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The Ghouls Of Britannia

Stem Cell Debate In Senate This Week Organ harvesting and purposeful abortions as a by-product of the bush economy? The GOP Abortion Industry....even more lucrative than the illegal drug industry!
Below is an answer to an article at indymedia arkansas by someone accusing the government of perpetrating a false cancer epidemic because of all the calls for cancer screening: ...they have been spraying cancer causing agents on you for 10 years as you watched television, or your parents did...now we find its conceivable they can harvest stem cells from cancers, so, like the weaponized mycoplasma that was harvested from the body fluids of aids patients, you are now going to supply them with stem cells, via your cancers. You and many others. REMEMBER BLOODROOT AS CURE. Please tell the others. And do get screened immediately. ----------------------------------------------------- Cut from an article from scientific american this month: Today the study of stem cells is shedding light on cancer research. Scientists have filled in considerable detail over the past 50 years about mechanisms regulating the behavior of normal stem cells and the cellular progeny to which they give rise. These fresh insights, in turn, have led to the discovery of similar hierarchies among cancer cells within a tumor, providing strong support for the theory that rogue stemlike cells are at the root of many cancers. ------------------------- the armys mycoplasma patent, referring to a micro-organism easily transmittable and causing aids-like symptoms: http://biotech.indymedia.org/or/2004/11/3619.shtml Excerpt: SUMMARY OF INVENTION The present invention relates to a novel strain of the mycoplasma M. fermentans which has been isolated from Kaposi's sarcoma of a patient with AIDS. The majority of M. fermentans incognitus cells have a size of about 140 nm to about 280 nm, with an overall range of 100-900 nm. Introduction of M. fermentans incognitus into nude mice and immunocompetent mice (Balb/c) results in a significant morbidity and mortality of the infected animals and the manifestation of many symptoms such as B-cell tumor, spindle cell tumor or immunodeficiency. ----------------------------------------- Stem Cells are many times the product of aborted foetuses. The first few paragraphs below are by bob geiger and his article at alternet is nothing but a rant basically stating that anyone not in possession of a degree is stupid. ? He and his cloistered and complacent bunch were not even competent to observe ENMOD, and most of them are still not! ?7 years + they have been sprayed upon daily and subjected to psychotronic mind control, and have gone merrily about their "Learning". ?Oh well. ?I include the paragraph from bobs article because it states the situation in the senate right now, as of today. ?The article below bobs paragraph, by Michael Cook, is much more objective and informative, from Australia, and it addresses many of the same issues that we are to deal with here in the USA. ?The thing about all this is: ?bush and many of his type are invested to the teeth in biotech, enmod, and stem cell research, etc., they are the mad scientists of this generation. ?I do not envy them their love of lucre because that always makes it difficult to do the right thing, especially when they espouse the right thing, while acting 180 degrees out of phase with it! It will be interesting to see what the GOP does with this hot potato. ?The other side of the federal reserve foreign powers in our government, the democrats, at least can be honest about THIS, and doncha know they are using it to the max. This is being stepped on HARD by the press, I saw it on Google which was advertising it at wired news, then went to wired it was REMOVED! I went and posted at a place where some guys were giving me hell, I think they are DHS, out of work and now paid to run boards for their boy george....I just got all my posts and my membership banned at a politics board for mentioning it! ? Oh well. b ------------------------------ Posted by Bob Geiger at 6:41 AM on July 10, 2006. ?After going zero for three in "Wedge-Issue June," Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) must have decided that it would look good on his resume to actually get some meaningful legislation passed in the 109th Congress. This forced Frist before the July 4 recess to agree to a deal with Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) that will on Monday (Today-ed.) start a week of debating and voting on stem cell research in the form of three bills now before the Senate. ---------------------------- STEM CELL RESEARCH By Michael Cook July 11, 2006 Two things blaze out with noonday clarity about embryos and their stem cells: scientists appear to know almost everything, and the rest of us fear we know almost nothing. In fact, since stem cell biology is such a fast-moving field, all Australians - even other scientists - depend completely on what we are fed by a few dozen stem cell specialists. Radical changes to laws on reproductive technology, such as whether to authorise therapeutic cloning, could emerge from this week's meeting of the Council of Australian Governments meeting. The proposal by those who want to liberalise the law is that researchers should be allowed to create embryos, grow them for 14 days, and extract stem cells, thus killing the embryo. In view of the tremendous financial potential of stem cell products and the legal and ethical consequences of changing the status quo, any proposed changes have to be scrutinised thoroughly. As Princeton University president Shirley Tilghman has commented, "Some of the public pronouncements in the field of stem cell research come close to over-promising at best and delusional fantasising at worst." The Australian public - which would end up bankrolling this controversial research - must be protected from huckstering. Here are a few of the many questions that scientists should face about their work: - Progress towards therapeutic cloning requires women's eggs, probably in vast numbers, yet donors are not supposed to be compensated. Retrieving the eggs is a long, uncomfortable and potentially dangerous procedure and it is unlikely that many women will volunteer. How, then, will you source the eggs? In particular, do you plan to use rabbit or cow eggs to create beings that are mostly human, but part animal? Why hasn't any other country authorised this radical procedure? - Apart from their use as therapies, cloned embryos are said to be needed for their insight into chronic genetic diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes and muscular dystrophy. But isn't it true that the emergence of these diseases during embryonic development is only a hypothesis, not a certainty? In that case, would you ask permission to grow embryos for longer than 14 days? How much longer? As far as the end of the first trimester? - If you are successful in developing a personal body repair kit using the technique of therapeutic cloning, how much will this cure cost? US scientists estimate it could be at least $A135,000. Would that be true in Australia as well? - The world's most famous cloner, Ian Wilmut, the scientist who cloned Dolly the sheep, released a book last week in which he suggests that therapeutic cloning should be used to create healthy designer babies. Is this an outcome you would welcome? - Cloning babies is the single possibility of reproductive technology to which the public is adamantly opposed. Yet the Australian Academy of Science, along with more than 60 of the world's leading science academies, is a signatory to a declaration that a ban on human reproductive cloning "should be reviewed periodically in the light of scientific and social developments". And last month the world's most prominent IVF body, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, was only willing to extend its moratorium on reproductive cloning for a single year. If human reproductive cloning were safe, would it be ethical? Korea's Hwang debacle, in which the world's most successful stem cell scientist has been disgraced as a scientific fraud and put on trial for embezzlement, shows a potential conflict of interest in embryo research regulation. On the one hand, scientists are both the gatekeepers for all of the government's information and the recipients of the government's funding. On the other hand, their work might be a bonanza for the government. In the light of this, is the Lockhart report vigilant enough? It proposes to leave embryo research in the hands of a licensing committee that could approve innovative procedures without consulting anyone. Whenever I am compelled to play croquet, I cheat like blazes. I cannot see why I should abide by the rules of a patently absurd game. Embryonic stem cell researchers must feel a bit like that. For them the human embryo is nothing more than a clump of cells. Why, then, must they kowtow to the public and Parliament for permission? So their storyline changes with every telling. The pole star shifts from helping infertile couples, to curing Alzheimer's, to seeking the origin of chronic diseases, to drug testing, depending on who is listening. The beneficiaries, they say, will be healthy patients, or a booming biotech industry, or blue-sky science. ? story it takes to get the laws and the funding they need. Fair enough. It's a free country. But to prove their case they have to present, not a jerry-built castle of half-truths and high hopes, but the whole truth and a transparent agenda. Nothing less is good enough to warrant a change in the law. Michael Cook is editor of the bioethics newsletter BioEdge.