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9/11, 3/11, 7/7, All False Flags: Now 7/11 Terror

Signs are that the Mumbai train bombing is a false flag terror operation to heat up the war of civilizations on the Muslim world and keep India in line.
July 11, 2006. Two months ago, some Hindu extremists blew themselves up while making bombs, according to this story on GNN:

False-flag Hindutva terrorism uncovered in India?

Several activists of a Hindu extremist party were killed or injured in the explosion.

The People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and Secular Citizen's Forum reported it is a larger plot to "disrupt communal harmony and fan anti-Muslim feelings," and said Hindu extremist leaders were "running bomb-making units with the intent of fomenting communal mayhem."

Hmm... Like with the 7/11 train blasts, for example?

And who put the Hindu extremists up to it, on 7/11 of all days? I was kind of expecting an attack today! Ever wonder why the false-flag terror crime network loves to play with mystical numbers?

The 11 signature goes all the way back to the grand-daddy of today's false-flag terror ops - the founding act of the Anglo-American empire, Guy Fawkes Day, 11/5/5, 400 years ago in 1605.

Their little numerology game helps these psychopaths enjoy their work and laugh at us mere mortals. They like to dare to show their hand a little - it's far more believable that military intelligence rather than amateur Muslim radicals could pull off seven train bombings at once. They sometimes have a sickly sense of humor too: they even picked "Bombay" as the place to bomb.

Train bombings are their specialty - as in the 1980 Bologna massacre by the NATO countergang network Gladio, more recently Madrid 3/11, and London 7/7.

It's the same old trick!

Author John Leonard is the publisher of 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA

This article may be copied without permission, with attribution.

french bombing/explosions in Toulouse 9-21-01; then "pretend terrorist" AZF 12.Jul.2006 03:25



AZF (french initialism for AZote Fertilisant, i.e. nitrogen fertilizer) was the name of a chemical factory near Toulouse, France, which exploded on September 21, 2001. In the spring of 2004, a terrorist group adopted the same name and threatened the French government with bombings on railways.

AZF Explosion at a Toulouse chemical factory

On September 21, 2001, a huge explosion occurred in the AZF fertilizer factory in Toulouse, France, belonging to the Grande Paroisse branch of the Total group.

The results of the official enquiry were that a warehouse of ammonium nitrate had exploded following improper handling of this dangerous material, including mixing with chemical impurities.

Other hypotheses explaining the explosion have been discussed by the public:

- an unexplained initial subterranean explosion roughly 8 seconds before the main AZF explosion, in the SNPE (Société Nationale de Propulsants et Explosifs) located mere hundreds of meters away from the AZF factory, which would have caused electrical deficiencies (as shown on the records by the national electric company EDF) and an electrical arc that could have provided the energy for igniting the nitrate ammonium stored in the hangar 221 of AZF (both sites are connected to the same high tension electrical lines),

- a meteorite fall directly on the chemical storagehouse,

- a rocket or explosive device detonating near the hangar 221,

- a misfire of an experiment in wireless transmission of energy using microwave beams, secretly conducted by the french Army, that caused both SNPE and AZF explosions, and the electrical anomalies mentioned above.

Three hundred tons of ammonium nitrates were stored (the maximum capacity was 2,000 tons) in the hangar #221. The whole factory was destroyed making a crater of depth 20 to 30 m (65 to 100 ft), with a diameter of 200 m (650 ft); steel girders were found 3 km away from the explosion.

The explosion was heard 80 km away (50 miles). Due to the acoustics of the hills and the large sound, the explosion was reported as occurring in multiple places. Police at first believed that at least five bombs had simultaneously gone off.

There is still controversy over the exact number of explosions.

The factory was close to the city: one of the most inhabited areas, Le Mirail, is just one kilometer away (0.6 miles). Several schools, one hospital and a psychiatric hospital had to be evacuated.

The disaster caused 30 deaths (28 from the factory, one lycéen — secondary school/high school pupil — from a neighbouring school), 2,500 seriously wounded and 8,000 light casualties. Two thirds of the city's windows were shattered, causing 70 eye wounds and several thousand wounds had to be sutured. The full environmental consequences of the catastrophe are not yet completely known.

40,000 people — 10 % of the population — were made homeless for a few days.

Terrorist Group

AZF is a [supposed lie...] terrorist group based in France. The group is believed to have taken its name from the explosion in Toulouse [1].

The group has attempted to extort money from the government of France by threatening to place explosives along the nation's rail lines. The French government tried to pay them twice, but the first time the helicopter couldn't find the transfer point and on the second occasion couldn't take off because of fog. The French government placed ads in the newspaper Libération to contact the terrorists.

Once, to demonstrate their power [i.e., to make the citizens fear without having to explode something], they led the French railway workers to a bomb, who neutralized it. A week or so later another bomb was found on the TGV train tracks, but it wasn't live and wasn't the same as the one found earlier [2]. It is not sure if this was the work of AZF.

In March 2004, a letter stated that they were temporarily stopping their operations due to logistical problems. It is still unclear whether this letter was from the real AZF. [3]

The authors were not identified and their motivations are still unclear. ...


In my opinion, the "AZF" are the French right-wing security services.

9-21 numerology?

3 7's.

I was listening to Randi Rhodes yesterday ... 12.Jul.2006 19:59

Jody Paulson

And she was trying to fit what was going on India into some sort of context. She came up with some interesting information. It seems that a lot of interesting things have been happening in India and Pakistan lately which have been deliberately downplayed by the press (a sure sign to *pay attention*!)

India test fires new nuclear-capable missile:
Launch not viewed as saber-rattling with archrival Pakistan

Pakistan rules out terror in plane crash probe
"The victims of Monday's accident included two high court judges, a university vice chancellor and two military brigadiers."

BTW, why is no one taking responsibility for this act of terror? Isn't that the point of terrorism, to make a statement?

Militants deny India train bombings

india sucked into the evil vortex 12.Jul.2006 20:10

von smartt

another inside job by the usual masters of terror was my first impression, like madrid, london, new york and washington. proof will follow.