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In the hands of lunatics seems to be a good description of what is happening in our world today. We here in
America have two pretenders who cannot be separated, Cheney and Bush.

The United States seems to have peaks and valleys when it comes to human rights and being a good partner to the rest of the world. We had a revolution in the 18th century that continued a wonderful idea of individual's rights---to freedoms and a way to govern a growing and dynamic country. For each step we have taken to grant freedom, we have taken two steps back. We were closer to realizing our dream of a noble country in 1776 than we are today. Our Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence were fresh in our minds, we did not want a king, and we wanted freedom from a tyrant---him being the first George. The Constitution was not perfect, it left room for changes, and we have solved many injustices by amendments to our basic doctrine of direction. We have now come to the point of losing all that great and courageous men and woman risked so many years ago---because of fear.
Cheneybush (I just have to combine these two destroyers) have caused more destruction of world politics than any two human beings in our history. The big difference between King George and this george is that King George only had muskets; this Cheneybush has nukes. The very person who is bound by oath to defend to the death has called our Constitution just a piece of paper. Cheneybush thinks the Bill of Rights is something that would be nice but inconvenient. Your rights to privacy on any level have been taken away and you still think you live in the world's great democracy---You are fooling yourself.

From the time the alarm clock goes off in the morning you, your family, friends, and the rest of the nation are under government scrutiny. When you go to bed, the government knows where you have gone, what you have read, what you have bought and whom you are going to bed with at the end of the day. Your file contains your daily existence just waiting for someone to pull it up and see if you are a "good" citizen of the state.

You are a reporter who has a great story about government corruption. The power brokers will push a button and your file for the last six years is in front of them. Remember that young girl you had drinks with that night in Washington when your wife was out of town? Remember that e-mail you sent to another reporter to give her the story because your paper would not run it---did you tell your editor about that? Can you explain to your friends why you are reading about terrorists in the Middle East? How about that candy bar that you consumed during shopping at the supermarket, we've got that; you didn't pay for it---a thief are you? The best part was that party you attended in 2004; there were no less than 12 people there who are under investigation for crimes against the state. Well, go ahead and publish your smear against the government; we will destroy you by the time the paper hits the street. Freedom?

The Statue of Liberty once was a beacon of light for the poor, homeless and those looking for freedom; she is rusting in the harbor, tears running down her face.. Freedom?

America is not the only country being lead by lunatics, there are Iran, Syria, Pakistan, England, Russia and now Israel. We may wake up tomorrow and find half the world has been destroyed---if we wake at all.

This is the first time in my 64 years of living that I believe we are in that perfect storm of destruction of the world we all thought existed, and now know is just a moment in time. We must have a dramatic change in direction, I don't mean a 90-degree turn, I mean 180 degrees. Cheneybush must be removed from office now, there is no time for political maneuvering, time has run out. The politicians who know that we are going down a path of no return are hesitating and will cause this republic to crumble just like all empires in the past, but this will be a violent end like no other in history. Clinton, Biden, Gore, McCain, and the rest who may run for the Presidency in 08 all are false leaders; they lie, cheat and will do anything to gain power. I will not be here to see it, but there will be someone who comes along who will save this planet.


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Thanks 17.Jul.2006 06:24

Jackpine Radical drjimpeterson@yahoo.com

As another vet, a couple of years younger than you, I just wanted to thank you for writing this. It is beyond comprehension to me that the average American cannot see what has happened to us--or, seeing it, is not outraged and at the barricades. This is not a liberal-conservative polarization. It is a fascism-freedom polarization. True conservatives (the few that are left; people like John Dean and Kevin Phillips) belong on our side in this great struggle against the fall of darkness. We can get back to fighting with each other once the looming catastrophe has been dealt with.

These times are especially perilous because of the confluence of circumstances in which we find ourselves. First, there is the headlong advance of information technology, with all the implications for good and evil that it brings. Second, there is the rapidly accelerating global environmental crisis: not just global warming, but impending shortages of everything from usable water to, obviously, oil and a rising sea of pollutants that threatens to drown us in our own toxic waste products. Third, there are the gathering clouds of Armageddon, under which the lunatic politicians strut, posture and rattle their sabers, acting for all the world as if there were nothing more important in the universe than the interplay among their precious, inflated egos.

In the face of all these crises, large portions of the American population have put little, talismanic yellow ribbons all over the gigantic cars they can hardly afford to drive, buried their heads in reality TV as a substitute for reality, and retreated into the spiritual womb of fundamentalist religion, where they swaddle themselves in protective delusions and ignorance and surrender their wills to Daddy Pat Robertson, UeberDaddy Cheneybush, and the Big Guy in the Sky, who will care for them if they are good little sheep, and will rapture them out of this earthly mess at the last minute. They may have to flip burgers for a living, but prices are low down at the at MallWart, Pat is in his pulpit, that global warming business is just liberal propaganda, and all's right with the world.

So thanks for writing what you did. I wish it a wide dissemination.