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SWIFT bank surveillance - thieves watching their own pulse

what is the real purpose of watching intl bank transactions?
does anyone really think that the "war on terror" is being waged by watching how wire transactions occur between banks?

for the Bush administration to claim that their secret analysis of the SWIFT wire banking system was such a tremendous boon to their so-called "endless war" one must wonder why it is that they never pursued the people who benefited from all those put-options on 9-11. to follow up on the put-options and the OBVIOUSLY complicit criminals and terrorists who profited from them might point investigators to Buzzy Krongard and back to the White House. and you wouldn't want anyone to wonder why Bush PROMOTED Krongard would you? (see note 1)

let us be realistic. what the Bush administration is doing is watching THEIR OWN illegal activity. they have concocted a global geopolitical gambit to pillage the U.S. Treasury by claiming that "terrorists" are everywhere, that "terrorists" are busy wiring money back and forth to each other. but do those terrorists actually set themselves up with addresses, identities and bank accounts that can be so easily traced? do you honestly believe that? do you believe that terrorists think their phone conversations aren't being tapped? that is absurd.

a much more likely scenario is that Cheney, Rumsfeld, Cambone, Feith, Perle, Zakheim, Abrams, Bolton, and their whole stinking cabal are trying to make sure that NOBODY ELSE finds out about all the money being wired in every direction by their own illicit connections. these traitorous scum are looting the United States, following in the footsteps of Dov Zakheim, who conveniently LOST TRACK of 2 Trillion Dollars as part of his duties as Comptroller of the Dept of Defense. (see note 2)

the SWIFT surveillance (see note 3) is NOT about catching terrorists, it is about covering the ass of the octopus, which has turned the Presidency of the United States into a BCCI / ENRON / APOCALYPSE free-for-all!

face it, if the thieving traitors are not indicted and brought to trial for their continuous acts of brazen treachery, this country is headed directly into Stalinism.

if you do not stamp out totalitarianism, it will stamp you out.

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very good point 12.Jul.2006 14:56

joe anybody

i bet you are right
excellent point

very good: centralized economic control is Stalanism 12.Jul.2006 17:38


Our centralized cabal of economic control is Stalinist. Only the little people compete.