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Ontario Police Raid Grassy Narrows Blockade: 17 Arrests Reported

The latest reports from the camp say more than fifty police officers have cut off all access to and from the camp. Police set up a highway checkpoint yesterday and began arresting native and non-native people involved in Thursday's action.
A blockade supporter flies the Mohawk Warrior Flag
A blockade supporter flies the Mohawk Warrior Flag
July 15 - Ontario Provincial Police have reportedly arrested 17 people at Grassy Narrows in retaliation for Thursday's peaceful blockade of the Trans-Canada Highway near Kenora, Ontario. The blockade by Rainforest Action Network activists and Grassy Narrows First Nations people drew worldwide attention to the decade-long fight to stop clearcut destruction at Grassy Narrows

The latest reports from the camp say more than fifty police officers have cut off all access to and from the camp. Police set up a highway checkpoint yesterday and began arresting native and non-native people involved in Thursday's action.

The barricade on the Trans-Canada Highway Thursday included activists locked down to cement barrels and a Weyerhaueser logging truck, and one who perched at the top of a 10-meter tripod. The protests succeeded in blocking logging trucks from operations in Grassy Narrows for most of the day and evening. Police made no arrests at the time and did not attempt to remove the barricade, which was dismantled voluntarily around 10 pm Thursday.

An anonymous report on Infoshop.org states that police are trying to arrest specific individuals, but they are citing and releasing any non-native protestors they find "trying to screen out the organizers and the ones that did the direct action stuff."  link to www.infoshop.org

A press release from Rainforest Action Network and Forest Ethics says police are singling out indigenous activists for special treatment. "White arrestees have been cited and released on mischief charges, while Natives and other people of colour have been taken to jail and interrogated before release and charged."  http://www.firstperspective.ca

Six Nations warriors involved in a standoff over development on traditional territory near Caledonia, Ontario traveled to Grassy Narrows at the invitation of the Anishinabe Nation. Now they find themselves targeted by Ontario police.

Brian Skye is a citizen of the Cayuga Nation Wolf Clan of the Six Nations Confederacy and one of those invited to the Earth Justice Gathering: He accuses police of "entering the Grassy Narrows reserve without permission, violating the community's sovereignty and legal juridiction over their reserve lands."

Skye adds that "Grassy Narrows Band councilors seized an OPP police cruiser over jurisdictional issues and later released it."

"The act of war perpetrated by the OPP in taking members of our delegation hostage and
holding them ransom (bail) is an act of terrorism on the First Nations peoples of North America. The ramifications of this aggressive, violent instigation will be reciprocated swiftly and justly, as it is the obligation of all First Nations to do so."  http://friendsofgrassynarrows.com/item.php?600F

More about Thursday's action on Zoe Blunt's blog:  http://people.tribe.net/zoe_blunt
Background about Grassy Narrows and Rainforest Action Network:  http://www.freegrassy.org

homepage: homepage: http://people.tribe.net/zoe_blunt

Canadian Govt Nazis 16.Jul.2006 07:35

Den Mark, Vancouver

Government repression is escalating under Canada's new nazi prime minister, stephen harper. In the U.S., all Canadian consulates should now be considered targets for protest, as well, of course, as all weyerhaeuser offices.

Canada has no jurisdiction on First Nations land 17.Jul.2006 13:51

Luke from DC

The government of Canada has no jurisdiction of First Nations land, or over First Nations warriors. As such, only the Geneva Conventions and other rules of war need govern the conduct of First Nations people and their allies in Grassy Narrows.

This means police vehicles tresspassing on First nations lands may be released, destroyed, or permanently confiscated as suits the situation. It means the choice of peaceful or non-peaceful means can legitimately be based on political and military considerations alone. In other words, this is a matter to be decided by traditional elders and leaders-NOT in some Canadian court.

This also means any agents of Canada who trespass on First Nations land are legally no different than North Korean soldiers in S Korea-or Israeli soldiers caught in Lebanon by Hezbollah!

Attempts to "develop" First Nations land or steal resources are not and have have never been about law-they always have been, are now, and always will be acts of war, and it is up to the elders and leaders of the Anishabe Nation to decide as they see fit how to deal with acts of war from Canada or its corporate masters.

Targets for protests-and using SHAC style tactics on Weyerhauser 17.Jul.2006 14:11

Luke from DC

No matter where you live, Weyerhauser has offices, subsidiaries, or otehr business operations where YOU live!

Here is a link to a map of Weyerhauser's own corporate locations in Oregon:

 link to www.weyerhaeuser.com

It brings up this location in Portland itself:

Locations in and near PORTLAND, OR

Cellulose Fibers, Paper & Packaging:
Corrugated Packaging
Packaging Plant

Packaging Plant
Mailing Address:
1601 NE 192ND AVE
PORTLAND OR, 97230-7002

Shipping Address:
1601 NE 192ND AVE
PORTLAND OR, 97230-7002

Time Zone:

(503) 661-6161

Here's another target idea-Winchester Homes! They are a subsidiary of Weyerhauser. I do not know if they are active in Portland, but they are sure as HELL active in my area(DC), using timber stolen from the nation of some of my own ancestors. No doubt there are many other Weyerhauser subsidiaries, some of them where YOU live.

Taking things a step farther, anyone buying a home from Winchester Homes or any other Weyerhauser subsidiary could be the target of protests outside their picture windows in dinner hours or late at night. Enough of this and Weyerhauser would have trouble selling those huge yuppie houses their subsidiaries build.

As far as I am concerned, Weyerhauser is to the Anishabe as Huntingdon "Life" Sciences(HLS) is to nonhuman animals and should be treated as such. The government of Canada, by supporting Weyerhauser, is thus equivalent to and HLS supplier-or to be exact, to HLS's security firm!

No corporation wants to be in HLS hell, which is why so many banks and stockbroker's won't have any thign to do with them. I guess that yacht(belonging to the president of the Bank of NY)the ALF sank in 2001 got their attention.

Even more so,nobody wants to be the next HLS, so one whiff of this might just be enough to make Weyerhauser pull up and run. In addition, this is something supporters can do anywhere Weyerhauser operates, and tactics chosen and used by supporters hundreds or thousands of miles away are unlikely to bring retaliation to Anishabe villages. It might bring police repression to activists, but not enemy soldiers to the Anishabe Nation's doorstep.

Don't forget their locations in BC, WA and worldwide! 20.Jul.2006 01:21


Access the interactive worldwide list of Weyerhaeuser corporate offices and locations:

Near Vancouver:

Corporate/Regional Office
phone:(604) 661-8000

Westwood Shipping Lines
phone:(604) 661-8000

Northwest Hardwoods


Weyerhaeuser Realty Investors, Corporate Office
1301 5TH AVE # 3100
SEATTLE, WA 98101-2649
phone:(206) 264-2240

601 UNION ST # 3010
phone:(206) 224-4333

SeaTac Fixed Wing Operation
1500 S 184TH ST
SEATAC, WA 98158-1304
phone:(206) 241-2858

OLYMPIA, WA 98512-9212
phone:(360) 273-5578

More - in Bellevue, Redmond, Kamloops, and around the world. All posted right there where anyone can look at them. With maps and directions, even. You'd think Homeland Security would try to stop people from accessing this dangerous info. Oh, well.