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Feral Visions Against Civilization gathering in SE Arizona, Aug. 4-13th

Feral Visions Against Civilization - Announcing the 4th Annual Green Anarchist Gathering! August 4th-13th, 2006 (full moon on the 9th), in the high elevation Sky Island Mountains of Southeastern Arizona.
(A printable PDF flyer for this event is posted below, please print, distribute, and spread the word!)

Come gather in the beauty and wildness of the sky island mountains of southeastern Arizona! Engage in healing, rewilding and discussions on self-reliance, resistance and survival. Share skills and knowledge of ancestral lifeways, wild edible and medicinal plants, liberation, industrial collapse and anything else your wild and defiant imagination can conjure!
We are also proud to be offering this year a special children's autonomous space and a kid-friendly learning/play environment.
Feral Visions is about building community, healing, resistance, and rewilding physically, mentally and spiritually. As we gather in wilderness, our goal is to help break down mediation between ourselves and our world, empower each other, make stronger connections with one another and our earth, and apply our dreams and visions to our lives. The entire event is centered on active participation, and we hope that people will bring their knowledge and experience, as well as being prepared to be relatively self-sufficient (water and some communal meals will be provided).


Bring what you need, including several layers of warm clothes (it's high elevation, so it can get cold at night), personal eating utensils and bowls, sleeping bag or blankets, tents or tarps, flashlight, water filter, toilet paper, snacks and personal food, water containers, small cookstoves and fuel for personal meals. THERE MAY BE A FIRE CLOSURE. FIRE DANGER WILL BE EXTREME! Bring acoustic musical instruments, propaganda, friends and family, respect, security consciousness, special skills and knowledge, and an enthusiastic and participatory attitude! We are also looking for: bulk food (rice, grains, beans, spices, dried foods, veggies, roots, etc.). Large cooking utensils (pots, pans, knives, 5-gal. lidded buckets, large water jugs, garbage bags, portable stoves and fuel, material for latrines and their upkeep (shovels, wood ash, buckets, tp, soap, etc.), tarps and ropes for communal kitchen, people to give more formal discussion workshops and specific skills and FINANCIAL DONATIONS!


You'll be hiking in about a mile or so, so minimize your possessions you want to carry. LEAVE YOUR DOGS AT HOME. Please leave weapons, heavy drugs, alcohol, recording devices (including video cameras) at home as well. Abusers and abusive behaviors will not be tolerated at this gathering. Come to participate, not to drain. This event is for all of us to participate in, not just those who initiated the call. Law enforcement is not welcome.
At the Site:
The site is at a high elevation so it's cold at night, warm, even hot, during the day. It is a wild place and needs to be treated with care and respect, especially as it is land held sacred by the local indigenous people. We want to create as little impact to the site as possible. There will be a designated kitchen, latrines, workshop and camping areas. It will also be at the height of fire season, with possible fire closure, so extra care will be necessary (including no personal fires and extreme caution when smoking). Please pack out everything you brought in.


Exact location and directions will be revealed one week prior to the gathering on our website and voicemail:
1-866-460-2945 / greenanarchy.org/feralvisions
Email us with questions, suggestions, or to describe any workshops or discussions you intend to facilitate:


We want to keep the schedule open for everyone to participate in, and will be presenting a more formal schedule at the beginning of the event. We expect lots of folks with certain skills and knowledge to be present, so we want to be flexible. We hope informal discussions skill-shares will naturally occur. We do recognize, however, that some folks will not be present for the entire event, and that with large numbers of people, some informal structure can help. We have decided to propose loose themes for each day, both on the theoretical and practical level. These are suggested general orientations. There will be a morning circle and info boards to let folks know what discussions and skill-shares will be happening.

FRIDAY - Set-up, Welcome, Security Culture, Volunteer Sign-up and Story-Telling
SATURDAY - Intro to Green Anarchy and Primitivism/Intro to Earth Skills and Ancestral Life-Ways
SUNDAY - Apocalypse Always/Various Primitive Skills Instruction
MONDAY - Great Mysteries & Their Unveiling/ V. Primitive Skills Instruction/Self-Defense Training
TUESDAY - The Myth of Revolution//Various Primitive Skills Instruction/Self-Defense Training
WEDNESDAY - Forward to Nature!/ Various Primitive Skills Instruction/Self-Defense Training
THURSDAY - Playing at Insurrection//Various Primitive Skills Instruction/Self-Defense Training
FRIDAY - Group Dynamics/Various Primitive Skills Instruction
SATURDAY - Animating Subversion/Various Primitive Skills Instruction

See you in the wild!

homepage: homepage: http://www.greenanarchy.org/feralvisions/

PDF flyer for Feral Visions 2006 12.Jul.2006 14:58

gila monster

If you're interested in coming to this gathering, here's a flyer - download, print, spread the word!