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9.11 investigation

New Essay by Michael Green: 'How They Get Away With It'

"There are several reasons why Cheney's behavior matters, but first and foremost is that Vice President Dick Cheney is in the command position in defending the Pentagon as the airliner approaches. To appreciate the significance of this fact it helps to return to the basics of producing 911 as a USG Intelligence Community domestic covert operation. One essential component of the plan is to gain control of the commercial airliners and to have a reliable means of guiding them to their targets. Another essential component is to make sure that nothing interferes with the airliners reaching their targets."
How They Get Away With It
by Michael Green
Version 1.2: June 28, 2006
Originally published: June 18, 2006

This article will not attempt to prove that 911 is a USGIC (USG Intelligence Community) domestic covert operation, but it will show how such operations are covered up and disguised from their immediate victims, the people of the United States.

I will rehearse Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta's crucial testimony before the 911 Commission and offer both a brief and an extended analysis of it below, with several purposes in mind.

First, the testimony and analysis are the kind of evidence that everyone can understand and take home; it is money in the bank.

Secord, such is the kind of evidence that I have long been recommending that the 911-truth movement emphasize, namely evidence that is clear and compelling rather than evidence that is doubtful or dubious.

Third, the example offered here begins to illustrate the kind of mass mind control that the Central Intelligence Agency has accomplished through its control of the media: the most damning facts can be right out there on the table in front of people, but most people cannot see them, or if they can see them they cannot reason from them clearly and productively. The natural cognitive and affective vulnerabilities of the masses against seeing unpleasant truths have been enhanced and refined by the establishment media shaping not only what they know through disinformation, but also how they think about what little they do know. 1 (Illuminating the public mind control is too vast a project for this essay.)

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