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NY Times to Obrador: "Go Home, You Crazy Leftist!"

The New York Times declares rightist presidential candidate in Mexico the winner even before Mexic does.

The New York Times, the Associated Press and Reuters have been gunning for Felipe Calderon, Mexico's rightist presidential candidate, with all the fervor of people with big things to protect. Declaring a winner even before Mexico's Federal Electoral Institute has certified the extremely close count (Calderon is said to have won by six-tenths of one percent, within the margin of error for a vote count of more than 41 million), the slurs against his opponent, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, just keep coming and coming. Obrador, who has committed the apparently cardinal sin of promising "to shift government spending toward welfare programs and public works," is calling his supporters to the streets today, in what the media seem intent on characterizing as a threat to democracy and public order:

Mr. López Obrador's decision to hold a rally on Saturday suggested that the leftist candidate would use huge street demonstrations to put public pressure on the court to grant his request. He has a history of using marches to protest what he has considered fraudulent elections that did not go his way. He also used large demonstrations to beat back an attempt to knock him off the ballot with a legal challenge last year.

And another AP story warns that "[t]he protests could mark a turning point in what has so far been a peaceful campaign to succeed Vicente Fox." Obrador is repeatedly described as a "leftist" while Calderon is "already looking presidential." Obrador has "refused to concede defeat," has "came in second," and is said to be using his "trump card" when he "appeals to the massesto help him overturn his narrow defeat."

None of the stories even bother to deny Obrador's claims of widespread election fraud, probably because anyone who knows anything about Mexican politics knows how likely it is, and also elide the fact that it is not to "the masses" to which he is requesting a recount, but the Federal Electoral Institute, which, again, has not declared a winner.

It bears repeating: as far as the government of Mexico is concerned, it does not yet have a new president, a fact deliberately and loudly ignored by the New York Times and the other news organizations hell bent on ensuring that Obrador returns to the bleeding-heart socialist ghetto from which he sprung.

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NYT Bird Cage Liner 09.Jul.2006 07:54

Den Mark, Vancouver

New York Times is always about five years behind in understanding what's what in the world beyond their newswomb. I loathe that paper & rarely read it. My parakeet likes pooping on it.

The NY Times... 09.Jul.2006 11:44


...is more notable for what they don't report. With the exception of a few decent columnists, the paper is a rag. I'd read the NY Daily News over the Times any day. Heck, I'd take the Oregonian over the NY Times. The times pretends to be liberal when, in fact, their cautious stance, combined with their status, makes them irresponsible.

no good 10.Jul.2006 00:12


yeah, the times is way off. between thomas l. friedman and jayson williams and their disastrous pre-war iraq coverage, how this paper has any credibility at all anymore is beyond me.

Vete a la Chingada 14.Jul.2006 12:00

Carlos Moreno

Mr. David Bikman

Is obvious you are a fucking gringo whitout brain.

You have to open your brain (if you can) and be prepared for the HUGE people movilization next saturday july 16, 2006 at the ZOCALO

Is not Obrador now is more than 14 million people that wants the clarity

Mexicans have more courage than yankies to ask clear elections (not as your florida)


Response to Carlos Moreno 14.Jul.2006 17:04

David Bikman dbikman@gmail.com

Carlos Moreno,
Please read my post again. Hopefully you will see that it was written in support of Obrador.
Next time I hope you take time to understand what you're reading before you write with such hateful, abusive words.
cheers, David Bikman