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This might seem strange to throw out like this, but I am really struggling with this issue and would like as much feedback as I can get to help me ponder this decision. Please, if you respond, post REAL thoughts and do not slander this. Tell me honestly and even post anonymously if you would like.
First and foremost, I need to say that I passionately am against any war and the war in Iraq.

I have been in the US for 33 years documented and legal (I arrived when
I was 3 because of war). I would very much like to get my US Citizenship. I grew up enamored in the constitution and the spirit of this country, even so that I do not shut up about things, which I see violate the spirit of the constitution, sometimes to the dislike of our governments. However, unfortunately I have made minor mistakes in my life, which makes the process drawn out and difficult. A "possession of less than 30 grams marijuana for personal use", even though I was and am a Medical Marijuana Patient.

I feel that if I joined the military, I would earn my citizenship
automatically as Bush has set forth. My time is ticking because later
this year I will be too old to join. It would also give me a chance to
prove the love and passion I have for the US. I also have some Arabic
speaking skills, and am very in touch with the customs. This may be my
only way, I have two beautiful American boys and an outstanding American
wife who I have been with for 18 years. It really makes sense to me.

Please if you post, do not slander this, just give your honest opinions, post anonymously

Thank you
opinion 11.Jul.2006 17:27


Personally I would think that if you got an education, supported yourself and raised two decent children you have done more for this country that may native born Americans. You do not have to get injured or die to prove you are an American or to put more money into the oil barons pockets either. I do not fault the people on the ground in the middle east I fault our only our crooked political system. Please go through the traditional citizenship process! You will do alot more good for America and you own family by not dirtying your hands for GW Bush and by living for your wife and children.

Good luck, no matter what you decide.

The military will destroy you 11.Jul.2006 20:13


It is very likely that you will be sent to an area contaminated with depleted uranium. That means that eventually you will be sick and disabled your entire life.


You have no idea what inhuman monsters the military is creating these days.

second opinion 11.Jul.2006 22:00

Chicago K

You would be better served by consulting with an immigration law atty. If your conviction is for simple poss., and you have no other convictions on your record, you should not have any problem gaining U.S. citizenship. DO NOT lie on your N600 applic about the conviction as they will find out about it and then deny you're applic for making a false statement. Just be upfront about it.

Serving in the Armed forces will not guarantee you citizenship. You still must meet basic requirements that apply to all applicants. Since you already have the required time in status and presence in the U.S., you have no time bars against you.

There is no greater honor than to serve the republic and its citizens, do what you think is best for you and your family.

is that the only way? 11.Jul.2006 22:07


do not join the military.
you've been married to an American for 18 years? I can't believe they would deny anyone citizenship for marijuana poss. this country is so screwed up. please don't take up arms to defend the status quo America and cause death and misery for the innocent.

avoid the military 11.Jul.2006 23:25

citizen b

If you join the military, likely you will DIE, become MAIMED, or at the very least CONTAMINATED with radiation. Even if you happen to escape all those fates (suppoosing you get assigned to someplace besides the Middle East), you will come out of the military a robotic, brainwashed shell of a person, as every person I know who has served their time in the military has.

medical 12.Jul.2006 00:05


"It would also give me a chance to
prove the love and passion I have for the US."

At this juncture, joining the US Military is a conscience act of collusion with the US Government to perform premeditated murder in foreign lands.

It sears my soul to hear that you think doing so would come from love.
Please do not degrade yourself in this manner. It would be your first step towards Anti-Americanism.

Most of your post is fine on the surface until you speak of "even though I was and am a Medical Marijuana Patient". Psst-I doubt the military would let you enlist if you have medical problems requiring use of marijuana so I have to give the legitimacy of your post TWO THUMBS DOWN - its just my opinion.

post might be legit 12.Jul.2006 01:33

but poster might be confused

i think this post is probably legit, i just think the author might be confused about the enlistment requirements

they probably do waivers for minor convictions all the time, and they may understand that the 40-year-olds they're suddenly recruiting are more likely to be "damaged goods" ... if he's college educated and a native arabic speaker they might be all over it ... but for the jobs they'd want 40-year-old arabic speakers in i don't know if the average indymedia poster would pass the political background check ...

serving in the legions has been a path to "citizenship" for "foreigners" since the roman empire at least

the new cut-off i've been seeing in the media is 42 years old

if this guy is really 36 he's got plenty of time to think about it

36 12.Jul.2006 05:12


I thought 36 years of age was the limit.
I would discontinue my use of med. marijuana.
I already have a recruter who said he would join me regardless. They really need people.

Watch this video first 12.Jul.2006 10:19



Please watch the video before seeing a recruter.

This is an illegal war started by false flagging.

Why has no one been held accountable? Why is no one holding them accountable?

Is this a joke? 12.Jul.2006 10:28

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

Why would _anyone_ even contemplate signing up to murder innocent people in other countries as a legitimate venue of "earning citizenship?" This query sounds like a fairly sick joke -- more so when the individual who posted it says he or she is in the country "because of war." If that's true, there's massive irony in thinking about joining a band of mass murdering terrorists.

There are _no_ legitimate reasons to join in a terrorist regime's crimes against humanity.

My opinions only and only my opinions.

they're just like cops 12.Jul.2006 15:41

just because they say something doesn't make it true

recruiters can tell you anything

they'll tell you you only have a few weeks to think about it because they want you to join NOW

they'll tell you your record doesn't matter because they just want you to apply

they don't care whether it's approved until later in the process

Poster 12.Jul.2006 23:10


Joining the military used to be an honorable thing. I want my citizenship more than anything, I have been raised American since I was 3. Living legally without full citizenship is like living without the rights that others have. I think because of my unfortunate arrest record and conviction I would have a hard time going through the normal process and being approved, it is a very inquisitive process.

I want to live the rest of my life as a true American Citizen and someday be buried as one. My love for the US is so great that I cannot talk about it without getting tears in my eyes. I feel that I owe it to my wife, my boys and this country.
I cannot talk to my wife about this because she breaks down and cries.
What else can someone do, I never want to hear the "deport" world again, every time it kills me a little bit. I know this is hard, but freedom was never supposed to be easy.

If I take this route, I will not tell my wife and family until I have already enlisted.

I do want to thank you for giving me good and heart felt advice.