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The Second American Revolution - Revolutionary Theory

Let's start making everything perfectly clear....

A little weirdness

Before I discuss the Second American Revolution I thought I would indulge myself in a little of my customary weirdness, for I just wouldn't be myself if I did not, so bear with me.

After having gone on a sabbatical for several months, I thought that maybe it might be a good idea to write up a progress report, for the benefit of those who might wonder what I've been up to lately.

Now as for my 'Intelligent Design Experiment', there is no progress to report there, and everything has stalled pretty much where it was when I retired from the job several months ago. This could be a sign that I should not retire from the job but rather I should keep it at. However it is hard to tell since I have been drinking myself into a stupor every day and smoking like a chimney, for the reason that I have been in such a depressed and despondent state that the exertion required to take a bag of garbage down the hall corridor and dropping down a chute is just to much for me to manage right now, so I will put it off until tomorrow, if I get the energy tomorrow, even though I have flies buzzing around in the place right now.

So then I have no progress to report on that Intelligent Design Experiment, being as unhealthy as I have been for the last several months, just drinking like a fish everyday and smoking like a chimney and then eating some rotten junk food to kill hunger pangs when they come along, preparing good food being beyond the scope of my abilities at this time, for making like a chef in the kitchen would take even more energy than taking that fly attracting bag of trash down to the chute down the hallway and just getting rid of it once and for all.

However, while I have been away on my really bad 'vacation', and while I have been making no progress whatsoever, it turns out that other people are making lots of progress all around me, which is good, for it means that at least someone is making progress even if it isn't me.

Just the other night I saw out on the streets of Saskatoon a small crowd of people gathered and looking up and waiting for the sighting of those peculiar glowing craft that have been appearing all the time over the skies of Saskatoon, simply because, you see, I live here, and therefore this city is becoming as weird as I am. Which is good. I require a weird environment if I am to kick the booze binge, and that picked my spirits up considerably.

I also saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, in the face of a young boy on skate board who was about fifteen years old. His eyes were brilliantly alive and full of life, since apparently I have made at least one disciple in this city, and my little disciples are beautiful creatures, and they look like angels. He also had a really mischievous grin, which was also lovely, because my disciples should have faces full of joy and eyes glowing like brilliant lamps, full of life, and they should also be real mischievous, as fifteen year old angels should be.

Having seen all these things I am now in a better mood, and since I am also just about ready to blow up if I don't start writing something, I write.

A discussion of the theory of Revolution

I live in the city of Saskatoon, in Saskatchewan. Even though I am not an American, nevertheless I am involved in the Second American Revolution, since it is pretty hard to think of living on this planet and just ignoring those silly Americans if they fail to have a revolution and just become a totally ruined fascist country instead.

As I have found when traveling in the states Americans typically have no idea where 'Saskatchewan' is, and so I will point out that it is above North Dakota, and Saskatoon is a few hundred miles north of the American border, which as I like to say, isn't quite far enough away should American finish its transformation into a Nazified Empire. Of course the other side of the planet would not be far enough away should their rogue government continue shredding its Constitution and destroying all rights and giving concentration camp contracts so that corporations like Betchel can build concentration camps at various spots around America, since apparently America is just crawling with terrorists these days, which explains the necessity of all those really bad changes taking place. I will assume that Halliburton placed a bid on that tender to build those concentration camps but the decision was made that they already are making more than enough money turning Iraq into one large concentration camp, and it was decided to spread the wealth to keep those large corporations from going at each other's throats in envious fury. Now I am a pacifist, and in theory I should be against that bit in the American constitution about how Americans were to be allowed to arm themselves to the teeth with guns and fill their entire country with guns. In order to understand such a constitutional provision, a person needs to remember that the constitution was written by a country that had just finished a revolution, and naturally being a bunch of revolutionaries, the Americans of the time were demanding guns and lots of them, the idea being that should it ever become the case that their government began to turn into a rogue tyrant on them at some point in the future the American people would loaded for bear and armed to the teeth from coast to coast, thus being ready to gun down their government a second time should that prove necessary. Keep in mind that these are the thoughts of revolutionaries, and while I am a pacifist and so therefore theoretically I should be against the idea of having the whole country of America armed to the teeth like it is right now, when I consider how the situation has turned out it would seem that the intuitive mistrust of the those revolutionaries for that government structure produced after their revolution has been justified by the developments of history, for it would seem that before all this over the Americans will be found gunning down their government.

I would recommend the use of silver bullets, just to be absolutely sure, although any other kind of bullet that isn't a silver bullet will do just as well, just so long as its a bullet. The whole country of America will become like Iraq, for as you can see, that hit and run tactic is remarkably effective even against the world's most heavily armed rogue imperialistic fascist government. For those of you who do not favor the use of bullets, at least not yet, there are also other really good strategies that you can use that do not involve pumping your government full of bullets, and should those strategies fail, then you could always join the growing bands of revolutionaries who have not yet been incarcerated in those concentration camps and start pumping your government full of bullets later.

Strategies you might consider that do not involve the use of silver bullets, would include such things as a wooden stake through the heart of your government, or you could grab a crow bar, and then in broad daylight you could throw open the curtains and then using that crow bar you could pop open Dracula's coffin, exposing that vampire to broad daylight, which as you would know is the quickest way to destroy vampires, since they only turn into bats and fly at night, since they can only operate in the darkness. And as you would know when you kill the main vampire that automatically sets free all those smaller vampires who were bitten by that top vampire and thus turned into zombie like vampires in the service of that top vampire.

Such strategies will work, and do not require a large mass movement. One reason why you see American's who want revolution doing so little and getting so little done is that they are bean counters. Being a bean counter is one of the by products of the American revolution and the system it produced, wherein people play musical chairs with elitists, and then having changed monarchs from time to time, they then proceed to attempt to get back their lost rights and surrendered powers by gathering a huge mass movement to put the screws to that stubborn cabal of elitists so as to wring out a few of those concessions. This bean counting strategy is then called 'Democracy' and it is practiced in every country around the world, since almost every country has been influenced by ideas of the First American Revolution, and thus everyone thinks that political action always consists of bean counting, and trying to get as many beans as possible so as to pressure stubbornly entrenched cabals of elitists to do some damn thing or another, which they are just not going to do, and will only be forced to do it, if you scare them by gathering a huge number of beans. Even then they will still try not to do whatever it is they were being pressured to do, and will instead try half measures, perhaps half a loaf, or perhaps a loaf with strings attached, which is handy, should the time come later when they decide the heat is off and therefore it would be safe to yank the string and pull back that half loaf leaving no loaf at all, or perhaps leaving crumbs, so that no one could say there was no loaf left after that string pulling, because there were crumbs and having crumbs is not the same as having nothing.

The problem with bean counting during revolutionary times is that bean counting is the best way to lose a revolution and wind up getting stuck with Hitler instead. First principle : in order for bean counting to work as a revolutionary strategy it would be a requirement that you have cabal of elitists who are going to submit to pressure, and as I have reminded everyone, that is damned hard to do even at the best of times, and during fascist times it would therefore logically follow that the bean counting strategy would become impossible, since it is almost impossible and just barely gets done during normal times. Fascism is the exact opposite of the bean counting form of government. Under fascism, the first they do is outlaw the gathering of beans, and if someone should be caught gathering beans they will be arrested by the Gestapo and shipped off to a concentration camp pronto, because, you see, they were gathering beans and the purpose of fascism is to permanently halt bean gathering since it would not be fascism if people thought they were free to gather beans. Given that the elitists have been yanking strings and pulling back loaves and yanking strings and pulling back the Constitution, the Geneva Conventions, the International War Crimes Laws, the Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus (have I missed anything) it just logically follows then that such a naughty and bad tempered cabal of elitists are no longer interested in playing the bean counting game, which then explains why that strategy no longer works and has become hopeless. Therefore you can see that under the present conditions the bean counting strategy must be replaced by the revolutionary strategy, which then leads us to forget about beans and instead to start thinking in terms of such things as wooden stakes, or using crow bars to pop open coffins, or firing silver bullet should aggressive push come to shove and the time come to turn America into a place just like Iraq, which would be a good example of how a fascist government can be armed to the teeth and thus seem real scary and yet wind up having a miserable failure on its hands, which should inspire the revolutionaries of the Second American Revolution should it become necessary to do the Iraq thing to Washington later.

Now that the revolutionary strategy is the correct strategy should be obvious, for when you have a rotten system that has been so corrupt in its decay and in its stinking putrefaction that it turns on you and does something as outrageously abominable as puking a big pile of Hitler vomit into your lap, it logically follows that such a rotten system be treated much as one would treat a running rabid dog, the treatment for such a fatal ailment typically being to pump that rabid thing full of bullets (I would use silver bullets just to be sure that once its dead it does not rise from the grave like a zombie to eat more human flesh).

I use the term here 'rotten system' you might notice and not a 'rotten Bush', for as anyone can see the entire rotten system is showing no opposition to the rise of fascism in America, which means that they are not opposed for if they were opposed they would be found in opposition and they are not found in opposition simply because they are not opposed. The 'Anybody but Bush' strategy is not a revolutionary strategy, since anyone person is expendable from the point of view of the overall system, and should something happen to George the system would just find someone else and just carry on like it is carrying on right now. The concentration camp project and the destruction of the principle of keeping the military from operating on American soil (so that they can shoot the American people on behalf of Washington-which is illegal, like everything else going on in that rotten system) all these things will continue on under a new Fuhrer, should anything happen to Bush.

Those who say 'let us get rid of George' are supporting the overall corrupt system, for they are against George, but they are not against the corrupt system that is cooperating with George and offering its assistance and not offering any opposition, because they are not opposed. Therefore those 'leaders of the movement' who are opposing only George, are also not opposed to that rotten system, since they are only opposed to George, and they are not opposed to the rotten system, for if they were opposed they would be opposed but they are not opposed so they do not oppose. Therefore they are like populist demagogues, and they should be ignored lest they bring everyone under the power of some other Hitler other than George Bush.

This is exactly how the Germans got stuck with Hitler, for their leading intellectuals and leading voices only opposed Hitler, and adopted the 'Anybody But Hitler' strategy. So for example, they would support any hawk, just as long as it wasn't Hitler, which meant that much like the Democrats tried to rally support for one of their own pro-war hawks, the 'Anybody but Hitler' movement rallied support for Hindenburg, who while he was a right wing imperialist hawk himself, was not Hitler, and thus deserved our support for that reason, for they said 'it was the only way to stop Hitler'. This would be the same Hindenburg who then signed a presidential decree giving power to Hitler, so that in the end the Anybody But Hitler movement, the German equivalent of the Democratic party types of American liberals, brought Hitler down on Germany. In the same way the Democratic party types, or bean counters in general, are destined to bring down Hitler on America, for only a revolution can stop such a thoroughly depraved system that cooperates with putting a Hitler into power, which is stating the obvious. When a system is so atrocious that it tries puking up a Hitler, you must burn the house down to stop Hitler, because there is always another Hitler, but the system remains the same.

Al this is merely stating the obvious, but when a people are brainwashed by a giant brainwashing system, you find that it becomes a requirement to state the obvious because the whole point of brainwashing people is to hide the obvious so they won't see it until its to late and that system feels well armed and secure enough to pounce later. Yes it is stating the obvious, but I thought I would drive the point home for the benefit of any naive and trusting soul who might be wondering why they are not opposed, which can seem mysterious to the trusting soul, which is why you don't want to be a trusting soul who thinks that everyone has your best interests at heart and that they really are genuinely worried that you might be hurt by a terrorist, which would break their heart, which is why they are shredding the entire structure of law and order and civil government, because you see, trusting soul, they love you that much, and so even shredding the entire system, as high a price to pay as that might be is worth it, because they don't want any harm to come to you. They love you, and even though they also love democracy and the rule of law, they love you more, so they will be doing away with Democracy and suspending the constitution so that you won't be suspended or done away with, since doing away with you would be unthinkable. They just love you that much and therefore they are willing to pay any price, no matter how extreme, to make sure you stay safe and alive, for as is typical of people in love and having a great romance together, they couldn't stand the sorrowful parting if something should happen to you. They love you and they are building concentration camp systems in America to keep you safe, for the country is apparently just crawling with terrorists. They are coming out of the wood work. Apparently they do not love you enough to stop provoking terrorists into anger by bombing their country and killing and robbing their people, since while they love you they don't love them, as you can tell, and since they don't plan to start loving those people, and just want a monogamous love affair with you instead, they will have to suspend the constitution and break every law and build concentration camps to keep their beloved safe from the terrorists. One must suppose that it is called 'monogamy' and you can consider those concentration camps and all that rising tide of illegal lawless fascism and phone tapping and so on to be like their wedding gift to you, their one true beloved.

They love you, they just love you that much.

Now I love you too, and so you can think of me as the unwanted suitor. No doubt they will be very jealous when they find out how I have been trying to hug and kiss you, loving you so jealously as they so obviously do, as that shower of gifts they have been sending you demonstrates so very well. It is because I love you that I find it a requirement to talk you out of that bean counting strategy and train you in the revolutionary strategy instead, for you see I am worried about your health. For the time being I feel confident that I calm down the violent revolutionaries who want to start the shooting, for there are always those types in every country, which is why at the end of all this your country will turn out like Iraq. You might get hurt and that concerns me. You see the violent revolutionaries are not monsters, they are reasonable people, and just as long as I can convince them that you are making progress with my pacifist revolutionary philosophy they will restrain their fire, but only so long as you are making progress and they can see that. If they see that you are not making progress then the time will come when they will open fire, and while they love you and hate your rotten system, there is still the chance that you might get hurt in that violent revolution and perhaps fall in the cross fire. Therefore because I am very concerned about your well being and your health, I feel it is my responsibility to train you in the pacifist revolutionary theory, and get you making progress so that you won't get accidentally shot later when those violent revolutionaries see that you aren't making any progress and that it is therefore time to turn American into a country just like Iraq.

Now I understand violent revolutionaries, and so I am confident that I can convince them to withhold their fire for the time being, but I won't be able to restrain those people forever (and if worst comes to worst I wouldn't want to restrain them), and that is why it is so vitally important that I get you moving in the right direction, so that the violent revolutionaries will see that perhaps it might worthwhile to be patient.

Under the current system which developed out of the first American Revolution and then spread around the planet, political action is infantilized and is reduced to that bean collecting pressure strategy, which does not work in revolutionary times, for the simple reason that fascism is a counter revolutionary strategy intended to put in place the oppressive systems required to crush the Second American Revolution. If your government wanted to 'fight terrorists' then rather setting up concentration camps and a vast Gestapo spy network, your government would get the hell out of Iraq and stop terrorizing robbing and oppressing people, which is how terrorists are created in the first place.

The war on terrorism is exactly the strategy employed by Hitler to crush the rising tide of revolution in Germany back in the time known as the Great Depression. It is a two pronged approach. The threat of terrorism can be employed as an excuse to destroy the entire system of the rule of law and replace it by Gestapo police state methods (Hitler just loved Germans and did not want them to get hurt by those terrorists who burned down the Reichstag, so he brought in the German version of the Patriot act and began systematically step by step the process of destroying the rule of law). The war on terrorism was also employed by Hitler as justification for all his imperialist aggression. Before each attack on another country the media system would be saturated with propaganda on the theme of the terrorist attacks on innocent Germans who were living in such places as Poland or the Czech republic. Joe Goebbels would crank up that terrorist propaganda to the level of hysteria, and then like a Knight in Shining Armor Hitler would launch the war on terrorism and invade the next country to save the Germans from what were said to be the attacks of those same terrorists who no doubt were responsible for burning down the Reichstag. Hitler would also use terrorism as an excuse to further savage the German constitution, since fascism in Germany did not instantly hatch out of an egg, but rather cautiously, step by step, seeing what he could away with, sticking in a toe to test the waters, Hitler created the Nazi state a little bit at a time. Everything I have just written above is the historical facts concerning Nazi Germany and the historical parallels with America today are obvious. Since it is also true that the 'war on terrorism' proclaimed by the rotting American system is a hypocritical hoax, it therefore becomes obvious that America is becoming a lawless state governed by a lawless dictator for the simple and obvious reason that the American system is determined to establish fascism, which would then explain all that rising tide of fascism, which, even though it is modeled on Hiterlism, a tried and tested strategy, thus explaining its appeal (why reinvent the wheel), nevertheless is facing no opposition. Now certainly something as filthy as fascism should face opposition, but since the system itself is in favor of this change, there is no opposition, and given the great determination of that system to take such a reckless gamble, one would not want to waste time collecting beans at a time like this. This is once again stating the obvious.

Now let us review briefly the history of the successful revolutionary movement. The key strategies of a successful revolutionary can be described in the following way. Do not water down the wine. Tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Open Dracula's coffin in broad daylight. Arm yourself with wooden stakes so they are at hand when, from time to time, you want to pound a wooden stake into the heart of a vampire. Also keep on hand a supply of silver bullets, so they will be handy if the revolution is in danger of being crushed and it therefore becomes necessary to come out shooting. A violent revolution means that the revolutionaries have failed and are now in danger of losing the revolution to some Hitler, since they failed to open the coffin and drive in those wooden stakes in a timely fashion. The system itself is brutally oppressive and intent on brainwashing, so its not like the revolutionary can count on getting any help from anyone, nor does a revolutionary think of getting beans and then using those beans as a pressure tactic.

When people are brainwashed by a detestable system, their minds are confused by the attempt to make sense out of a big pile of contradictory crap. All a rotten system can do is feed the population a steady diet of such contradictory crap because the system cannot survive having its coffin opened in broad daylight which means that the system cannot stand before the truth, which is why rotten systems are such damnable and atrocious liars. Understanding this process is the key secret to success of all successful revolutionary movements.

The second secret to a successful revolutionary movement is a deep understanding of the science of human psychology, since it turns out that the revolutionary result is a predictable process. A revolution is not some crap shoot or a spin at a roulette table. It is not a gamble. It is a sure thing, and great revolutionary leaders understand these things, which is one of the secrets of their success. The revolutionary leaders of history were often badly misunderstood. They faced charges of being 'left wing sectarians' and dogmatics peddling pet theories. Such persecution will come to anyone who refuses to water down the wine, and who insists on telling the people the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Telling a half truth is a kind of falsehood itself, and since all great revolutionary leaders understood that the most vital property of any revolutionary movement if it was to eventually triumph against the powerful system of oppression, was credibility. Therefore they were intolerant of 'diversity' masquerading as 'tolerance' and thus being a virtue. There is no virtue in compromising the truth, and anyone who refuses to water down the wine with supposedly 'diverse' elements will face ignorant charges of being a 'radical sectarian' and a bad dogmatist. This is one of the signal indicators of the true revolutionary. Look for the one being attacked for being 'too dogmatic'. That person is telling you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and is naturally intolerant, for 'diversity' in truth telling is not a virtue but rather it is a form of mass confusion, and thus facilitates the confusion that any system of brainwashing requires if it is to survive.

The third secret of a successful revolutionary movement is intolerance of so much as even a trace of 'religious doctrine', for you see, the greatest of all counter revolutionary threats has always been religion. Religion teaches the doctrine of 'original sin'. Therefore the problems in the world are part of 'human nature'. Anyone who believes such nonsense becomes demoralized and thus unfit to become a revolutionary. The true revolutionary holds to the doctrine of 'enlightenment' (declared a heresy and stamped out by the early Christian heirarchy). You see rotten systems brainwash people, and rotten systems force people to sin whether they like it or not, and since people must sin under rotten systems the putrid moralism of religion is found to be a deceptive red herring. The purpose of the doctrine of 'original sin' is to shift the focus away from rotten systems and instead get people to moralize and lecture individual sinners,. 'one sinner at a time'. (I will say more about that counter revolutionary revolution wrecking false moralizing doctrine of 'original sin' a little later).

Let us consider a few simple examples of how rotten systems work to force people to participate in sinful acts of oppression (which means that judging people is wrong, and that judging and condemning are actually counter revolutionary strategies that lead into a worthless dead end ditch).

Under the capitalist system, a small clique of patriarchs become the bosses who make the decisions and the task of everyone else is to obey the boss. This is a fascist economic structure in which people are denied any say, the idea being that this would be interfering with that most sacred of all human rights, 'private property'. Now under a system with full employment and no poverty, a capitalist would quickly lose a fortune and thus be unable to do anymore of that one man investing which is supposed to be so lovely because it is being done by a capitalist who is like some kind of decision making god one must suppose, which explains why they rule and others obey. Under the system of full employment and no poverty and no slums and no ghettoes, you would have capitalists begging for workers, rather than having workers begging for jobs. Now capitalism is structurally the exact opposite to the ideals of the American Revolution, since not all people are created equal, especially economic geniuses like that capitalist, who has risen to the top in the dog eat dog gun fight at the OK corral known as capitalism because of his innate superiority which was proved when he won the battle of the survival of the fittest and became damned rich, which is the evidence for his superiority, thus explaining why he should be the master and everyone else the slave. Because capitalism is actually structured to facilitate the activities of oppressors, it comes as no surprise when oppressors pull the levers and punch the buttons of that system so as to do acts os oppression. Therefore unemployment is deliberately created by the rotten system, which also creates slums and ghettoes, because in this way power remains in the hand of the powerful oppressor and everyone then has to go begging to the oppressor. If justice came to that place the system would quickly collapse, as the capitalist lost his fortune, and could no longer invest, and 'inflation' rampaged through the economy destroying the life savings of everyone else, which then explains why it would be the case that there is so little opposition to such a twisted snake like system of entrenched oppression, for who wants the house to burn down? Consideration of the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about that deadly trap, that snare, the hidden pit, illustrates immediately that moralism and the doctrine of 'original sin' that empowers moralism and justifies the practice, is a completely bankrupt strategy, since it is not people who are sinners but rather the system itself is morally rotten and corrupt to the core. People are prisoners in that system and they must sin by ruthlessly oppressing those poorer than they are, because they are trapped on a speeding treadmill and they will never escape so long as that rotten system is allowed to survive. Tens of thousands of people will fired, plundered and sacked, to increase profits, and this will happen over and over again, as oppressed serfs lose their homes and everything else in one act by one ruthless prick who pulls a lever, and who must pull the lever lest he lose out in that gun fight at the OK corral. Levers will be pulled and buttons pushed in that rotten system, and moralism and its reformist agenda have been, and will always be, bankrupted ideologies and therefore not so much as a trace of religious doctrine must be found in a revolutionary doctrine, because you do not mix oil and water, and similarly you do not mix counter revolutionary brainwashing doctrine with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

So to summarize the main points so far, the secret of a revolutionaries eventual triumph is his credibility, and this means that no revolutionary is a bean counter. Those beans will count themselves in good time. The revolutionary strategy is a propaganda strategy in that it involves the destruction of mass confusion created by brainwashing so as to create the perfect clarity required for the spontaneous eruption of mass consciousness which always takes place at the moment when the time of the revolution has come. This also explains why revolutionaries are not bean counters, because a revolution is a sudden eruption. If you study the history of revolutions you will find that as the thundering storm clouds of the revolution began to approach on the horizon, the great revolutionary leader had not beans. His small dedicated movement began to panic as they watched that rumbling storm cloud approaching, and proposed watering down the wine, so they get beans as quickly as possible, but being an intolerant sort, and hating diversity, the great revolutionary movements which triumphed always had at least one person who would crack down on that movement before that last minute panic attack destroyed the entire revolution by compromise. What happens next is that suddenly like a great tsunami, the revolution breaks out, and the true revolutionaries roar through the nation like a giant tidal wave. They sweep away every other competitive movement, of which there are always so many, but which are always crushed and swept away by the tide of a true revolutionary movement, as at the very last moment, when the revolution comes, the true revolutionaries get all the beans. Its called a revolution and it is like a sudden volcanic eruption. It is not a 'progressive movement', although it does require progressive and patient diligence during the lean times, when true revolutionaries have no beans. A revolution is a surging last minute tidal wave, and the secret to a revolutionaries success is patient endurance, uncompromising truth telling, and dogged perseverence.

Revolution therefore does not need to be a mass movement to succeed during its formative stage. It will become a mass movement that arises like a sleeping dragon that suddenly jumps to its feet at the revolutionary moment. What revolutionaries require is not a bean counting strategy, so as to get as many people as possible on board to do what - pressure that rotted system to let you have a revolution? - rather a revolution to succeed requires a dedicated core group of determined revolutionaries who understand what needs to be done and who do it, with persistence, paying no attention to the fact that they don't get any beans as their reward. Bean counters are demoralized revolutionaries, who give into to hopeless despair and complain about the hopeless of every strategy, and basically just want to roll over and die and let that system crush them. Anyone who believes in that doctrine of original sin will also be demoralized when the sinful pigs do not repent and immediately hand over their beans (which would never happen in any case, because they could not be moral if they wanted to be moral because the system is rotten).

A true revolutionary also needs an understanding of the science of psychology, in particular they must understand the concept of cognitive dissonance. When people are brainwashed they must struggle to make sense of contradictory crap, and this leads to bigotry and they stubbornly insist that some crappy explanation is the right one. They also become bad tempered because somehow they can feel it in their bones that the explanation is wrong, but being confused by brainwashing they cannot put their finger on what is wrong so they rant instead.. Therefore all revolutionaries will be persecuted, for when you disturb the mental state of people with cognitive dissonance their first response is rejection, bigotry, anger, or resorting to some confused half cooked dogma, and other behavior patterns. This explains why revolution is not a bean counting strategy since they won't give you beans for telling you the truth, but instead will give you resistance or even persecution.

Such behavior would demoralize a bean counter, and make them into one of those revolutionaries who just complain and find fault with every strategy. It would also leave a believer in the doctrine of original sin trapped in a snare and on the road to ruin, for each time people do that strange behavior, which is predictable, instead of resorting to the science of psychology, they resort to religion, and use that behavior as evidence for sinful sinner who needs a moralizing lecture so they will repent and stop that sinning, and as we can see moralizing is dead end ditch as far as being a valid strategy is concerned.

It also important to understand that as it states in the Declaration of Independence, people do not want revolutions, this being a weird aspect of human psychology, and they will therefore try to hold out for a long time and put up even with stinking offenses like Nazism, until, as the Declaration states, finally it becomes to damn much. This aspect of human psychology is one of the reasons why revolutions go off suddenly like a bomb, because it resembles a temper that was held inside for a long time, and then suddenly in one large mass it erupted and came out all at once. Understanding this indicates why people will be found doing bad strategies such as the 'Anybody But Bush' concept, which will of course get them Hitler at the end of it all, because what they required was revolution, but being human they tried every damn thing they could to avoid revolution, even though that meant being enslaved to a ruinous system, which is going bankrupt and flat broke, with its twin deficits swelling to monstrous proportions, its dollar heading down a hole, and so on. This would also explain why the counter revolution is underway in America, for you see the government knows what revolutionaries know, and so the government is arming itself, and preparing to crush the revolution which the governments knows is coming, as you can tell, because they are getting ready and they arming themselves. Once again this is stating the obvious, so we can see that the government and the true revolutionaries know the revolution is imminent and fast approaching and the only ones who do not know what is going is that large mass, that brainwashed flock, who must be lied to by their government and told nothing but the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth by the true revolutionaries.

A brief discussion of the doctrine of 'Original Sin'

The hidden religious roots of quasi-revolutionary thinking

The archeological record reveals that since the time of the rise of the first states, the King has always been found with the priest beside his throne. It is obvious that the priest had an important role to play in preserving the power of the state, for the King has always ruled with the assistance of a priest. Therefore we can assume that priestly ideology is the ideology of the ruling system, for the King would not welcome and promote revolutionary ideology that might threaten the state but rather would be found to be comfortable with religion, which was obviously not revolutionary. Since religion promoted the ruling system, as is evidenced by the fact that priests shared the throne, therefore it is logical to conclude that religious ideology is the ideology of counter revolution. Therefore religion and its doctrines must be designed to preserve the ruling system and therefore we should not be surprised then that religious doctrine has been designed specifically with the purpose in mind of fostering the power of the state and its ruling system. The motivation for the development of theology is therefore political and not 'divine', and it concerns itself with the King and not with the things of any god it might claim to speak for.

Over the course of thousands of years religion has supplied entire civilizations with a common set of ideas that have entered into the mass consciousness of the people. Because these ideas are part of the mass consciousness of the people, they have become normalized, and no one questions them. In just this way religion and its counter revolutionary ideological constructs become normalized across an entire culture, and therefore it should come as no surprise if we were to find that much of what passes for 'activism' or even 'revolutionary theory' actually consists of nothing more than a warmed up plate of religious leftovers. When we notice the religious ideology embedded in so much of what passes for 'activism' or 'revolutionary theory', and when we recognize that religion is counter revolutionary and its purpose is to act as a pillar of support for the ruling system, then we can understand that even a little religious ideology is like counter revolutionary poison to the true activist or the true revolutionary.

A few simple examples would suffice to make the point clearer.

There are angry young teenaged males who have been attracted to a movement that calls itself 'anarchism', but is actually found to be an expression of the religious ideology of the priest. These angry young men see the problems of the world in terms of sin. For example you might hear them saying that they 'stoned a pig', referring to the time at a demo when they threw a rock at a cop. You see the problem with cops is not that cops are part of a sinful system, which then means that cops can't be good, but rather that a cop is an 'original pig'. You see because the cop was originally a sinful pig naturally the cop was attracted to the job of being a pig because that was the natural attraction for such original pigs.

As we all know, the correct religious punishment for sinful pigs is to stone them, or perhaps burn them, and therefore it is not a surprise to find such religious young anarchists, who unconsciously adopt the ideology of the priest, stoning sinful pigs and throwing Molotov Cocktails at sinful pigs. The revolutionary strategy of such religious young men consists of being the spark that will bring out a very large mob who will then participate in a mass pig stoning event, this stoning of the pigs then being the revolution. The reasons these angry young men who call themselves anarchists stone pigs and see the revolution as a pig stoning event is because they have never purged themselves of the counter revolutionary ideology of the priest, and thus believe that the problem with the world is not sinful systems but rather sinful pigs, and even originally sinful pigs, for if you are going to stone a sinful pig to death or burn them at the stake, it helps to justify the act if they were originally sinful pigs, and thus rotten to the core and therefore deserving of death so as to purge the world of sinners thus getting rid of sinfulness at the same time.

Now let us consider another example, this time of the environmental activist, who, like everyone else in this culture, also has unconsciously imbibed from the cup of the priest, and thus views the world through the distorted fish eye lense of the doctrine of sin. The problem is therefore addressed in the form of moralistic sermons designed to encourage sinful pigs to accept the true gospel of enviromentalism, and thus repent and turn away from sinful ways. Since we are consuming the planet to death, therefore it is logical to call upon sinful pigs to cut back on their consumption. This is the gospel and the form that repentance bringing salvation must take if we are to turn from that sinfulness. Of course, given that we live under a rotten system, such an approach would also crash the economy and bring the roof caving down on everyone's head in pretty short order, for you see, everyone is trapped within this corrupt system which does not allow people to stop consuming and instead requires them to sin, forcing people to become sinners, who must then be lectured on their bad morals by the moralizing environmental activist, who has adopted the ideology of the priest, and thus fails to see the sinful system and instead focuses on changing sinful pigs, one pig at a time. Such an activist, having had their mind taken captive by counter revolutionary religious doctrines, therefore does not comprehend that the only solution to a sinful system is revolution. Once again religion has done the job is was designed to do and the system is safe, and instead all activism is perverted into the form of moral reformism, which is harmless to the system itself since it will never change anything, being a form of activism doomed to failure from the very start since it fails to target the enslaving system which is the true and original source of the sin. It is the system itself which is the originally sinful pig and not the population which lives enslaved within that system and who cannot do what is right even they wanted to do what is right, because the system does not permit morality.

The criminal cops and the criminal robbers

Now in any society composed of entirely of originally sinful pigs it is required that their be cops to patrol the streets and thus keep under strict control any possible outbreaks of mass piggery on the part of that large mass of sinners. Morality and good religion requires cops.

Now we know that morality of good religion requires cops, and we know that good religion is counter revolutionary and intended for the purposes of buttressing the ruling system through its propaganda and its brainwashing effects. Therefore it must also be the case that system requires cops as a pillar of support for that system, and given that the system is thoroughly corrupt and sinful, it just logically follows that the system requires cops for immoral and corrupt reasons.

As we know we live under a system of deliberate brutal oppression wherein poverty is one of the required products to be manufactured by a our system if the system is to continue to survive. Since people do not become poor by offering to volunteer their services for that valuable social project, but instead must be brutally oppressed to force them to fulfill that role, it just logically follows that one of the jobs of a cop will consist of the policing of the poor and the ghettoes, and given how brutalized people are often found breaking the laws of that hypocritical system and fighting back in their own way, there will of course always be a lot of people to be arrested by cops for being criminals.

It is one of the established and well understood facts of the field of human psychology that brutalized people become brutalized. This can take a number of forms, including the familiar Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We also know that the ruling system is and has always been full of ruthless violence and has institutionalized such practices as mass murder, in such forms as the military industrial complex, and we can also see through that blood soaked history of mass murder that stains human history as ruling systems clashed in their attempts to acquire wealth by conquering empires, through the process of pillaging and looting, a process which continues unabated to this very day, as we can see in Iraq.

We can therefore see that the ruling system relies on brutalization and oppression to maintain itself, and when we keep in mind that brutalized people become psychologically damaged, and often become brutalized themselves, we can then understand how it came to be that America has produced the world's most notoriously brutal criminal cops. For you see, as part of their jobs as oppressors who are brainwashed through that doctrine of sin into believing they are serving the cause of justice (while they actually persecute the downtrodden victims of this system) cops brutalize others who are themselves brutalized, and become further brutalized by the hypocritical bullying of that system and its judges, who turn a blind eye to injustice, if injustice is found in the system itself, and instead, being brainwashed by priests themselves, see injustice in the individual sinful pigs instead.

Cops accept the doctrine of sin as an explanation for the violence which is one of the products manufactured by systems of oppression, and because cops are brainwashed in this way, in their confused minds they see themselves as some sort of 'thin blue line' which is the only line of defense between the law abiding citizens who have jobs and thus are not criminals, and the massed hordes of sinful pigs that threaten society. Because cops are thrown up to the front lines in the war of brutalization and oppression waged by that system, cops are subject to trauma, being forced to witness horrible sights of ruinous destruction which most people are shielded from, since that job is given to cops. One of the consequences of this combination of the doctrine of the sinful pig, which is the ideology of the cop, combined with the brutalization of oppression and the trauma of violence is that cops become notorious crooks and criminals themselves, justifying it all as the required response in the war against originally sinful pigs, who otherwise might commit crimes with impunity. They become those notoriously hypocritical violators of the law, who plant evidence and conduct frame ups as a routine part of their job, a practice for which they are justifiably famous in the ghettoes, and which a cop can justify as being required to catch an originally sinful pig who might otherwise get away. They beat and abuse and justify this as a form of martial discipline well deserved by unrepentant sinful pigs who have not repented of their wrong sinful ways and accepted society's gospel like they were told to do by those preachers on the benches, the judges.

Making a scapegoat of a few bad cops and holding a Stalinist show trial is not a solution to society's bad cop problem, neither are stricter laws to control the behavior of the sinful pigs going to bring an end to the epidemic of criminal cops. This is the moralistic religious approach which holds that cops are criminals because they are sinful pigs, when the truth of the matter is that cops are criminals for the same reason that the criminals they arrest are criminals. Both these two types of criminals, the criminal cops and the criminal robbers, are products of the very same system of brutalization and ruthless oppression, and they will both continue to exist for as long as the system which produces the conditions which creates these two groups of criminals is allowed to continue brutalizing and then hypocritically judging humanity.

Now if a cop goes bad a minister might approach such a cop, and say, 'John. You are an original sinner. We all are. You need to repent and turn to Jesus and ask him to forgive him for your sins, John. Ask Jesus into your heart John.'

What I would say to John would be quite different, because I am not a participant in that imperialistic religion and its counter revolutionary doctrine of sin. I would say, 'John, you are not an original sinner. Remember, John, when you were a little boy, and you said, 'when I grow up I am going to be a police officer.' Now look at you, John. You are ruthless oppressor, and a lawless criminal. What happenned to you John?' The point to be made to a criminal cop is that the same system of brutality that relies upon the crime of oppression so that it can survive, the system that produces as one of its inevitable byproducts the criminal robber also produces their counterpart, their twin, the criminal cop. The criminal cop became a criminal for the same reason that the criminal robber became a criminal, for these two types of society's criminals are just flip sides of the same coin.

Disarming the Revolutionary :Original sin - the doctrine of demoralization and disempowerment

Thousands of years of religious brainwashing about 'sin' leads to faulty strategies which become the 'activist' approach to 'social change', but actually only consist of hopeless counter revolutionary moralizing and calls for repentance, a model of 'activism' clearly based upon the ideology of the priest. Even worse is the doctrine of 'original sin' which leads to demoralization and acceptance of the prevailing system, since it brainwashes people into believing that the problems they are seeing are the result of the behavior of originally sinful pigs, and given that such pigs are originally sinful, there really isn't much than can be done to save the world. Therefore it logically follows that we shouldn't bother trying but instead should slide hopelessly and helplessly into the pits of destruction while no one does much to halt the ongoing destruction, which is the typical response in today's world, because really there is nothing that can be done since sinful pigs never respond to the call to repent, as all 'activists' know from bitter and demoralizing personal experience.

. People do nothing to save themselves, because they have been brainwashed by centuries of religion and its ideology of 'original sin'. When any type of 'social action' is taken it is polluted by senseless moralism, combined with a quasi religious appeal for repentance, such moralism it must be assumed then leading the world to 'salvation'. The moralistic indoctrination of religion blinds people to the understanding of the operation of systems of oppression, which would lead them to the revolutionary perspective, and instead leads them into the mass confusion of useless moralism and variant forms of evangelical crusading, which is the intended counter revolutionary effect. This leads to the ongoing destruction of the planet, and if this wrong headed moralism is allowed to remain planted in the human mass consciousness and is not challenged in time, it will eventually lead to even further wide spread destruction of this planet, and even to the collapse of human civilization on this planet. As we can all see, the planet is being progressively destroyed at the present time, and the trend therefore is well established, and we can confidently predict further destruction with ever worsening effects in the future. What passes for activism meanwhile is very often nothing more than warmed over religious moralism, with the assumption that the problems in this world are directly related to 'sins' of 'sinful pigs' who need to repent. Because the system itself is sinful, and because people could not stop sinning under that system if they wanted to, and because so much activism consists of warmed over obsolete religious evangelicalism and its doctrine of sinful pigs, nothing is ever done to save the world that might actually save the world, and the wheels of destruction continue to turn unimpeded, while ever more hysterical and apocalyptic appeals are made for repentance on the part of supposed sinful pigs who are allegedly to blame for it all, because they just will not stop sinning those sinful pigs.

The counter revolutionary doctrine of 'Original Sin'

Thousands of years of brainwashing has left entire societies with the notion that reality must be interpreted through the lense provided by the doctrine of 'sin'. When bad things happen in the world that is because some people are sinful pigs and therefore they are sinning. The fact that bad things are happening in the world is then used as evidence to reinforce the interpretative framework provided by the doctrine of sin. That this interpretation is a form of counter revolutionary brainwashing, and does not tell the truth about human existence, is demonstrated best when we note that such a doctrine blinds people to the fact that there is sin, but that the system of oppression is itself the root cause of all sin, and that therefore only revolution and the destruction of the current world system can ever save humanity. It is pointless to moralize and try to save sinful pigs, one pig at a time, because it is the system which is sinful, and the people who live under that system could not stop sinning even if they wanted to. The fact that the doctrine of sin blinds people to the operation of sinful systems of oppression, and instead causes them to focus on the supposed sins of sinful pigs, and therefore causes all activism to become polluted by an obsolete moralism and variant forms of appeals to sinners to repent, the planet wide cycle of destruction will continue on toward final ruinous destruction, with nothing to stop the process of destruction, just as we see happening now. The reason why we see this helpless, hopeless plunge into the abyss taking place before our very eyes, while nothing can be done to save the world, is that the doctrine of sin is a counter revolutionary brainwashing attack on the human race, disguised as a pious religious doctrine. The purpose of that counter revolutionary twaddle is to protect the system of oppression from criticism or attack by diverting all activism into the ditch of worthless moralism. Sinful pigs will be blamed for the problems of the world, while the sinful nature of that system of oppression remains unrecognized.

Even worse than the doctrine of sin is the doctrine of 'original sin' which holds that people are originally sinful pigs, which then explains why the world is a disaster area. The world is not a disaster area because the system is originally sinful, but rather each individual pig is an original sinner, thus explaining what is wrong with the world. When someone is found trapped within a system of oppression, and thus sinning and participating in that system of oppression, false activism then sees this as the action of an unrepentant sinful pig. When human beings are labeled as 'original sinners' this leads to wide spread demoralization. Nothing can be done, because they are born as sinful pigs, and will keep on being pigs since they are pigs by their very nature. Therefore the sinful system of oppression is now safe from all attempts at revolution, because any one who believes in original sin is to demoralized to bother changing the world, since you cannot change inborn piggery, and so therefore cynicism and despair set in, and it then just logically follows that the sinful system of oppression is now an impregnable fortress that will never face any threat. It will continue to function until it destroys the planet, while the brainwashed population blames the whole problem on originally sinful pigs, who went to their destruction because they were born as pigs, and therefore it was logical for that to happen to them at the end of it all. In just this confused and addled headed way, then it can be seen that religious brainwashing deceives people into believing that when a corrupt system destroys the planet, this is actually the workings of a kind of divine justice bringing judgment onto sinful pigs, and since no one really fights against justice, no one will challenge the system, and it remains safe from revolution.

The Revolutionary Problem

If we understand that the King shared his throne with the priest because the priest provided the King with the required counter revolutionary propaganda to brainwash the public in such a way as to buttress the ruling system and keep it safe, it therefore logically follows from this that since counter revolution is a propaganda tactic, therefore the revolution is also a propaganda tactic. In this case of counter revolution, the purpose of propaganda is to spread a plausible sounding falsehood, and in the case of the revolution the purpose of propaganda must therefore be to spread the truth. If the truth posed no revolutionary threat, then we would not find systems of oppression supported by falsehood. It is also true that the more oppressive a regime becomes the less free speech is tolerated, and indeed it turns out that even the strongest system of oppression has an Achilles Heel. Arrows aimed at the armor will bounce harmlessly off the body armor, but arrows striking the vulnerable heel would prove fatal, which explains why fascists always make it the first order of business to ruthlessly crush free speech, so as to protect their vulnerable heel.

The correct revolutionary strategy is therefore to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, while at the same time demolishing the strong holds of falsehood constructed by the system of oppression. It is by means of propaganda and brainwashing that humanity is being held captive and it is a result of the demoralization and mass confusion that is one the products of this system of brainwashing that the world is being destroyed. Therefore it is by means of truth telling and de-programing that humanity must be saved. Such salvation must take the form of the destruction of the system of oppression which is currently destroying this planet. People become trapped within systems and they cannot be saved one at a time, as though we were saving 'sinners' one sinner at a time, but rather only a holistic strategy has any chance of success, since it is the system which is the source of all the sin in the world.

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localize 10.Jul.2006 22:43


I'll bet you lost most readers with the rambling what's-up-with-me bit at the beginning.

I hope you keep railing against the system while giving your money to corporations (cigarettes) and (probably) consuming non-local cheap beer that a lot of petrol was consumed in transporting it to you. Better would be to start your personal revolution with your own spending habits.

Think about how fast the system would collapse if none of the common people continued to give the corporations their money.

B's Message 11.Jul.2006 08:14


If the world is saved, it will not be by old minds with new programs but by new minds with no programs at all.

Why not new minds with new programs?

Because where you find people working on programs, you don't find new minds, you find old ones. Programs and old minds go together like buggy whips and buggies.

If you want people to BEHAVE differently, then you must make them THINK differently. (See Daniel Quinn's speech The New Renaissance at  link to ishmael.org.)

... 11.Jul.2006 20:39

That one guy marxistsnes@gmail.com

So I wonder. I actually stopped reading and ended up scrolling through most of it....because I feel it's stupid and long-winded.

Revolution will happen when one of us gets off our dicks and isn't afraid to have the army shooting at him, and enough of the rest of us go with him. As far as I've been alive, I've never known a rich person to want be any less rich or any less powerful. Why should they? They've got it good. They built their empires on the backs of the proletariat. When people get sick of rich people taking everything they build from them and claiming it as their own, and get sick of earth being auctioned off and have had enough of the White House bullshit, someone's gonna get the balls to do something, and others will follow.
And here's something else.....let's say it goes off...FLASH! BANG! Revolution. Brand new government. Some firey working class heroes show up and rebuild the government. How much longer before that little deal goes sour? How long before we start on that hierarchy of plutocratic bullshit? Before some guy comes along, claiming to represent the people, and represent them...and want their best interests.....and JACK FUCKING SHIT HAPPENS. If that happens, we're still being told what to do and how to do it. Still being governed, because everyone knows people are incredibly stupid beasts and need the pointing finger of a guy holding a leash telling them what they can and can't do.

Collapse the economy. Burn down Fort Knox. Make money worthless. Declare people free to do whatever they please. That'll be a revolution, cause the morass of capitalism and plutocracy veiled in democracy is so large and so complicated and so amazingly stupid that the only choice is to start over. Give people free will. No welfare. No affirmative action. No most vs. the few. Let people live for themselves. When the fatcats dissapear, the people will govern themselves just fine.

Now pardon me while I go and drink this delicious case of Coca-Cola and indulge in plastic-wrapped snackfoods while driving my SUV down the street telling people to get off my road and consulting with my stock-broker.