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VIDEOS: Scholars for 9/11 Truth Under Attack, by FOX and by physical threats

..though the group is fighting back successfully, and Kevin will keep his job of course.

"These are the tactics of brown-shirts and totalitarians who fear the discussion of controversial questions that threaten the government's control over the governed. This is a despicable act and we are not going to back down!"

Additionally, this is a post on all the intellectually dishonest tactics being used against the Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Below, are links to both FOX News video with Fetzer as well as the other one with Barrett. Note that FOX simply regurgitates the same questions and tact that it askes one of them later!
no more stand downs, Cheney! get the fascist Bush regime
no more stand downs, Cheney! get the fascist Bush regime
Scholars for 9/11 Truth Under Attack

Download this press release as an Adobe PDF document.

Member's children threatened by name; teacher's position under assault.

Duluth, MN (PRWEB) July 4, 2006 --- The author of an article about the attack on the World Trade Center has found himself under attack for having published it in a new on-line publication, Journal of 9/11 Studies. Entitled "The Third Elephant", the article discusses evidence that a third airplane was captured on video at the time of the WTC attack. He has now received a thinly-veiled threat against his children, who are cited by name, suggesting it would be a good idea if his article were to simply "go away".

Scholars for 9/11 Truth is a non-partisan society of experts and scholars committed to exposing falsehoods and revealing truths about the events of 9/11. The journal, which is archived at journalof911studies.com, is its latest attempt to create forums for discussion and debate about these important issues beyond its web site, which is archived at st911.org. The author, Reynolds Dixon, a writer and Professor of English, former lecturer and Fellow at Stanford University, has withdrawn from the society.

"Threats of this kind have no place in a democratic nation", said James H. Fetzer, the founder of S9/11T. "These are the tactics of brown-shirts and totalitarians who fear the discussion of controversial questions that threaten the government's control over the governed. This is a despicable act and we are not going to back down!" He added that the organization itself will assume responsibility for the study, which Reynolds has relinquished. "We cannot allow advances in understanding what happened on 9/11 to be suppressed by threats to our members. The stakes are simply too high."

In Wisconsin, another member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Kevin Barrett, who has been active in efforts to inform the American people about discoveries that have been made by Scholars--including that the Twin Towers were destroyed, not by the impact of airplanes or the ensuing fires, but by sophisticated controlled demolition; that Vice President Dick Cheney gave a "stand down" order to not shoot down the plane approaching the Pentagon; and that the FBI has now confirmed that it has "no hard evidence" connecting Osama bin Laden to 9/11--confronts the loss of his job.

A Wisconsin legislator, Stephen Nass, Republican of Whitewater, has called for the University of Wisconsin-Madison to immediately fire him from his teaching position. The UW Office of the Provost has announced that it will conduct a 10-day review of Barrett's plans for an introductory fall course in Islam and of his past performance as a teacher at UW-Madison. Provost Patrick Farrell has endorsed his freedom of speech, but "We have an obligation to insure that his course content is academically appropriate, of high quality, and that he is not imposing his views on his students."

update on that: Kevin Barett keeps his job, the University refuses to become involved in thoughtcrime punishment for the Inquisition small-minded Republicans.  http://madison.indymedia.org/newswire/update/index.php; with wit, Kevin "threatens Governor's job" back, since the Governor is a public official--

The whole thread of events in these Madison IMC links, including Kevin's FOX News appearance:








Prominent experts and scholars who are members of S9/11T include Steven Jones, a professor of physics at Brigham Young University [who has found incontrovertible physical proof of controlled demolition via thermate, thus pre-rigging, of the WTCs [  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/06/341305.shtml ]

; Morgan Reynolds, [additionally a graduate from the University of Wisconsin
 http://madison.indymedia.org/newswire/display/32242/index.php ]

former Chief Economist for the Department of Labor in the George W. Bush administration;

Bob Bowman, who directed research on the "Star Wars" program in both Republican and Democratic administrations;
[  http://madison.indymedia.org/newswire/display/33525/index.php ]

Andreas von Buelow, the former director of Science and Technology for Germany; and David Ray Griffin, professor emeritus of theology at the Claremont Graduate School and author or editor of four books on the events of 9/11. [who has additionally appeared to talk at the University of Wisconsin
 http://madison.indymedia.org/newswire/display_any/23292 ]

Concern about academic freedom at UW-Madison extends beyond the Scholars group.

Ron Rattner, an attorney from San Francisco, CA, for example, has written to Provost Farrell with the observation that, "When teachers are intimidated against seeking and speaking truth on a campus renowned for its liberal and progressive traditions, we are in trouble". He added, "Universities are for inquiries, not inquisitions. UW must operate in the traditions of La Follette, not McCarthy". Robert La Follette was noted as a progressive leader, while Joe McCarthy portrayed his opponents as subversives.

[The lawyer's "differences" here between the two are a poor and very artificially strained example, and mostly rhetorical flourish: LaFollette was exhibiting quite fascist tendencies himself by the 1930s, perhaps culturally involved is the very Germanic state of Wisconsin; LaFollette's public appearances started having paramiltiary and dramatic flourishes with shiny aluminum helmeted "guards" lined up in front of him; he even had his own Naziesque flag (a blue circle in the middle, with red and white stripes the same as the U.S. flag), though we're getting off topic and I only wanted to demolish that strained attempt by the laywer to pretend that LaFollette was a good example for his argument...(McCarthy was probabaly a poor example as well, though let's get back to topic):]

Fetzer observed that the right wing [that's wrong, he observed that Fox did, not some amorphous "right wing"] is continuing to attack faculty who speak out on 9/11. "During an appearance on Hannity & Colmes (June 22, 2006), with Ollie North sitting in for Hannity, I made points about controlled demolition, the "stand down" order, and the FBI's position," he said, "but they were more interested in whether I was discussing these things with my students than whether they were true." On a subsequent appearance on Laura Ingraham's program (June 30, 2006), "She had her staff chanting about 'nutty professors' before I was even introduced. Then, after I made some telling points at the end of the program, they edited their archived copy and cut it off after a long harangue attacking me. That is intellectually dishonest."

Many other members of S9/11T, including Morgan Reynolds and David Ray Griffin, have spoken out in defense of academic freedom and in opposition to censorship and curtailing research into 9/11. "These nasty threats against the children of one member and the freedom of speech of another", Fetzer said, "make a sorry statement about this nation on the eve of the 4th of July."

Coincidentally, Fetzer will appear with Barrett at the Mid-West Social Forum on Sunday, July 9, 2006, from 9-10:30 AM, at the Student Union of UW-Milwaukee, to discuss 9/11.

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VIDEO: Fox News Spin Attack Ends With Red-Faced Anchors, Fetzer interview cut immediately once revealed FBI recently said it had no evidence of Osama = 9-11

[read this, then watch the 4 minute segment. Fetzer is QUICKLY removed off camera.  link to www.youtube.com
Head of 9-11 Scholars for Truth, Fetzer, an ex-Marine officer himself, really has ex- Col. Ollie North (a Bush family bagman since the 1980s) looking scared. Fox News lost it, you can really see Ollie North shaking.].

Fox News Spin Attack Ends With Red-Faced Anchors
9/11 truth scholar Fetzer anticipated slant of Hannity and Colmes spot

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | July 11 2006

Fox News' tactic of mapping out a spin and attack policy for guests whose stance they disagree with was spotlighted and deflated recently by 9/11 truth scholar Jim Fetzer - who left Alan Colmes and Oliver North red-faced after he exposed them and Fox producers for not having done their homework.

Fetzer called the appearance, "perhaps the most interesting four and a half minutes of my life."

Fetzer described how in a pre-interview a Fox producer has insistently asked him if he taught alternative theories behind 9/11 as a college course. Fetzer was keen to stress that he taught a course on critical thinking but not a course specific to 9/11.

From this exchange Fetzer began to understand the spin that Fox were preparing to put on the interview.

Fetzer was then told that Sean Hannity had been replaced by Colonel Oliver North for the show.

"Because I'm a former Marine Corps officer I thought this was probably a good thing - that the Colonel and I would have a very cordial Marine to Marine conversation," said Fetzer.

"When I said this to my wife she said 'don't kid yourself, they're going to be out to kill you'."

Fetzer was picked up by a Fox limo and only arrived at the studio after the program had started. He insisted that a TV be turned on in the make-up room to gage how they were going to pitch his interview.

"Five minutes before I go on I catch their drift which is they're going to talk about a professor who is using his classroom to teach conspiracy theories about 9/11 to our children."

"During that five minutes it occurred to me that I was going to be able to explode this one way or another - that I would talk about how they had 'Foxed their facts'," Fetzer told a packed house at the L.A. 9/11 Symposium.

"What they were doing was saying I was teaching our children - I was offering a course on 9/11 - and the way they were defining it in terms of children and kids - this had to be a freshman level or equivalent course."

Fetzer was able to prepare to bite back at the attack dogs by exposing the fact that Fox had not done its homework and were simply preparing to savage Fetzer on an aspect of the topic that they had completely dreamt up.

"They were attacking me for a non-existent course, said Fetzer."

"There was no course that satisfied the description they were trying to nail me for having taught."

Fetzer was able to embarrass Colmes and North who cut the interview short because their attack strategy had clearly been ripped out from underneath them.

"The first question out of Colmes mouth was 'is this a required course?' - and I had to explain to him that he had his facts Foxed," said Fetzer.

"The fact is they had defined the parameters - I knew they knew they had made a mistake but I wasn't there to argue their case."

North and Colmes quickly changed their tone after they realized the 'evil professor teaching our children horrible liberal lies' approach had failed.

"When they tried to put me on the spot after they realized they had committed a mistake - when they tried to put me on the spot about the society - I began to explain some of the findings - how the towers had come down by controlled demolition - how the FBI was asserting that they had no hard evidence tying Osama bin Laden to 9/11," said Fetzer.

After Colmes asked if there was any hard evidence tying any Bush administration members to 9/11, Fetzer related the story of Norman Mineta who testified that Cheney's orders were to do nothing as Flight 77 hurtled towards the Pentagon.

"This was when Ollie started getting a little nervous and he asks how many there are in your organization - when he heard there were 300 and 200 with research credentials - 85 actually having academic affiliations - it took so much wind out of their sails that they tried to cut it off as quickly as they could," said Fetzer.

Fetzer said it was interesting how the anchors were more concerned about whether he was teaching the information to his students than inquiring about the evidence behind 9/11 being an inside job.

The interview was quickly canned and - as with the much vaunted Pentagon tape that was heralded to 'shut up 9/11 conspiracy theorists for good' - an expected propaganda coup for Fox turned into a red-faced debacle and a moral victory for the 9/11 truth movement.

[4 minute quickly cut interview]
 link to www.youtube.com
or inline in the webpage here:

Watch Jim Fetzer discuss his Fox appearance and present a high-quality 78 minute illustrated discussion on the collapse of the twin towers and the Pentagon controversy at Prison Planet.tv. [elsewhere:  http://www.prisonplanet.tv/articles/july2006/fetzer.htm]


more on the FBI statement:

newswire article reporting united states 10.Jul.2006 15:09
9.11 investigation | imperialism & war FBI "has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11"
author: Truthnow
Why does the FBI's "Most Wanted" poster for Osama/Usama Bin Laden NOT mention 9/11? According to the FBI, it's because "the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11." Might this explain why General Myers said "the goal has never been to get Bin Laden" and why Bush doesn't "spend that much time on him." No hard evidence--yet thousands of lives and hundreds of billions can be spent on "war"?


Dr. Kevin Barrett on Fox
by Patriot Pete
(No verified email address) 11 Jul 2006
Modified: 07/11 07:57 CDT
"University of Wisconsin professor Kevin Barrett proved yet again last night (7/10/06) that a smart, well-prepared guest can leave Sean Hannity in the dust. Watch the video and laugh as Barrett out-talks Hannity from the get-go and gives him a talking-to about FOX News. Also worth noting is how Hannity's demeanor changes from bullyboy to almost bemused once he realizes he's not going to get the better of Barrett."

 link to www.newshounds.us

Cardinal Rule of Propaganda 13.Jul.2006 11:24


Don't respond to your intellectual critics. The fact that the mainstream is mobilizing so visibly to contest 9-11 truth is a sign of desperation.