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Cybercrime and Punishment

Interview with El Mariachi about the consequences of cybercrime.
Shadow Crew
Shadow Crew
This episode is not work safe.

Interview with El Mariachi.

We discuss the name of the Shadow Crew segment; my interview with Richard M. Smith; Dark Profits; what has happened with Dillinger since my interview with him; Boing Boing; the morality of Dillinger's credit card scams; the two sides to crime and punishment; trying to stay on the straight and narrow; the FBI monitoring counterfeit message boards; Kim Zetter shopping El Mariachi's story to The New Yorker and Wired; Kim's article on the National Security Agency; will Kim's story ever get published; why he is no longer a crusader; what he could do if he decided to go after you.

Featured song is "Escape" by Electric Needle Room.


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