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The Second American Revolution : Revolutionary Proverbs

A short collection of proverbs
Why is Washington building a concentration camp system on American soil? For Washington's support is already hitting the floor, and could it be that they were planning to lose even more. Washington has already lost most of its marbles, and should Washington lose even more of its marbles by sending those first truck loads of Americans off to those concentration camps then one must assume that Washington has lost all its marbles and that Washington won't have marbles any more.

Therefore since Washington would not want to be losing all its marbles any time soon, it makes sense for Washington to continue its terrorist bluffing with the forces of the Second American Revolution by completing the construction of its concentration camp system, and then not using those concentration camps as a dumping ground for any American citizens, so that at the very least Washington can hold onto its last remaining marbles. The best thing to do would to be to complete those concentration camps, so that a corporation can makes profits building concentration camps on American soil, and then leave those things to sit there, empty, like a big ugly pimple on the face of America, empty and unused, so that it could be said that the concentration camp system had only two uses : it disgraced Washington and it turned a profit for some corporation, but other than that, it turned out to be no damn good for anything.

Now Washington may run out Marbles, but it would still be the case that Washington would have guns, and when you don't have marbles to play with you play with guns. No doubt this seems like a good fall back strategy for a brain dead system like the one in Washington, because it means that Washington still has a fall back position, which is something you would want when you are plotting strategy. Now the problem with Washington not having marbles but having guns, is that then Washington will not be able to play the 'terrorist' card, for there will be growing and widespread support for the Second American Revolution, since the revolutionaries will have all the marbles and Washington will have none, since Washington lost its marbles and wound up only with guns.

Now the problem with losing your marbles and only having guns, is that when you lose your marbles you lose your guns. If you have no marbles but you do have a gun then you must use it, but if you use you lose it. As we know Washington is now breaking the law (yet once again) by moving its world famous military forces into operations on American soil, which is supposed to be REALLY SCARY, just as that other concentration camp idea is supposed to be VERY INTIMIDATING. However, having lost its marbles, and therefore becoming a brain dead vegetable as far as strategic planning is concerned, Washington seems to think that a military force is a force which you command to use force and then it uses force for no other reason than that it was commanded to use force by Washington. It is a command structure. This is supposed to be Washington's big ACE IN THE HOLE. However having lost all its other marbles it is only a matter of time before Washington loses its ability to command marbles, especially when those marbles are also lost to Washington, and therefore would only belong to Washington if a military was run simply on a command structure and nothing else was required. For when those military personnel under Washington's supposed command are under orders to crush the American people, and then those soldiers hear the heart breaking and deeply moving story of those Great American Heroes, who, against impossible odds, took to arms to fight for freedom from tyranny, and then gave their lives for their country in the name of the Second American Revolution, well having lost its military marbles already, Washington will then lose its ability to command as well. For the soldier will be listening to a higher voice which will be repeating to them those immortal words...

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Washington has guns. The problem with guns is that guns are good for shooting and not much more, and since a revolution is a propaganda war you cannot win a revolution with guns. Should Washington like to lose a revolution then let Washington shoot a gun. Go ahead Washington, fire the first shot. Now the problem with having guns and no marbles is that you have to shoot guns, for if you do not shoot guns that would means doing nothing at all, while if you shoot guns you lose you the war. The most intelligent strategy for Washington to follow at the present time would be to bluff with guns and hope that bluffing with guns is enough to scare revolutionaries, and if that proves not to be the case, then Washington can shoot a gun and lose the war.

You might recall that in the summer before the Bush Administration stole another election the system put out a trial balloon, and the note attached to the balloon said that the system might consider canceling further elections in the country should any terrorists show up in the next few months, since, apparently, you cannot have people going to vote if a terrorist were to strike sometime before the election, since they might get hurt. Since the system did not want to risk Americans going to vote, because of deep concern for your personal safety and general well being, the whole business of collecting cans of beans would have to be canceled at least until the terrorist threat blew over. Given how the system will not stop creating terrorists by blowing up countries and so on, we can therefore understand that Americans would never be voting again. They would however be going to work, even though leaving the house when there is a terrorist threat is dangerous, because if the system shut down business like it was proposing to shut down elections, just because of a terrorist threat, then there would be no more profits. So we can see then, from examining that weird trial balloon, that Democracy is one of those things you can give up because of terrorist threat but you wouldn't want to give up on business as usual in every other respect. Just Democracy, Constitutions, Bill of Rights, International Law, the Geneva Convention- these things can all be given up because a terrorist made a threat, because you see when you have terrorism it is just not possible to have business as usual in a country, unless it is Big Business, which you can still have even if there is a terrorist on the loose..

Now it logically follows that when a system is floating trial balloons about canceling Democracy altogether, all at once, instead of just shredding it one piece at a time like it is doing right now, then it logically follows that what we have here is a system in a big hurry. If the system could just hurry up and finish shredding those documents, maybe have one big go at it and just shred the works all at once, it would, and it would certainly like to do so, as that trial balloon demonstrates. After that balloon floated out from the system, when it turned out that the breezes were not good for such balloons, as the system found out after floating that balloon, which is what they wanted to know which explains why they floated such a balloon, we were told that such a balloon was never really floated, for you see, it was a very unpopular balloon. The system then went back to that more frustrating task of shredding democracy one line at a time, thus proving by all that line by line shredding that this is a system that did in fact float that balloon, even though they denied it, since this is the type of system that shreds Democracy, so we can see that floating such a balloon would be entirely in character. The only difference would be a matter of speed, and since the system is in a hurry to shred Democracy the decision was made to float a balloon and see if it might be possible to just run the shredder on one day and hurry up and get it over with.

Apparently the system needs to float balloons, since it does not know where it is or what is going around it, and so it floats balloons to find out about such matters. Once it finds out what is going on by watching how the wind blows some balloon then they adjust all their plotting to match whatever they can get away with at the moment.

We live under a system of musical chairs elitism, wherein every four years people get to change an elitist in a vote. This was one small improvement over being stuck with the same elitist for fifty years, and it also led to the new political development of bean counting. Under the bean counting political strategy that developed in response to musical chairs elitism, people would gather as many beans as possible in a bean can and then once they had a full can of beans they would use that can of beans to severely pressure elitists until they got some reform. This would take years and would put everyone through sheer hell, what with the elitist on the chair still remaining stubborn, thus requiring an additional can of beans to increase the pressure, until finally after decades perhaps of slogging a half assed reform would go through.

Now it should be obvious that when a musical chairs elitist system is floating balloons and slowly shredding documents one small piece at a time, since apparently you cannot ruin Democracy all at once, but if you shred it slowly maybe no one will get upset, it logically follows that such a system is not interested in getting pressured by cans of beans. Not that it was ever in love with cans of beans, as that tough history of activist struggle indicates, but now it is positively feeling hostile to bean collecting and beans in general. For this reason the old form of 'political activism' known as bean collecting and bean pressure tactics will not work anymore. It is for this reason that when people show up with a can of beans and knock on the door of that system to show them their beans, they are told by the system to get lost, and then the system just carries on doing whatever it wants. As one example, the White House states 'I'm in charge' and so therefore you can take your cans of beans and shove them up your ass. Since that is the prevailing sentiment no one should bother turning to that system any more, or bother collecting more beans, because when someone puts up a no trespassing sign telling you to stay out of their personal yard, or when they hang a sign saying 'no bean peddlers' it is only proper that you obey the signs.

Even though the bean collecting system does not want beans, and tells people not to bring beans because the system is in charge and doesn't need any input from bean counters, still the system feels the need, for the time being, to at least pretend to be a bean loving system. In fact, the system is so in love with beans that it is invading other countries to teach them how to collect beans so that they can have a lovely bean collecting system just like we do.

We can see that the bean collecting system is caught in a contradiction, in that since it is not done shredding documents and its balloon was popped, it must continue to at least pretend to be a bean loving system, at least until it finishes shredding. One must expect that perhaps a dire emergency will arise, such as a terrorist under the bed or in the closet, and therefore to meet the threat all bean collecting will be canceled, but you will still be expected to show up at work the next morning. Fascism is required when a bean collecting system does not want people bringing any more beans, for otherwise the system must continue to humiliate itself by pretending to be a bean loving system while at the same time refusing to accept any more beans. Once the shredding is done that problem will be solved and the system, no longer burdened by pretending to love beans, can just reject all beans without the embarrassing farce of pretending to ask for beans and then being forced to reject beans.

There have been other world systems in place that were not good systems we are told, because they did not allow people to collect beans. One example of this would be the old Soviet Union, which was an evil empire, because you couldn't collect beans in the first place, and even if you did manage to beat the odds and get some beans, if you took your beans to that system they would just be thrown out, because it was a dictatorship and so it was in charge and didn't need any beans from anyone, just being a system that ruled by its own decrees, which is the definition of a dictatorship. A bean collecting system was better in one way in that at least you could collect beans. What you would do with those beans later was still a problem, as those activist struggles to get the bean collecting system to accept beans demonstrates, since it turns out that what was called 'Democracy' under the bean system was actually a form of musical chairs dictatorship, so you really had one hell of an activist struggle getting that system to accept beans and so it would take one hell of long time to get things done.

In the Soviet Union they had socialism. They also had Stalin, and Stalin hated Socialism, just like in the bean system the top dogs hate Democracy. For that reason Stalin had to become a Socialist Theorist and write some more new theories for socialism, such as the one about how the Russians were 'on the road to Socialism'. The reason why they weren't getting any Socialism right now is that they were on the road, and hadn't gotten there yet. Well if you are on the road you expect to make progress, but Stalin hated Socialism, so not much progress was being made. This required more theorizing. Thus was born the 'two stage theory of Socialism' which taught that you needed to return to capitalism, like they did in Russia and China, and you needed to stay in capitalism for a long time, because you were 'on the road to Socialism' and it was in two stages and the first stage was lots more capitalism. This would then explain why you would be in a socialist system but it would be just like capitalism except that instead of capitalists you would have Stalinists running the business. (As it was said of that phony Stalinism, 'here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.')

Now it turns out that Washington and Stalinism have much in common, one commonality being that they are both dictatorial systems that don't like beans and just want to command. Both systems have a similar problem in that they are saddled with an ideology they just hate. In the case of Washington this would be Democracy, and in the case of Stalinism this was Socialism. The problem with being saddled with an ideology you just hate is that if you are Stalin you must preach Socialism, which then pisses everyone off because Stalin must always remind them of Socialism while at the same time not allowing them to have any Socialism. Thus the propaganda system must just always piss everyone off by reminding them of what they do not have, and for this reason it becomes necessary to make up a bunch of bullshit to explain to people why they have not got what they thought they were getting. In the case of Stalinism this bullshit was 'the two stage theory' and in the case of Washington the bullshit is 'terrorism' which then explains why no one can have Democracy.

The correct revolutionary strategy to be used in dealing with Washington is to get back every damn line of that shredded Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights and the International Laws, which are American laws the second they are signed, according to the Constitution. Just because you get those documents retrieved from the shredder and scotch taped back together does not then mean that you have 'gotten back your lost rights.' What it does mean is that Washington must go back to its previous strategy of pissing everyone off by reminding them of their rights while not actually letting them have their rights, which from the point of view of the Revolution is the correct strategy to be used on Washington.

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