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PDX City Council Hears Speaker Urging Passage of Impeachment Resolution

Another Portlander urges the Portland City Council to pass the resolution/petition to impeach Bush & Cheney that was presented to it May 10. David Ibbotson, a long-time local activist and Korean War veteran, is the third citizen to appear in Council chambers on this issue. Commissioner Erik Sten said if he had two more commissioners to support it, he would put it on the agenda. So call or write: Sam Adams (503-823-3008/ commissionersam@ci.portland.or.us) or Randy Leonard (03-823-4682/ randy@ci.portland.or.us)
Text of Statement to the PDX City Council July 12, 2006
Requesting Passage of a Resolution/Petition to Impeach Bush and Cheney
by David Ibbotson (Portlander and Korean War veteran)

Good morning.
My name is David Ibbotson. I've joined others collecting signatures on our petition to Congress to begin an impeachment process. We have named George Bush and Richard Cheney.
We've found many voters as its subjects not just willing to sign, but eager to do so.
I want you to join us.
I know you are concerned that the ballooning costs of warfare are not only hurting your efforts to maintain Portland's recovery from its recent economic downturn, they are also diverting citizens' attention from the city's own needs.
I know you are concerned not to overreach. You are wise not to take public stands which divide Portlanders and undermine your ability to serve the city well.
This is not such an issue.
Portlanders do understand that they have an obligation to hold public officials to account, and they know that the Congress has failed them in this respect.
It has not prevented the President from starting a war of aggression, nor from planning and threatening more such wars.
It has not prevented the President from dismissing as "not applicable to me at this time" any laws he chooses to ignore.
It has gone along with the President's tacit drive to encourage illegal and extra-legal arrests, detentions and kidnappings.
It has failed to protect us from the resurgence of torture as public policy.
Why, then, seek Congressional action now, after five plus years of such failings?
This petition is not anti-Republivan, anti-Bush, or anti-American.
It is a wakeup call to all our elected officials in Washington. It says "We want action. Your action, now."
Please join us in our drive to put the adults back in charge.
Send the petition to Congress with this letter.
Thank you for hearing me out.

good job Dave 13.Jul.2006 06:02

Ben Franklin

Good statement! We must continue to support impeachment efforts, or it's Jeb Bush in 08!

Great Job, David!! How to find out # of readers of this post?! 13.Jul.2006 14:20


It's great that the post is on the main section of the site, and I would hope that it could stay on the main page for a while!!

We will continue to press for the City Council to take up the local call for the adoption of a Resolution for Impeachment of the Bush Administration, and if people are interested in joining the Impeachment Movement here in Portland, please post here, indicating your interest, and leave some mode of contact, and we'll gladly welcome your participation. Or, keep an eye out for our weekly flashmobs on various Portland intersections and join us.

It's about raising political awareness and restoring hope to Portlanders that we will take back the country from these despots.


Portland Indymedia's readership is so anonymous, due to the limitations of the site, but it would be cool to know how many people read the announcement of this City Council event, and decided to go on Wednesday morning. We heard from about 8 people that they came as result of Thom Hartmann's announcement(s) on Air America's morning show on KPOJ.

Note to the editors:
What determines the rate at which things are moved down the board? I don't think it is based on reader interest, or how socially important the topic addressed is, either locally or nationally.

Is there a chance that you could add a counter that would show the number of times a particular article has been clicked on? If so, could there be a way that you could use those stats to better prioritize/present submissions on the Portland IndyMedia site?

Thanks all~~

at the impeachment presentation 13.Jul.2006 21:04

randy d

David Ibbotson
at city hall
at city hall
out side the chambers
out side the chambers

what happened to 14.Jul.2006 00:03

the other impeachment efforts?

there is the national "impeach now" (or something to that effect) campaign with Ramsey Clark that has been going on for years----------and seems to be going nowhere. There was a local effort here in p-town (that I didn't sign up for because I didn't want a bunch of confusing splinter efforts going on when a strong national one seemed better).
But at this stage of the game, I would say that the impeachment effort with Ramsey Clark has something deeply wrong with it since it has been going on for years and this is the worst president this country has ever had, and I resent not signing on with the local one now, because local grassroots people are easier to trust.
Nonetheless, in both cases, they should have been successful at impeachment.
The chair of the judiciary committee (I think that's the name of the group) is one of the bad guys that Bush stocked the government with before he stole the office. He has actually been quoted as stating that the Constitution is irrelevant. Yeah, he's one of those guys. The judiciary committee that he heads is the committee that would be responsible for impeaching Bush....
Of course Bush stocked the impeachment process with his people, but, why are the current impeachment efforts not able to get around this cheap gimmick?
Our laws are good enough that a bad president can be dealt with using the standard impeachment process "as we go along;" but, it's so obvious that a really bad president, a criminal and premeditating president/group would "fix" the impeachment process beforehand. A tampered with and ineffective impeachment process is even more grounds for impeachment.....so that leaves us with even more grounds, cause, and "right," etc., but no device for getting the job done-----
Does anyone know of any explicicit alternative in the Constitution for handling this?
The only thing I know of is the preamble to the Declaration of Independence that states that the US is founded on the idea that The People can and should change or abolish any form of government that is dangerous to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And then further, this tenet is crystallized in the 10th Amendment, which states that powers--such as the power to take over when needed--that don't belong to the feds or the states belong to the people.
We know that we have to take over the government from time to time, but without a specific allowance made for "going over" a corrupted impeachment process, I think the 10th Amendment was created as a panacea for all horribly vile government perversions that are convoluted beyond normal inside government controls.
So, what does everyone else have to say about what exactly will we do once we all (cities and citizens) confirm to ourselves through such processes as the one at City Hall, that we do indeed not want a criminal government? The fact that this nation wants Bush impeached has been confirmed a long time ago, so as far as I'm concerned, processes like the current City Hall one just bide our time until we really decide what to do when it's time for action.
Are we all on the same page, do we all realize that impeaching this time around will be done with never before used (in this country) channels?
We cannot be silent on this one. A group has got to go in and see the impeachment through to the end.
What group will do that? Should we start putting pressure on existing Constitutional rights groups, Common Cause, etc.? We need some existing or newly formed group to step up to the plate. We cannot assume that someone else will do it. Since existing groups are in the best position to finish the impeachment process, they should do it just because it's right, but also because we look up to them as guardians of the commons and our well-being. It's bad enough that Bush is such a loser, but it's also bad that the other people we look up to, the people in ngo's who "work for right"....leave us high and dry, too.
We must get the impeachment job done ourselves if we have to, but relevant groups should step up to the plate, so that "the people" don't have to re-invent the whole nation.

Looking for an impeachment group? Come join us DFA-ers 15.Jul.2006 21:59

Barbara G. Ellis

Lots of action locally with one of the DFA groups (True Brew Coffee House). Come join us to walk the talk. We have impeachment of Bush & Cheney as our major project. We're doing individual citizen's petitions, one of the 6 ways to impeach public officials under Jefferson's Rules of the House of Rep (Sec. 53;sub-sec.603). Jefferson foresaw the rise of a dictator and a paralyzed Congress and gave citizens and governmental entities and private organizations the power to impeach by these individual petitions. Such petitions supersede any bills before the House Judiciary committee and will be held until Jan. 3 when (hopefully) it'll have that 23-17 Dem majority to recommend impeachment of this Nazi gang. From there their Articles of Impeachmentl go to the House floor—which supersede any other business. We gathered 500 by June 30 and mailed them to Rep. John Conyers' office to hold until January 3 when the new Congress (hopefully Dem controlled) convenes. We're nearly at another 500 for a July 31 mailing. We're doing the same thing for August, September, October and could use your help.

We did utility pole fliering on the main drags in March/April—and will be back doing it in October. We're also doing flash-mobs every Monday at evenin rush hour in PDX. We're urging the PDX City Council to pass the resolution to impeach which we submitted May 10 (a speaker will urge it next Wednesday morning again). We've submitted a similiar resolution to the Multnomah County Commission. We've been lobbying Blumenauer/DeFazio/Hooley to join Dave Wu in co-sponsoring Conyers' HR 635 which begins the impeachment investigation. And we're sponsoring an impeachment teach-in Wednesday evening up at PSU, part of the national impeachment movement of orgs such as www.afterdowningstreet.com, etc.

Bush and Cheney have 27 more months to rule, but not if impeachment takes them out in January. Come join us at the teach-in. Come join us in the flash-mobs. Come join us in gathering petitions at major events and farmers' markets. Come join us at City Hall Wednesday to cheer on Randal Davis when he urges the commissioners to pass that resolution (San Francisco did). At least honk a horn when you see our one-man parade, Steve Keller, with his newest impeachment sign every morning rush hour on the Hawthorne bridge. Be a do-er instead of a hand-wringer to bring down this regime. We're a friendly bunch of patriots besides.