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Message to the Federal Agent

Now, the 21st century "murikan", between working for both massa corporation and massa state, and anesthetizing his seared body and soul with mind numbing alcohol and TV. Any people who've endured the losses we have, yet still seem eager to put their Nation down even further just to keep the good times going-such a craven, "lazy", cowardly people probably deserve all the crap that you and your compatriots in federal service have planned. Don't they?
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J. Croft


Really, why should you? This is coming from a regular citizen-some Jane or Johnny Paycheck blowing off some steam at all the taxes they have to pay, the ever increasing body of laws, rules and regulations they must suffer. Suffer the ever increasing contacts with government officials of all types enforcing the millions of pages of law-or is it millions of laws-that they require us all to obey. The article itself even looks long-like it's some kind of overblown antigovernment rant. Well, it is.

Who do you think wrote this diatribe? Was it some useless Berkely liberal: no, it must be some "right wing" rant-like from these unwashed government-hating mutants:

So I guess for you it'd be okay to stop reading this, throw it in the trash and get on with your job...
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... and that's the problem all of us have to face as Americans. You just doing your job as mandated by your superiors enacting government policy is destroying living free in this country. IS destroying this country. Has just about destroyed it to tell the truth. Millions of pages, I'll repeat, of local, state and federal dictate enforced by an army of government power-loving lawyer/politicians, socialist social workers, some na´ve do-gooders, and a lot of crass careerists who know who butters their bread.

You love your job, your pay, your benefits, your power. Especially your power. Yet while you love your job, we're hurting under the oppression of your collective efforts. If it isn't taxes it's regulations, or court rulings, or some whim by a rogue bureaucrat.

"Rogue bureaucrat"? That's a person in government service who thinks they're above the People-that they're supposed to serve and protect... so far above they regard We the People as nothing. Not just the obvious corrupt types but also the ones who heartlessly enforce all the laws, rules and regulations pumped out by lawyers over the years that that exclusive group has had exclusive control over what laws are made.

You're wanting to say something like "can't make a omlette without breaking some eggs" or "we gotta have rules or there would be anarchy" or something to the effect? Some defense of the beast as being a better civilization than none? Guess what? To those that control the beast we're all going to be omlettes. Sooner or later, one of your superiors will decide to break you.

You know it's happened. You've probably seen it. You've closed your eyes to the havoc you do to us all in the name of being the bitch of the federal government by repeating to yourself that you're doing this for the United States of America. You're not, and you need to awake from that delusion before your job completely steals your soul. I know in your quiet moments you worry about it-you should.

Read this:  http://freedomguide.blogspot.com/two-americas.htm and know the true state affairs with the beast and our Nation.

"So what the hell can be done?!"

Damn good question. The political process is sown up by those really in charge of this nation-the scripted banality reminds me of a pro wrestling show if it were produced by C-SPAN. Which is intended of course to discourage political participation by a "people" of dumbed-down, civically ignorant, anesthetized sheep. That is, when they could be pried from their couches watching Paris Hilton perfect the art of practiced stupidity.

See, the degeneration of the American People into adult-sized spoiled children kept busy making money for the few way too rich old white men who run this Nation into the ground for world domination-it wasn't a overnight affair. Americans didn't one moment decide to take on a lifetime of debt, trust big corporations with their financial future and see how fat they can get instead of maintaining themselves, their own finances and what's supposed to be THEIR GOVERNMENT.

It was a process-a kind of (mostly)non-military form of social war, waged with skill, subtlety, patience on many fronts that has victimized many generations. Think about it: you think the 19th century American, who knew and practiced law on his own, could fix or make most things on his own, could run successfully his own business, grow his own food, school his own children, knew how to use guns and wasn't afraid to turn them against the bad guys-you think such People would sit still for a second for:

*Being subject to millions of pages of law that NOBODY ON EARTH would have a hope in hell of knowing, and being subject to knowing perfectly that titanic body of "law, yet being held accountable as if we were a nation of Rain Men? Maybe we're all idiots-sans the savant.

*Stolen elections using rigged computer systems with untraceable paper ballot readouts manufactured by corporations whose CEO's are allied with one of the presidential candidates? Who run regularly with some Supreme Court "Justices"?

*Federal agents-just like you-assaulting and murdering peaceable men, women and children with automatic weapons and flammable CS gas that when ignited becomes poisonous cyanide? Have you seen Waco: the Rules of Engagement and seen the forensic pictures of CHILDREN bent backward, incinerated?

*Drug and gun running by two Presidents through Arkansas; murdering anyone, including children who stumble upon their operations, turning the inner cities of America into crack central? The punchline being one of those drug smuggling fatherfuckers has the gall to open a office in one of the communities he helped pollute with his smuggled drugs?!

*Federal invasion and eavesdropping of their private communications, with the fig leaf excuse of "we're fighting a 'war on terror'", a excuse that could mean anything from insurgents we make in Iraq when our Troops driven crazy by war pop caps into innocent people and their relatives want revenge, to na´ve fools attracted by false-flag Al Qaeda(the toilet seat), to seven dumb angry Blacks getting entrapped by the same breed of criminal scum that would plant drugs or murder mothers with their infant children in their arms?

*Theft of up to half of their earnings through every tax scheme imaginable, claiming there was a budget shortfall-yet their consolidated annual financial reports indicated investments worth multiples of the debts incurred-so that the taxes remain high and we all struggle?

*Using money that is unsound, backed by nothing, is worth less and less each year do to "inflation"? The issuing of that inflating, depreciating currency by a cartel of private banks that's never ever held accountable for the credit booms and economic busts it deliberately manufactures for the sole benefit of the richest-while everyone else-YOU INCLUDED-suffer?

No. The 19th century American-who could and WOULD defend himself-wouldn't stand for it. Didn't stand for it... at first. But "they" the inbred psychotic blueblooded "elite", the masters of the beast, managed to tame their descendants-slowly, incrementally, over several generations of slow "progress.

Kept them distracted as they snuck in their laws, careful not to go too far too fast and arouse their enemy.

Kept raising the standard of living, while making everything more expensive. Kept sneaking in fees, licenses, permits, regulations, laws nobody held their Representatives accountable for anymore because they became too engrossed with living in this modern day bastardization of what America was supposed to be about. Freedom, instead of the permitted liberties that get more and more curtailed with each act of state terrorism. Pursuit of happiness, instead of the vapid pursuit of shoddy material crap manufactured by Chinese slave labor(we should be ashamed!) borrowed at 18%APR and a shattered domestic economy.

Now, the 21st century "murikan", between working for both massa corporation and massa state, and anesthetizing his seared body and soul with mind numbing alcohol and TV. Any people who've endured the losses we have, yet still seem eager to put their Nation down even further just to keep the good times going-such a craven, "lazy", cowardly people probably deserve all the crap that you and your compatriots in federal service have planned. Don't they?

I mean, world war, economic collapse, deliberately bungled post disaster recovery operations-you're just waiting for the orders to finish communizing this once gloriously free nation. Gather all those fat ignorant sheep wandering around in a daze when the power's gone, the malls are closed, the restaurants close, there's no more gas, the gangs are roaming the streets ruthlessly scavanging for whatever's left.

Your bosses feed you some lines about you really being in charge when such a worthless people let themselves get herded into those Halliburton built "community centers"? Get to be the concentration camp guards as you take that broken people and mold them into obedient worker slaves?

Isn't that what Americans are now? Obedient worker slaves-but with too much license to get fat of bad food, too much leisure time, too much Freedom "permitted"? No reason to fear; you're here to save the day for "the people"-which really means the state, it's corporate partners and the way things are-or are planned to be.

Born in the Land of the Free and get spend the best years of your life as a communist apparatchik. If you knew when you applied for your job what you do now, what would you do?

Seriously. Would you just "go along"?

If you've read this far, and all that repressed anger's welling back to the surface and you're ready to cut loose with some righteous rage, I think you'd fight back.

I know you want to fight back now, if only you had a way of overcoming the beast. How the hell does one do that when it's effectively tamed and all but enslaved what was at one time the freest People to ever walk the Earth?

You know the beast has had the lawmaking processes secured since about Day One. Secured enough through cronyism, ideological conditioning, media control and the sheer costs of election campaigning that only the corrupted attain office. The corrupted can be controlled well enough.

You know the beast has the courts secured. What are judges but politicians in a different branch of government? ALL of them are lawyers-a breed that's been given way too much leeway in influencing American life. A giant racket the law; they write the laws, make more rulings in the courts about the law-or in spite of it-and their guild gets to profit off of both prosecuting and defending those that get drug before it-like the poor bastard who got entrapped by ATF agents into making a 18 inch shotgun barrel into a 17 inch or so unlicensed short barreled weapon-a National Firearms Act violation. To feed his starving family living in a ramshackle mountain hovel the poor bastard nicks less than a inch of steel off a single shot shotgun and the whole weight of the federal government comes down, murders his son, his wife and his infant child.

You know the beast controls the strings of power in the various military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The beast always has it's corrupted and compromised where it needs them. Those that are permitted to office are as corrupted as those in Congress and the courts.

You know the beast controls the state and local governing bodies and agencies. All the wannabes toadying along with the party line, hoping for a shot at the big time federal league of politics; if they can just be the one with the thickest coating of brown on their nose. They got their handlers, their enforcers to keep them in line-as if they already weren't brainwashed by the universities they go to, that the beast controls through it's communist puppets in the "left", preaching state power over all.

You know the beast's minions are everywhere in government-that they watch your movements, your attitudes to various tasks that destroy average American's lives. Watch you-comrade federal agent-just as if you were living in North Korea, Romania, East Germany, the Soviet Union... any misstep in thought or action that might advertise you as one of those unwashed populist "patriots"...

You know the beast isn't just in government; it's minions run the corporations, especially the media. TV, movies, music, celebrities-all are used to keep a People being robbed of everything drowsy with petty materialism and trivia. Like those minions in government, the beast's minions in the cultural institutions get indoctrinated in college by the same funky tenured useless idiot marxists that feed the crap to the future bureaucrats, politicians, and you the federal agent that you are some kind of "elite".

You know the beast is efficient when dealing with dissenters. If they can't be kept asleep they're steered into easily controlled front groups that run them in circles with useless acts of protest that only satisfy their egos that something gets done. Fed lies and half-truths and otherwise kept ignorant so that nothing they think of as a solution will work because it isn't rooted in the truth of the situation. These efforts are sufficient for the average dissenter until they tire of the real sense of lack of progress and go back to being obedient "productive citizens".

Politics is structured-scripted-so that there's a "left" and a "right" of hot button issues to divide folks, to distract folks, as they're taxed and legislated into slavery. Racism? It isn't so overt, at least in front of "mainstream 'murika" to maintain that "politically correct" front, but it's planted as subtly cultivated attitudes in the culture. Promotion of the most ignorant of celebrities, with drugs, with deliberate neglect of the cities, with mismanaged funding for all those dependant on government so that the generated inequalities make Black and White and Brown blame each other instead of those that should be responsible-those who make policy.

Those that cause trouble in spite of these efforts to brainwash are subjected to everything from ridicule by the beast's tools in the media and academia, to harassment by you, the federal agent. There are enough laws that it's impossible to live a normal life without breaking them. Those that persist even after threat of loss of their lives, possessions, family, career and liberty, the beast eliminates.

You know the beast actually WANTS someone to snap. Yes, provoke them to do something desperate and attempt a resolution by force-so that the majority of Americans it's already conquered mind, body and soul will approve of the government's preplanned "solution" of martial law and the final foreclosing on what Freedom remains. That they would willingly go along with literally, your jackboot on their necks so long as they can retain their borrowed comforts of the lazy boy, the plasma screen parading Christina Aguilera and their six pack.

The charade cannot go on forever, that someday people will run out of credit, the world will tire of being America's economic and political bitches, the "elite" will have set their final war in motion and don't need America as the consumer suction pump of the world's wealth-as that model of economic exploitation will be obsolete when the nukes fly and the markets crash. Hell, the country's already been de-industrialized, what's left but to dismantle what can be foreclosed and sold to Asia?

So why the hell not provoke the Patriots into a futile last stand and wipe them out in one fell swoop, leaving a distressed, docile, and decimated slave population to exploit?

Sounds too far fetched? Read the following you can track the government's logic in this strategy and why it would attempt it:

There are roughly 70,000,000 (legal) gun owners in this country-that's all 85% of them are, they just own a gun without the knowledge of how to properly use it in combat... let alone would. The fifteen percent that could conceivably be a threat-police officers, veterans, seasoned hunters, hard core patriots and survivalists... most are brainwashed that things are hunky-dory as the average American. Many are even as conditioned as you being government employees. Most of the rest, that see things as they truly are, have at best rudimentary training in military operations, marksmanship, primitive survival. A few isolated, lonely groups; nothing enough soldiers can't overcome given enough time.

Of those, how many have sufficient knowledge of guerilla warfare, propaganda and counter-propaganda, logistics, basic weapons manufacturing? Who among them has a clear picture of the Problem, and the Many Steps that could lead to a Possible Solution given enough time and success? Who among them has the vision and strength of Washington, Simon Bolivar, Cromwell, Che Guerverra, Lee, Alexander to pull such a incredible coup as to take down the beast?

No wonder you think it safer to go along with the beast to get along-going along and destroying your fellow countrymen. Who can stand up to such a behemoth and even survive...


Think again! Think back to what you've read: the beast is made up of people-like you or worse, or better.

Each of those persons, like you, can be persuaded, given enough information and enlightenment. Each of those persons could lose their health, or their job, or become a victim of the beast themselves.

Each of those persons can realize that yes, you can and probably will lose everything in struggling against the beast, including their lives.

Each of your fellow Agents can also realize these Truths:

1.)We're all going to die sooner or later. Sooner or later the DNA in your cells deteriorate, break down, start making more mistakes than the rest of the body can compensate for. Your hair starts to turn gray, your skin starts to sag, you start losing muscle mass, your metabolism slows down. You grow fat, frail, your faculties start to fail, your mind fogs, you can't see so sharp or hear so good, you lose control of your bowels at the worst possible moments, you fall and you can't get up. Without cellular renewal, entropy is inevitable, and hence, old age homes and death. Which leads to:

2.)What will people remember you for? What actions that you do or do not do, how will that make their lives better? How do you justify taking part in monstrous manipulations, conspiracies, murder with leaving the world in a better shape than you entered in? What in the way of Freedom, a society that uplifts the Individual, a livable planet, a civilization that will carry Man into the future will your personal efforts to help the beast suppress everyone from political dissenters to inventors of devices that threaten government and corporate domination bring? Ultimately:

3.)What if there really is a God I'll have to answer to for my life's work? Or lack of...

Somehow everything came into existence-everything came from something. The Universe, from the structure of the largest of it's galactic supergroups to the smallest of subatomic particles reveals a intricacy, vibrancy, and most importantly a design of such wonder we will never catch the full measure of. Since it's God, Our Father's Creation, we are all of us Our Father's Children.

How have you treated Our Father's Children, Federal Agent of the United States Government? How have you treated the society they've been brought up in? How have you personally treated those of Our Father's Children who don't share your color, your culture, your ideology, your class or income level?

And, having done what you've done in your life, how do you think Our Father will treat you WHEN, and this is an ABSOLUTE, WHEN He gets his hands on you after your shot, worn out body takes it's last breath?

That WILL come, and it won't matter how many church appearances you made, how many fifty dollar bills you stuffed into the Salvation Army kettle on holidays, how many self-congratulatory awards you get for your years of loyal service to the public(or in a way you don't realize, it will)...

... What will matter to Our Father is whether you helped out that woman the IRS is trying to steal her home, business, and future over a tax mistake.

... Whether you disregarded personal danger in stopping the beast's minions from pressuring a desperate backwoods "undesirable" to sawing a inch of steel off a single barrel shotgun, averting a frightening show of force by them.

... Whether you did your best-even if meant career suicide-in averting a massacre of women and children by being simultaniously burnt alive and poison gassed to death.

... Whether you tried to warn agents, police officers, those in authority who still hold themselves accountable to the People of a plot to stage a false flag terrorist operation-even if you had to do a end run around the official channels and risk your very lives against the beast if but to foil a plot to whip up yet another war started for false reasons.

... Whether you decided yourself to seek out those Americans still owning themselves, still willing to gamble all they have like their ancestors have done for Freedom. Help them however way you can, with training, advice, intel. To warn them when the beast decides to wage the final offensive against those that would be Free, enact martial law and wage another civil war in order to wipe out the last vestiges of Freedom... even with the approval of all they've sucessfully enslaved.

That you did or did not these things and more, THAT is what will matter to Our Father. Your Father who loves you and would love to see you STAND as a FREE MAN in common cause with your Brothers and Sisters, even against the beast that runs this country and runs it into the ground in a last, great effort to consolidate it's control over us all.

You can be Free.

You can, standing with others intelligently, resist.

You, especially being a federal agent, can help slow the beast down, and together we could slay it.



What do you really need to live and be happy? That half-million dollar plywood and sheet rock millstone you and probably your kids will spend the rest of your days paying on? That huge, honking SUV your spouse can barely handle in traffic? That collection of credit cards that you'll never pay off because you just gotta hit that mall for more crap made by slave labor you'll use maybe twice?

You've brown nosed to the beast for all that crap, it's tainted with the blood and suffering of innocent people.

Besides, being so craven and cowardly should be embarrassing to a big, strapping lawman.

Point is, no matter what choice you make you're gonna lose something-you can keep serving the beast and lose your Freedom, forever. Or, you can lose your fear-among them losing the materialist chains of debt slavery that keep you dependant on the beast and it's trinkets it loans you for some mirage of happiness.

So if you're committed to the Cause, it's time to do a gut check. You can't have freedom of action if you're tied down with debt payments and love of comfort. Truth is, your life is going to get damn uncomfortable from here on out, no matter what choice you make, you might as well make the choice that'll guarantee a real future for your children.

You do have children, a spouse, right? You'll have to have a big sit-down with the little debt slaves-in-training and share your epiphany.

THEN, provided your loved one doesn't speed dial their attorney to begin divorce proceedings you get to figure out a plan to wean yourself of the false trappings of success you ignorantly bought-borrowed-into:

*Turn off the TV. All it does is lie and hustle for your money-after the government's done shaking you down. Soon you'll discover you can actually think for yourselves, you'll start spending "quality time" with your family and you'll see how things really are in America today.

*Sell the house. As of July, 2006 there's still a housing market. SELL NOW!! Sell while there are still buyers dumb enough to believe the hype on CNBC and FOX. Sell and rent a older home in the country, where there will be some degree of safety when the preplanned collapse is triggered.

*Get rid of the SUV if you haven't paid it off. You'll take a loss on it anyway, but the point is to get out of debt and get out of gas hogs your 100lb wife or 300lb husband can't handle. Get a older car that's reliable-it's possible.

*Cut up the credit cards. Debt obligations masquerading as "cash on hand". In fact, go cash only for all, any purchases.

*Go out a hell of a lot less to eat. Find and patronize a organic food store, eat natural food, drink non flouridated spring water and notice not only how much weight you lose, but also how much healthier you feel, how better you can think, how less apathetic more free spirited you are, and how much more cash you have in your pocket. Stock up on extra food in case of something going to hell with the food supply.

*Find a way for your family to start becoming "self-employed"; under the table cash only business. It'll teach business and money handling skill that'll benefit yours the rest of their lives. Plus add another stream of cash flow or two.


You know that speech you gave to your family before you rescued yourselves from being debt slaves? Give a condensed version to the next person you encounter-could be on the job. Could be at a bar. Could be at the supermarket.

The Average American still looks up to authority figures, and to hear the unvarnished truth from a Federal Agent about how things really are could wake some people up. Some-because the educational and cultural programming of the sheeple by the beast is rock solid. Truth be told, the average 'murikan's mind has been so debased, so miseducated, so devoid of character or internal strength that they'll mentally tune you out or change the subject. Nobody likes being told their life's been a fraud.

Some will listen; it's up to you to help organize them into effective political and self-defensive groups.


Standing alone is for the suicidal, the stupid, or the desperate. Acting together, with a plan while doing your best to not be exposed works.

Get involved with citizens working intelligently with local politics, or start your own local group. Plenty of issues to address.

Cover each others asses when the beast gets set to crush some more of your fellow citizens.


You know perfectly well that those people represent the best, most patriotic Americans left. Sadly they are a handful, and need your help badly. Besides, WHEN the beast targets you... and it will... you're going to need some stone reliable folks to back you up.

Help the Militias infiltrate government positions with new members so that they can be a fifth column-keeping in mind to keep these infiltrators off any "official" militia circles.

Help the Militias form front organizations. Why? To take over town and village governments, start dismantling the beast at the local level-it's where the fucker is most vulnerable while we still have a multilevel representative form of government. When they build a working, real world example of Freedom and use effective propaganda to spread the message, a thousand more liberated towns will spring up.

I go into detail about this at  http://freedomguide.blogspot.com



What the hell is this about-isn't this a plan of action in the real world?

It is, and you and Our Father reuniting is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART.

Men lie. They do it every day. Men ordained in religious doctrines made by men lie whether they know it or not, because the religious doctrines they preach-propagandize actually-were made by men. There's a lot of power, money, control in religion. It's a racket used by states throughout history to corral, control the very thoughts and beliefs of Man.

Religions-especially Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, are contrary creations of different teachings and doctrines by different people with contrary motives. Some actually wanted a better world. Most just wanted loyal followers to enrich themselves with, to control, to use as cannon fodder in the next war.

If the Universe was created-and it's getting harder with each discovery to discount that-then there's a Creator.

A Creator of the Universe has to be by nature a intelligent and loving being because creativity requires intelligence, love, and the catalyst of inspiration.

So if Our Father was inspired to create a sentient being-us-that could commune in spirit with Him, has(in theory)intelligence, capable of love, can be inspired to do great and noble things-WHERE IN THAT STRING OF LOGIC COULD OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN POSSIBLY WANT US TO BE MURDERED?

To be murderers, of ourselves and Our Father's Creation for the sake of some manmade paper entity's bottom line?

To enslave, when it is Human Desire given freely by Our Father to be Free, and at the same time take it upon ourselves to personally guarantee other's Freedom?

To stealing from others, including everything they've worked for their entire lives because some bureaucrat decided that was appropriate for a hundred fifty dollars, federal reserve notes that are worth less and less each year?

To regulating a person in every part of his and her life to the point where Freedom becomes another vague word?

To subjecting the youth to life destroying state run "public schools" that take people full of energy, creativity and curiosity and after 13 years of grinding down turn out brain dead consumer slaves-'murikans.

To use the holy ideals of Life, Freedom, the Pursuit of Happiness, a responsible representative government as fig leaves for conquest, genocide, plundering, domination?

Our Father would NOT want that!

When YOU realize that, then and only then can you accept the example of Jesus as laid out in the Gospels when encountering the bankers (moneychangers) and lawyers (pharisees)-they got not one moment's rest. Jesus wasn't about pacifism, Jesus and Our Father were about reacting in the strongest possible manner to tyrants and the other ilk that toadies to them.

When YOU realize that, and that the conclusion is only YOU can forge YOUR OWN CONNECTION to Our Father, and that THAT is the path to your salvation...

... that only your actions count as only actions are worth anything in this world...

... that only by standing with others like minded in being awakened, aware, and willing to pay the price for their Freedom...

... only then does Man have a chance of Salvation, for themselves and the world we've all helped trash because of the evil of foolish, craven men and the demons of power and greed that rule them.

How about you?

homepage: homepage: http://freedomguide.blogspot.com

To J. Croft, easy to say, hard to do... 11.Jul.2006 09:08

Pravda or Consequences

You have presented a sound methodology for change, but the sheeple are unfortunately quite comfortable on their way to slaughter.

We are in this mess because deep down, the sheeple are deluded by the notion of how they deserve the 'good life' and need to take the opportunity to grab it. Our emotions are a work in progress.

All things are connected, but the way we are connected is by financial obligation. Folks that work all their lives for chattel, believe that they are being 'responsible' and are building a foundation for their family and their retirement. They think the 'good life' is going on forever.

Finally, the sheeple are afraid. They prefer the illusion of security rather than the struggle of enlightenment.