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Israel is invading Lebanon

war again
Israel is getting ready to invade Lebanon, saying that they are going to bomb the country back 20 years, this is in retaliation for the kidnapping of TWO Israeli solders, even though Israel has over 10,000 Arab political prisoners currently held in Isaeli jails. Syria has pulled out of Lebanon by Lebanese request, and because of the rhetoric and lies said about Syria lately by the Lebanese, they will not be there to protect them and keep the peace.

Head's Up! 12.Jul.2006 12:40

Never Again (Unless you're a Muslim)

So now Israel has invaded Lebanon.

If we're to accept Israel's justification, why didn't the US invade Israel after the murder of Rachel Corrie?

What's Israel's real motivation? Ask yourself:

IF Israel and the U.S. were about to attack Iran or Syria, would Israel keep all its military hardware in Israel (inside the Green Line), where it would be an easier target for counterattack, or would it find excuses to move its weapons into the occupied territories and Lebanon, where Palestinians and Muslims would be de facto human shields?

IF Israel and the U.S. were about to attack Iran or Syria, wouldn't the most strategic location for Israel's ground forces be in the occupied territories, adjacent to many Muslim countries that might be tempted to come to Iran's aid (Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia)?

Bush and Mossad false flag terrorism at work? 12.Jul.2006 17:11

it seems to me...

The "justification" is of cousre Hezbollah. It is likely that it was a false flag or double agent attack from within Hezbollah to taunt Israeli right now.

This is particularly the case since even though Hezbollah is on the "terror list" of the Bush Administration, Bush meets with Hesbollah supporters/funders in the freaking White House, as well as they have Pentagon connections.

Hezbollah is just a false flag op useful for Israel and the United States.

Title: World Beware: The US as rogue state! BUSH personally MEETS FALSE FLAGGER SIDE OF 9-11
Author: Grant Noah, (madcowprod.com)
Date: 2004.11.01 08:46
Description: HOLY SH*T~! We got 'em red handed NOW FOLKS. The whole puzzle piece of the WHOLE OPERATION HAS suddenly clicked in my mind. Hopefully it does in yours. Details follow. We got 'em here like we have yet to get em' before!! No one can deny this. Thoroughly documented quotes from boring trite corporate media posts, assembled by the great people at Mad Cow Morning News 9-11 research team (  http://www.madcowprod.com )--and because whoever posted those quotes really failed to draw the connections out, I took the liberty of spelling out the connections. If you want corporate media attributions to all quotes, they are all linked on the single referenced webpage below.

Title: SPEECH:"Bin Laden, Etc Are CIA Stooges" - EX-Dep.A.G.; Bush 911 TERROR PAL Al-Arian jailed
Author: grouping
Date: 2005.07.21 02:03
Description: The lawsuit of 2002 that this guy files against Al-Arian--the Tampa, FL 9-11 cell connection--is most interesting. Why is it interesting? Well, because Bush is hard and fast friends with Al-Arain, who has Why settle for treasonous Rove? Get treasonous Bush, who meets with Al-Arian who is currently in federal prison awaiting trial for terrorism connections to 9-11. Bush is conversing with his family merely one month before 9-11; terrorist Al-Arian scheduled to meet in the White House with VP Cheney, though Cheney cancels the meeting.

Most Americans don't know what set off the violence in the first place. 12.Jul.2006 17:26

Jody Paulson

You can read about it here:

You can see it here:
(Caution -- this is the type of photograph that gets seared in your consciousness, like the picture of "armless Ali" or the Vietnamese girl running from the Napalm)

FYI 12.Jul.2006 20:33

Jody Paulson

This would seem to corroborate "Never Again"'s conjecture:

US blames Iran, Syria for Hizbollah capture
 link to today.reuters.com

Question 12.Jul.2006 21:39


Isn't advocating torture a terrorist act according to the Patriot Act?

Terrorist Act 13.Jul.2006 09:35


Its not terrorism if a bomb is cowardly sent from miles away or an F16 killing women, children and many innocent men, but terrorist if there is no way to use those technologies and it pretty much has to be hand delivered. The US is the number 1 terrorist country in the world today, followed by Israel.