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9.11 investigation

complant by the Rubio's

Juan ok'd the posting of the complaint
Juan Rubio ok'd the posting of the complaint
Actually. "me," I care. 09.Jul.2006 15:35


Thank you, Zaki, for making that clear. Unlike "me," I do care whether the person making the complaint was cool with it being posted. I have a great deal of respect for the Rubio family, after everything they have been through and the strength and dignity with which they have conducted themselves. So I am happy to learn of the complaint (mentioned in your previous post), and even happier to know that you did not violate their privacy in posting the details. Thanks.

thank you 14.Jul.2006 13:04

debra rubio hardwayswife@yahoo.com

thank you zaki. we appreciate your support. i miss carlos so much. thank you for not letting his memory die.