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Escape from Planet X

Review up to page 155 of The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil.
In an earlier time, C.S. Lewis wrote an adult work of fiction about an evil scientist who used his genius to escape planet earth. His source of inspiration was Satan himself, who wanted off planet. The evil scientist did not realize that Satan controlled him. Today, in the age of humanism, God is only what man can make of him. A rationale thinker would be more likely to propose reverse engineering of the human brain to make AI in his own image. Would AI have a moral conscience? That is a slight problem admits modern man. Asimov embedded the three laws of robotics into each AI. Given man's ability to outstrip his own moral imperative in technology, that may have been wishful thinking on Asimov's part.
When James Lovelock and others proposed a planetwide intelligence, they were laughed into obscurity. Lovelock never intended that his hypothesis credit earth with self-aware intelligence. Johnjoe McFadden is head of microbiology at Surrey in the U.K. One might wonder what biology would have to do with a machine? McFadden remains in the forefront of AI development with his paper, "An Electromagnetic Field Theory of Consciousness." Ray Kurzweil might give him the time of day, but not much more. Kurzweil is an MIT inventor who has several companies involved with pattern recognition in AI designs. For Ray, faster and more memory are the underlying goals. Given enough of each, AI that surpasses the human brain is only a matter of time, and a very short interval at that. Kurzweil even suggests that as nanotechnology advances, we will use sub-atomic particles and spin to make our calculations. Quantum physicists already can demonstrate reversal of time at the sub-atomic level. Imagine adding 4D to the capacity of a computer to do calculations per second.
Kurzweil quoted Sun Tzu, "Knowledge is power." The Bible states "knowledge puffeth up." Perhaps the answer to this conundrum lies in electromagnetic field theory. The physics constant alpha (the fine structure constant) determines the strength of the electromagnetic force. Apparently alpha has changed over the past two billion years. This is of great significance to the world of physics, because the speed of light is inversely proportional to alpha. By implication, the speed of light has increased. Let's keep all of this in perspective. King James version of the Bible states, "God hath set the world in our heart, that no man can understand all that God hath made from beginning to end."
If humanist, rationale man chose to ignore this decree, what might be a probable outcome? Bad people might live longer because they could afford enhancement with the latest nanotechnology. Of course, still ignoring God, there is the premise of Roger Highfield and Peter Coveney in The Arrow of Time. How can we accurately measure time from within time? All we shall succeed in doing is creating the Voice of God in AI whose nature allows it to exist in the past to predict the future. To the degree that we heed this AI Voice of God, really God in our own image - we but deceive ourselves. On this basis, knowledge puffeth up.
Kurzweil makes several assumptions. All grand theories make assumptions. In those assumptions lie blind spots. Determining those assumptions can be realized from careful reading of The Singularity is Near. Kurzweil wants to reverse engineer the brain and use DNA to design faster and more memory computers. He does not admit that humans themselves may already be capable of moving outside of four dimensions. That would upset his controlled universe. Several credible scientists suspect humans have another older sensory organ that works with electromagnetic fields internally and externally. They even propose the hardwired mechanism in our brain - biogenic magnetite. There is no mention of this in Kurzweil's book. Why?
When James Redfield wrote The Celestine Prophecy, it became the New Age Bible of the moment. New Agers who read the book remarked how coincidences began to abound in their lives. Christian fundamentalists assert the End is Near and their chosen leader George W. Bush seems well on his way to fulfill such prophecies. Once, in New York, this author observed a belief in Satan that apparently could cause physical manifestations. What all these have in common are a critical mass of human thought that generates a paradigm shift. A freethinker becomes irrelevant and marginalized in this case -UNLESS there really is a God.
Computers are Dumb 12.Jul.2006 13:56


I read your (up to pg155) review of "The Singularity is Near", and am
inclined to think Kurtzweil is laboring under the same delusion as my former
partner's brother. Perhaps I told you about this guy, Brian Murphy: he was a
post-doc in AI at Stanford, and throughout the many years he had been hot on
the subject he was thinking much as Kurtzweil does. Then one day he came
back East, dejected, and told his brother he wanted to get out of AI. Why?
Well, turns out he had finally figured out that computers are fundamentally