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Press Officer Turns Down FBI Offer to Speak at HQ in Quantico

7 July 2006
Press Officer Turns Down FBI Offer to Speak at HQ in Quantico

Canoga Park, CA: Two weeks ago one of the North American Animal Liberation Press
Officers received an unsolicited offer by email from FBI Headquarters in Quantico,
Virginia to speak to a classroom full of "police executives".

As long as non-human animals continue to be oppressed, imprisoned, tortured and
murdered by humans for their personal pleasure and profit, the Press Office will
continue to support those brave warriors who risk their lives and freedom to fight
for animal liberation. And we certainly have no plans to educate state police
agencies on how to catch them.

The following reply was returned this week; the original request is reprinted below
July 4, 2006
Dear Mr. Bringuel:

While I appreciate your offer to speak to "police executives" from around the world
at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA, I must decline to do so. My role as Press
Officer with the North American Animal Liberation Press Office is to explain and
support the liberation of animals who are imprisoned, tortured, exploited, and
murdered by the billions; the role of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other
state police agencies is to target, harass, imprison, or otherwise "neutralize"
those who break unjust laws that perpetuate the oppression and slaughter of
innocent, defenseless animals.

Because our goals are ideologically and diametrically opposed, there is no reason
to believe that any information I impart to your classes will be employed in any
manner other than to further your own illicit goals of suppression of liberation
activities. I have no intention of aiding and abetting your agency by providing
information and insights that might be used against activists.

I am aware that others from the animal rights/liberation movement have cooperated
with your agency, but I am not interested in doing so. As you are no doubt aware, I
have chosen in the past to speak to members of the U.S. Senate Environment and
Public Works Committee on the subject, but they constitute an elected body that
presumably can be educated to effect change that might benefit animals. Your agency
has goals pertaining only to the maintenance of the status quo (or - as you state
it so characteristically - the "social order") by quashing those who challenge
immoral and unjust laws.

Perhaps one day the state will recognize its obligation to stop the oppression of
non-human animals - not unlike governments that have been forced to recognize the
rights of various human groups in places like Algeria, South Africa, Viet Nam, and
here in the United States where black humans suffered (and continue to suffer) from
inhumane treatment by whites.

Some nations have stopped the most cruel practices of veal crates, chicken battery
cages, and cosmetic testing on animals - while others, like Barcelona, are
legislating rights for some non-human primates. Until that day when non-human
beings are afforded the right to be free of human domination, I will support those
who risk their freedom for the animals and will continue to educate the media about
why some activists decide to go underground to liberate animals and stop the
horrific crimes perpetrated daily - and with your express blessings - against


Jerry W. Vlasak, MD
Press Officer
North American Animal Liberation Press Office

"When a person places the proper value on freedom, there is nothing under the sun
that she will not do to acquire that freedom. Whenever you hear a person saying he
wants freedom, but in the next breath she is going to tell you what she won't do to
get it, or what he doesn't believe in doing in order to get it, he doesn't believe
in freedom. A person who believes in freedom will do anything under the sun to
acquire...or preserve his freedom."-- Malcolm X

Bringuel, Andrew wrote:

> Dr. Vlasak;
> My name is Andrew Bringuel and I am an instructor/researcher at the FBI Academy
at Quantico, Virginia. I teach a course that deals with understanding the motives
and tactics of activist groups/individuals and the governments response options.
The class is taught to police executives from the United States and around the
world through the FBIs National Academy program.
> The class studies both historical and contemporarily significant groups in order
to understand their motives and tactics. They also look at ways government can
respond to maintain social order while resolving conflict. The class is taught as
a graduate level course through a partnership between the FBI and University of
Virginia. I bring in different speakers representing many different world views.
I am looking to establish a speakers bureau so I have a ready group of available
speakers for future classes.
> I believe your insights as a leader in the animal rights community would be
beneficial for the students. I have hosted Anthony Nocella and Charlotte Laws.
Both provided valuable insight and felt the experience to be a positive one. I
dont have much of a budget for guest instructors but I can pay $600 for your
expenses and time. The block of instruction would be 2 hours and I am looking for
a speaker for the 2nd quarter of 2007 (February/March).
> Let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions.
> Thank you,
> Andy Bringuel
> 703 632-1927
wait a minute... 09.Jul.2006 09:37


...wasn't there a posting here recently by a woman who did travel to Quantico or some other fbi haunt and speak to them about this same subject? There was quite a thread going on about whether she should have done that or not-all very interesting.

... 09.Jul.2006 09:54

this thing here

dear mr. rabbit,

my name is mr. wolf, and i am the top predator in these dark woods.

i will be teaching a course to other wolves, coyotes, falcons, cougars and bears, that deals with the life and times of little prey animals such as yourself. you see, we are very interested in your lives and what motivates you to do what you do. we think it is important for predators such as ourselves to understand our little friends. we think you might offer us some... valuable insight.

mr. deer, mrs. squirrel, and mr. vole have already accepted the offer. won't you join them? and together perhaps we can... understand each other. please, do not be intimidated by my drewling, the grunting of mr. bear, or the laser-like, unblinking focus with which mr. falcon watches you. these are just... natural instincts, natural urges if you will, which we promise to keep in check in your presence.

if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call. sincerely,

mr. wolf

yes, indeedy 09.Jul.2006 10:30


Don't Worry We're Just Like You 10.Jul.2006 09:05

Ben There

When Agents Friendly and Smiley visited my home in the late 90's they were such nice fellows. Though I refused to talk about the folks they were interested in they kept asking questions mostly about my garden.

Agent Friendly or was it Smiley talked about his grandfather's farm and the corn and other crops he had grown. Though I appreciated this insight into another human being's life and upbringing it was not enough to get me to forget that he is a dangerous tool of those in charge. I refused to name names not just humans but also of varieties of corn, tomatoes and beans that I grow. I sent them away without even a smile or pint of raspberries.

Yes they are human and some may even be nice folks and share interests with those who they are out to intimidate and jail, but they are clearly on a different side of the dynamic than are the activists they are harrassing. They are not talking about gardening because they are interested in swapping seeds and they are not asking about the ALF/ELF movement because they want to help animals or activists.

Don't forget being human doesn't mean they are your friends.
Chuck D of Public Enemy recognizes the a person is not necessarily an ally just "because his face lookin' just like yours."

Silence is Golden

Scared Shitless 10.Jul.2006 12:16



It is to laugh, though 10.Jul.2006 12:52

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

It's pretty amusing any way one looks at it, though.

COINTELPRO continues under the Bush regime as a virtual mirror re-enactment of the original program supposedly canceled after the Church Committee. Despite COINTELPRO-II rampaging through what used to be the rights, liberties, and freedoms of American citizens, the FBI still feels the need to _ask_ their intended victims to help trample the rights, freedoms, and liberties of their fellow American citizens -- as if the FBI's own already inexcusible budget isn't enough for the agency to commit such crimes all on their own without asking their victims for assistance.

Note the wording of the Bush regime's request and observe the effort to ingraciate and feed upon the presumed feeling of importance the Bush regime believes the intended victim will feel by being asked. "...your insights as a leader in the animal rights community..." As if there are "leaders" and as if the self-professed "Press Office of the ALF" some how becomes a "leader."

The FBI is obsessed with trying to pretend that there are leaders. When they believe they've found one, the FBI tries to apply the usual human behavioral psychology that findes success among "weak" minds which fall for the obvious manipulative rhetoric specifically designed to cater to weak minds.

Look at the results: The FBI satisfies its own mytholigizing internally within their agency by obtaining willing assistence from only those who fall for the trap. The better intellectual suited who recognize the need to value Civil and Constitutional rights don't fall for the FBI's ploys and thus the FBI is left with massive selection bias which they then use to continue to justify their inexcusible budgets and criminal activities against law-abiding American citizens.

It's just rather amusing.