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Diet Soap Reading Series Begins

Radical artists of all stripes are urged to attend.
Have you ever desired to turn your creativity into a weapon? Do you long for a better world? Are you an egomaniac?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this is your invitation to attend the Diet Soap Reading series which begins on July 24th, at 8pm, at the Red and Black café. The first reading will feature the art of Dan Shea, music from Ryan Dolliver, readings from Mahesh Raj Mohan and Douglas Lain, and the comedy styling of Jim Farris. Please attend and remember that YOU CAN SIGN UP TO PERFORM OR READ IN FUTURE DIET SOAP EVENTS.

That's right, you can get your fifteen minutes of fame just by showing up and signing your name. Do you write fiction? We want you. Do you doodle? Please sign up. Can you juggle catfish? PLEASE DO ATTEND. YOUR TALENTS ARE HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER!

Please come and enjoy this reading and then participate in the future!


homepage: homepage: http://www.dietsoap.org