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We need to start filling Law Suites

the only way
Mr. Rubio has set an example for us all. If we really want change and a Police force which loves the community and is ACCOUNTABLE, not the hate that is currently used every day in the tri-metro area, then we need to file many more of these. We need to take this BACK to the people, and the only way to do that with legal binds is to use our Civil Courts. That's what they are for.

And still is the warning, be sure you are prepared and careful, for I know from experience, they very most likely will try to destroy your family and lives. NO JOKE. This would be less dangerous for one if others also filled suites and if others supported the ones who do.

God bless Americia!
Yes, thank you 11.Jul.2006 08:20


Thank you. I showed all this to my brother last night and we have an appointment with an attorney today for him, its nothing like Carlos or Fouad, but public rights are public rights. Thanks for the "spur".

Hmm.... 11.Jul.2006 21:06

Not you

Or we could patrol and watch our own streets and take care of ourselves. Or continue to sue, while doing nothing in reality to keep our streets safer than the brutal and racist cops do.

Because as everyone knows, if you sue enough people and throw a big enough fit, getting a fixed sum of cash will make it all okay and everything will get better immediately because we all take such an amazing inititive to keep our streets safe. Congratulations on your amazing victory in the world of stupid people and stupid things and stupid ways to solve problems.
If anything I learned that when money's involved, Government pays attention. Because God forbid we take care of our problems ourselves.

Money Talks 12.Jul.2006 15:08


Money talks, period. This is the only way to get change. You really think this is about money, I pity you. However, if you do not mind, we now would like to back to protecting ourselves and our love ones from murderous police. What planet did you come from? What are you so uptight about? Are you a PIG? Wow, possibly, possibly.

Attorney's? 12.Jul.2006 15:19


I am having a hard time finding an Attorney that will handle a case against the police. What are they scared of?

Come again? 12.Jul.2006 16:01


"Not You": I'm not quite following your "logic" (or was it satire?) here. I suspect you're a troll trying to sound like a radical.

Yes, indeed, government DOES pay attention when it comes to money. So, if you sue the right people and "throw a big enough fit," getting a fixed sum of cash will NOT "make it all okay and everything will get better immediately," but it does set precendent and make them take notice.

And how, exactly, do you propose we "take care of our problems ourselves" and what "amazing inititive to keep our streets safe" do you have in mind? Shall I go up against a fully armed cop on the street? Mr. Rubio tried taking care of his problems himself.

Stop depicting someone who has the amazing courage to stand up for his or her constitutional rights in a court of law as greedy, stupid, or selfish.

Stupid? 12.Jul.2006 22:49


So, the Kaady family is "stupid" for trying to get some justice for the brutal and evil killing of their son Fouad? Juan is "stupid" for exercising his rights in a court that is just for these situations? Sounds like you are the "stupid people". Probably are a cop, I mean PIG! Even if your not a cop, you can still be a pig, and I feel sorry for you(pity you).

found an attorney 13.Jul.2006 06:37


thank god!