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UPI states ALF press officer REFUSES to speak to FBI class

Jerry Vlasak,stated by an article published by UPI to be an ALF press officer, refused an offer of $600 to speak before an FBI class on activism. He received a letter from the FBI claiming that a class was beign taught at Quantico on activist groups. Here's his response from a July 4th response letter:
"I have no intention of aiding and abetting your agency by providing information and insights that might be used against activists," Vlasak wrote in the letter. "Until that day when non-human beings are afforded the right to be free of human domination, I will support those who risk their freedom for the animals and will continue to educate the media about why some activists decide to go underground to liberate animals and stop the horrific crimes perpetrated daily -- and with your express blessings -- against non-humans."

He did the right thing-he stated he would not help the Gestapo harass and target activists! Next question: if the class invitation was a scam(and I believe it is), will the FBI try some other way of "asking?"

Link to article:  link to www.upi.com