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0711 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Tuesday, July 11th, 2006.
1. PGE is trying to raise your electric rates again because we didn't try hard enough to create a publicly owned district... maybe next time...
2. Ashland landowners have come together to put more than 4400 acres off-limits to cattle grazing.
3. In Hubbard, Oregon, Scotts Miracle-Gro bought Turf Seed. Turf Seed owner Bill Rose is all aquiver over the deal because now he can mix genetically modified seed in with other grass seeds. (Another good reason to get rid of your lawn... )
4. The government says that climate change is going to be bad for the California wine industry but good for Oregon vineyards. (Then again when the ocean is 20 feet higher, there's no snow on Mt. Hood and the rest of the state is ablaze with massive storms so big they create their own weather systems and burn for years... .well we won't feel like uncorking a blithe, flowery pinot gris... )
5. Marion county residents have a chance to weigh in on a DEQ proposal to loosen emissions restrictions because... .wait for it... ..the air is cleaner now due to emissions restrictions.
6. The lagoons at Boise-Cascade's Minto-Brown Island are full of dioxins - but that might turn out to be okay as long as they do not contain oh, say, ricin or PCB's gas... I dunno...
7. A former U of O professor is suing because she was forced out of her job after blowing the whistle on financial irregularities.
8. Gitmo prisoners won't be moved to the US or tried in civilian courts. They are, in fact, in what the government calls a "holding pattern"... I tell you what...
9. In the midst of all manner of global mayhem and crisis, Congress is voting on a bill banning credit card payments for on-line gambling... seems a reasonable way to spend time doing the public's business, maybe sip a little Oregon pinot gris...
10. Turns out that it is all right for the FBI to raid legislator's offices. Keep that in mind if you are considering a career in the public sector.
11. Yet another associate of Bob Ney's has been subpoenaed. (Gosh if they draw this out long enough, they might never have to actually address the fundamental wrong-doing... )
12. Government attorneys are still arguing that state secrets would be breached if a lawsuit challenging Bush's domestic spy program if the case were heard in federal court. (If you buy that, then you believe that federal court is riddled with agents of al Qaeda.)
13. Street gangs are using the Internet (Oh go ahead: blame Al Gore for this one... )
14. Texas inmates are not entitled to minimum wages for prison jobs. (Sheesh... at least they are still alive, this being Texas and all... .)
15. Iraq is asking the UN to end the mystical immunity from Iraqi justice (American justice, too, for that matter) enjoyed by occupation soldiers.
16. Saddam Hussein is boycotting his own trial.
17. A former Iranian ambassador and Islamic insider has provided details of American 'Black Ops' going on inside his country.
18. Bush has sent a senior diplomat to Libya. Yes, that's what we really need to do right about now: mend fences with Libya... .
19. In Iraq, some 200 sacked policemen stormed the governor's office in the Southern - and relatively peaceful - province of Muthanna.
20. South Korea has suspended food aid to North Korea. It was that or bomb them back to the Ming Dynasty, I suppose.
21. Kofi Annan wants to G-8 representatives to finish the Doha talks, already. Kofi, what are you thinking? Does this have anything to do with currying favor in Washington???
22. 'And They Should Know': The Congress of South Africa Trade Unions says that the Israeli apartheid currently taking place is even worse that the apartheid that caused so many years of terrible suffering for black people in townships and rural areas. (Both apartheid's, brought to you by America, Inc.
23. Bush has approved $80 million dollars for the overthrow of Fidel Castro's government.
24. More British troops are bound for Afghanistan. History, whewph...
25. Vladimir Putin is raising a glass of his very own pinot gris, celebrating the death of Shamiul Basayev, the Chechen terrorist leader...
26. Residents of Moghadishu are terrorized by the worst fighting there since the Islamists seized control from an alliance of US-backed warlords.

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