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0712 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Wednesday, July 12th, 2006.
1. An Oregon Senate commission wants to put the State on top of the Early Childhood Education funding pyramid, or at least close to the top, depending on the money of course... .
2. Georgia-Pacific may add another tissue-making machine to its mill in Clatsop. (Wow... we still manufacture stuff?). But the company is getting a property tax cut as a sort of quid pro quo, - too bad little Head Start kids...
3. Oregon's Medicaid recipients have a few more weeks to get their documentation on.
4. Measure 37 is going to make it possible for mines to be dug underneath farmland. How this will work out for farmers is not good news.
5. Shell Game: The formerly Scottish company, PacifiCorp used to be called Utah Power in Utah, Pacific Power in Oregon and elsewhere. Now it calls itself Rocky Mountain Power.
6. Ethanol isn't the sunshine daydream many of its backers in the administration have been selling it as. Any time you hear Bush supporting anything, be suspicious... It takes a lot of gas to grow a gallon of the stuff and, of course, most corn is genetically modified (Thank you, ADM). There's Saw grass, but it isn't as easily exploited as corn and the corn-fed American public it serves.
7. Having a Seizure: The Senate has voted to end the seizure of drugs Americans import from Canada. (Calm down... not those drugs, just the prescription ones... )
8. Street cleaners and the homeless faced off in Los Angeles yesterday. The homeless protesters say street cleaning is a direct and deliberate threat to them.
9. Karl Rove took the administration's message on immigration reform to Latino leaders yesterday. (They were no doubt impressed by the man's sincerity... )
10. Columnist Robert Novak said for the first time that he cooperated with the investigation into who leaked the identity of CIA officer Valerie Plame. Novak's decision to talk publicly came after Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald said that prosecutors would not seek criminal charges against Karl Rove.
11. Republicans say the administration is going to "crack down" on leaks - but just the ones that appear to harm the Imperial Agenda...
12. Detainees at Gitmo and other less well known American prisons around the world are going to be given their rights according to the Geneva Conventions, "quaint" or not... .But wait! There's more!
13. The Pentagon's top lawyer drew bipartisan fire for coercive techniques used in questioning "terror" suspects.
14. FBI to Muslims: 'Become an informant or face deportation.'
15. Dan Rather is coming to H-D-Net this October.
16. In Iraq 60 people - at least - died in "sectarian" violence. (Translation: CIA Black Ops agents are keeping the country as chaotic as possible to prevent the oil from flowing and thus keeping prices high and the money rolling in)
17. Hezbollah caught two Israeli soldiers during clashes along the Lebanese border5 today. (Okay, that's two for Israel. Now how about the thousands of Palestinian women and children being held in Israeli prisons?)
18. Perhaps they will be freed once the IDF gets finished destroying central Gaza... first things first, y'know...
19. And the only reason the vastly out-gunned Palestinians managed to grab that Israeli soldier was that they were "incompetent". (If the Israeli military is "incompetent", it's a good thing they don't turn pro.
20. Israelis are being encouraged to bomb the International Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem.
21. It's getting much worse in Darfur.
22. What If They Had A School and Nobody Came?: In Afghanistan the situation has deteriorated to the point that children are unable to attend school.
23. In Srinagar, Kashmir at least 8 people have been killed in a series of grenade attacks.
24. In Mumbai, the police are looking for the people who carried out yesterday's train bombings.
25. The Bright Side: Shares on India's stock exchange rose after the bombings.
26. The US and Russia are close to signing a deal on the eve of the G-8 summit. (Why am I not surprised?).

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