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Radical erotic film festival is seeking submissions!

Create art! Make friends! Express your sexuality in a supportive environment!
sexy camera
sexy camera
A community-based, non-commercial, radical erotic film festival is seeking submissions!

The Portland Organization for Radical Naughtiness On Film Fest (PORN-OFF) is an opportunity for amateur filmmakers to showcase their erotic films in a private screening event. We are dedicated to challenging the mainstream perspective of porn as commercialized sexuality; we support its creation as a non-commercial art form that empowers us in our bodies and honors the diversity of each person's unique erotic expression. The PORN-OFF welcomes adult participants of all ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities, gender identities, abilities, lifestyles, and backgrounds. We intend to provide a safe space to share and celebrate all kinds of sexuality on film, manifest a supportive community, and have a fabulously delicious time!

We need your help to make this event a success. We are looking for sex-positive individuals, businesses, and organizations to support this festival in many different ways. Only people who are involved in the making of a film or have otherwise supported the event will be invited to the screening, so check out our website, www.porn-off.com and GET INVOLVED!

Spread the word! Contact us for flyers and more information to share - we need people to submit films not longer than 15 minutes (deadline is the 31st of August).

Donate! We need donations of prizes and food for the film showing and after-party, space for the film showing and after-party, as well as fundraising parties; money - any small amount helps immensely since we are functioning purely thanks to volunteers and donations.

Volunteer! Work with the PORN-OFF collective to do promotion or help us organize a fundraiser (in the form of a party or show, or whatever other creative ideas you may have!), help us run projection equipment at the event, set up for the event, clean up after the event.

homepage: homepage: http://www.porn-off.com

what's new, magoo? 11.Jul.2006 11:26


While in theory this sounds like a nice idea, the canned image from a well-worn mold of a woman with long red hair and big tits shoving an object into the vagina between her widespread legs informs that this here is nothing radical, imaginative, or different.

Limiting erotic explorations solely to film form is itself a demonstration of the extreme pornsickness of our culture that has made how sexy something looks when presented to other people more important than how it actually feels inside our own bodies. People trained on 4-6 hours of television since childhood have an unfortunate overdependence on visuals regarding how they experience sexuality, and moving away from that reliance on one limited sense to reconnect eroticism with tastes, smells, and touches would be a truly radical exploration of sexuality.

I think it's a sexy picture 11.Jul.2006 18:17

Anon male

What's wrong with sexy visuals? Feeling and being sexy goes beyond just how it physically feels in my body.

I realize I may be the product of a TV, pornographic world but you aren't going to put 100 years of culture back in the bottle. How can we move forward in a positive way?

I applaud this effort to own our own non-commercialized sexuality.

Amen, Sam 11.Jul.2006 19:23


What's wrong with this? More pandering to the male gaze.

Healthy exploration of sexuality is cool. But more of the same, oppressive BS in a "radical" guise is just more of the same BS.

Amen, Anon Male 12.Jul.2006 21:41


I think it's a sexy picture, too. What the hell is wrong with that? If you don't like the idea, don't go.

A radical erotic film festival sounds perfect for Portland. Bring it on!

Count me out. 13.Jul.2006 14:04

film buff

I love film, and I even enjoy erotica. But by erotica, I mean sensual, beautiful, and thrilling. I do not mean more of the same old sexist objectification of women. I was thinking this might be interesting, until seeing the picture and then reading the comments below. I really appreciate what Sam said. Right on.

it is sexy, but... 02.Apr.2007 14:27


ok, the picture is sexy, but I agree that it is important to try other things there aren't like everything we learn to find sexy. people hugging a tree, like the picture at porn-off.com, is way more interesting (and also sexy) than the classical lady in red, long red hair, big tits, etc etc... of course it is sexy, but there is muuuuuch more out there for us to explore.