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Kettle Foods's response to Enron/PGE

Here is my comment to Kettle Foods and their response. I had responed back to Jim and thanked him for being supportive of renewable energy, but suggested that Kettle's optimism not be a blinder to the reality of the Enron/PGE relationship.
"Please review your need to advocate PGE. Although PGE's commitment to alternative energy resource development is notable, the current relationship to Enron (taxes collected not paid, etc.) is at total odds with residential (and probably commercial) customers.

Thank you.


"Hello Chris and thank you for contacting us.

PGE is our supplier of electricity. Without getting into the whole debate of the Enron fiasco we have chosen to support their PGE's rather ambitious efforts in renewable energy. As a large purchaser of their wind power program we, along with other Oregon companies, were part of a program sponsored by PGE that highlighted Oregon companies that use significant amounts of renewable power. We agreed to do it in hopes that perhaps by highlighting our sustainability efforts others in this time of increased awareness of global warming will be inspired to do the same.

Again thanks for your comments and let me know if I can be any more help.

thanks for reporting on it 12.Jul.2006 19:07

sooty green guy

I have to think that Jim's reply is very sophisticated. He's admitting that it's not a perfect world, and that his actions have an aspect that he's not pleased with. At the same time, he has the courage to be a realist (instead of an idealist) and go forward with what he thinks is something that will be a net positive action. I myself think PGE is horrible and should be taken over by the people--but I still participate in their renewables programs.

Lay=kettle (just junk chips) 13.Jul.2006 14:07


I hope he wasn't required to go to the Ken Lay funeral with a PGE delegation, all in the name of renewable energy. Give me a friggin' break. 9% rate increase coming up folks to pay for pgenron's ambitious efforts to maximize profits.

In the old days we called "stars" that advertised for the bad guys SELLOUTS.

preferable 14.Jul.2006 15:11

sooty green guy

I'd have preferred that Jim continue to participate in the 100% renewable program, while at the same time lobby for a PUD. With the kind of money he has at his disposal, there's no reason he couldn't promote renewables entirely on his own. Heck. He could even buy a small wind farm and sell energy back to PGE.