article on the CBS Internet News


Its a condemnation of both Israel and US actions currently being undertaken.

what in the world does "disproportionate" mean? 17.Jul.2006 12:59


I keep reading about Israel's "disproportionate" response to Hezbollah. What does this mean? Is Israel supposed to somehow calibrate its response so exactly as many Lebanese are killed and wounded as are Israelis? Kind of weird. Think about it: the idea that attacks in war are supposed to be "proportionate" amounts to endorsing the old biblical eye-for-an-eye approach. An eye for an eye is just fine and dandy, but TWO eyes for an eye is "disproportionate".

Since when did any country conduct war in a "proportionate" fashion? War isn't some sort of board game, folks.

There are many reasons to be distressed about the goings-on in Lebanon, but blather about "disproportionate" force seems sort of irrelevant.

All the while, Children are being murdered 17.Jul.2006 13:32

Eugene Johnson

I do not support the murder of anyone under any conditions. One has to look at the history of the current conflict which has been IMPOSED upon peoples by imperialist nations such as the British in the early part of the 20th century, etc. To simply dismiss this with arguments of porportionality does not make it any less of a CRIME (see UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide). Israel provoked the attacks in order to legitimize their reaction of mass slaughter. When people suffer greatly, they can be enticed to react in extreme manners.

Israel is the U.S. pitbull of the Middle East. They are doing the dirty work for the U.S. as the U.S. performs its own dirty work in Iraq. This is also a way to continue the promotion of the U.S. attempt to go to war with Iran. The thirst for mass slaughter is strong in this nation, and nothing new. Being Indigenous, my people have faced the horrific brutality imposed by this nation. We still face it, though with what might be termed as a "kinder gentler hand" of genocide. In the meantime, people are being slaughtered brutally and ruthlessly by the Israeli military and all of it is a political boardgame where the assholes who are moving the deadly pieces face no danger and absolutely NO JUSTICE!

While we discuss these issues and continue to take no action, more children are being murdered not only by the Israeli's and the U.S. abroad, but here in the U.S. We have to stop this death machine as a whole and take our whole world back. Don't wait, folks, it's only going to get worse.

Rally For End to Bombardment of Lebanon 17.Jul.2006 13:48


Lets be clear here.
Israel is bombing the CIVILIAN infrastructure in Lebanon-bridges, lighthouses, highways.
1900 Palestinians, including elders and children, are in Israeli jails. Hezbollah demanded that the elders, sick, and children be released. Israel refused. Hezbollah captured the 2 Israeli soldiers in retaliation, and now Israel has responded with this massive attack on Lebanon.

Please, please, please post your availabilities for a rally, so we can have our voices heard.
We say that US support of the Israeli bombardment of Lebanon is NOT ok, and is not what the people want.

one easy 17.Jul.2006 14:13


is to grab one of your t-shirts or get one from goodwill

and paint CONDEMN ISRAEL on it and start walking where lots of people are

boycott Israel 17.Jul.2006 14:36

freedom mama

Look at the barcodes of the products you buy - the ones made in Israel start with 729 - boycott Israel!

Disproportionate 17.Jul.2006 15:29


Somebody pushes you and you proceed to bash their brains in with a tire iron. That's disproportionate.

A non-governmental guerilla agency like Hezbollah captures two Isreali soldiers. Instead of international condemnation and negotiating for their peace, or even sending special forces to bust them out if that means Hezbollah casualties, that would be acceptable. Responding with 1000 sorties in two days aimed at many civilian targets, hundreds of civilian casualties, 8 dead Canadians who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and hitting an Egyptian cargo ship in international waters.... That's disproportionate.

Protocols of the Neocon Elders 17.Jul.2006 19:41


John Bolton appoints himself dungeonmaster of morality. You don't speak for me, Bolton, but you do shame my country.

Lebanon civilian deaths morally not same as "terror victims" -- Bolton

By Agence France Presse

07/17/06 -- - UNITED NATIONS (AFP) - US Ambassador John Bolton said there was no moral equivalence between the civilian casualties from the Israeli raids in Lebanon and those killed in Israel from "malicious terrorist acts".

Asked to comment on the deaths in an Israeli air strike of eight Canadian citizens in southern Lebanon Sunday, he said: "it is a matter of great concern to us ...that these civilian deaths are occurring. It's a tragedy."

"I think it would be a mistake to ascribe moral equivalence to civilians who die as the direct result of malicious terrorist acts," he added, while defending as "self-defense" Israel's military action, which has had "the tragic and unfortunate consequence of civilian deaths".

The eight dead Canadians were a Lebanese-Canadian couple, their four children, his mother and an uncle, said relatives in Montreal.

The Montreal pharmacist and his family had arrived in Lebanon 10 days earlier for a vacation in his parents' home village and to introduce his children to relatives, they said.

Three of his Lebanese relatives died too, a family member told AFP.

"It's simply not the same thing to say that it's the same act to deliberately target innocent civilians, to desire their deaths, to fire rockets and use explosive devices or kidnapping versus the sad and highly unfortunate consequences of self-defense," Bolton noted.

The overall civilian death toll from the Israeli onslaught in Lebanon since last Wednesday reached 195, in addition to 12 soldiers, officials said. Twenty-four Israelis have also been killed since fighting began last Wednesday, including 12 civilians in a barrage of Hezbollah rocket fire across the border.

look whose mum... 17.Jul.2006 19:59

old fool

The G8 issued a statement that basically said "Israel, you go girl!"

Even the Arab countries are mum..

BOYCOTT 17.Jul.2006 22:16


stop all purchases of goods that begin with 729
Israeli Barcode
Israeli Barcode

yeah 18.Jul.2006 02:38

it's all

a new neo-con orchestrated theatrical nightmare to boost profiteering in the middle east...oil is headed for one hundred a barrel, gas is headed for four dollars a gallon...untold billions await the profiteers.

Sources withing the Israel Gov said three soldiers were kidnapped...and the bombardment began...this is theater of the absurd. don't watch it. refuse this reality tv show. demand that it stop. don't swallow anymore of their red pills.

I've already been to two protests in San Francisco 18.Jul.2006 17:16

Jody Paulson

This one:

and this one:

Hundreds of people showed up at both protests, but the most recent one sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace was the larger of the two. That was on Monday at noon (I was pleasantly surprised by the huge turnout!) -- 17 people were arrested for blocking the road. There was a drum core and even a band! It was great. Music makes a big difference -- the protest before that was more confrontational, even though no one got arrested. At both protests, there was a rather large pro-Israeli anti-protest contingent across the street, holding up hypocritical signs like "pro-Israel/pro-Peace" and waving Israeli and American flags. Police lined the street at both protests, which were in front of the Israeli consulate.

how is it equal? 18.Jul.2006 22:27


to the commenter that think this is a tit for tat war, either you are ignorant or have a agenda, maybe both. but people working for peace are not as dumb to think that is some equal thing, Palestinians have been occupied for over 35 years? mothers killed sons taken and tortured fathers murdered and girls raped......and they are not expected to have any resistancthousands of Americans,Jews,Muslims,Christians that can see through all of thise? you of all people should know how it feels? please let us put aside our differences and call for a end of killing, but dint make it seem like a tit for tat, was the fight against slavery a tit for tat? was ending the apartheid tit for tat? was equal women rights tit for tat? etc.. the first thing that would calm this situation down is if people rise up and say "enough is enough, we see you children dieing and we care they are just as important as a Israeli child" but instead the whole world tells them we don't give a damn unless you from a country that has economic strength. i will be there marching with the thousands of american jews, american muslims, american christians saying we care, we see through all this

right on 18.Jul.2006 22:33


right on! i will be there too

protest against israel's bombing campaign: we'll be there 20.Jul.2006 11:02


organize, announce, let everybody know: we'll be there.

Isreal must pay 21.Jul.2006 11:27


Isreal has put the World on the brink of destruction yet again. If their evil slaughtering of innocent children continues unchallenged, the backlash by terrorist groups will be on a scale not even dreamt of. They don't deserve the right to stay in the middle east.

war 22.Jul.2006 02:00

native american indian woman gloriahalford@yahoo.com

war is war no matter how you paint it.
i have always had difficulty with the way Isreal has rationalizes its aggression against Palestine. I have friends who are journalist who have witnessed senseless killings against women and children and what was said after the massacres by the Isreali soldiers.
But, what I cannot agree on is the attitude the moslim's in Palistine have regarding anyone who is not moslim.
religion, war, race..its all pretense to say who is superiour to one another.
again..war is war and agression aganist another human being is agression.
we as human beings are so inferiour to any other living being.
We want to believe we are here for a purpose -
The true purpose we are here is to show how truly clueless we are to what is truly important to our existence...which is nothing else around us really cares that we are...can't we accept that?
Can't we just be?

DO TWO WRONGS MAKE A RIGHT? 25.Jul.2006 05:00


I am a British citizen who has watched both British and American coverage of the troubles in Israel and Lebanon in shock and horror. The pro-Israeli stance which the American government is taking is hypocritical and disgusting to say the least. If this was any other country than Israel that was attacked by a non-Islamic group and the country involved responded in the brutal force that the Israeli's have, America would be the among the first to condemn the action publically. Bush's over simplication of the issue as overheard at the G8 summit with Tony Blair is frightening and demonstrates his utter blindness when it comes to issues involving the Israeli's. I am a Catholic, who is able to recognise the wrong of Hezbollah but over the years I have watched news bulletins showing bodies being carried from buses in Jerusalem after suicide bombers have hit and the Israeli government has said that civillians are not valid targets. Israel has violated international humanitarian law and all sympathy that I had for Israeli's who have been victims themselves has been wiped a way by their support of their government's action. Do they not see images of families wiped out by Israeli bombs, supplied by the US as sickening to the stomach? No religion promotes such atrocities and those that claim they do have corrupted their own scriptures and shame on them. I am afraid of the power that such an unintelligent man as Bush wields over this world. What will it take for the US goverment to stand up and say that what is happening is wrong? And what is further disturbing about this situation is the cowardice that Tony Blair displays about this. He knows that this is a gross over response by the Israeli's but because he does not wish to sour relations with Bush, my own govenment is remaining virtually silent, maintaining Britain does not have any peace keeping troops to deploy to the region. Indeed if this is true, where are our troops....in Afghanistan and Iraq.....why, because that is where Bush wants them.

At this moment in time I am ashamed to call myself a human being.