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9.11 investigation

9/11 find the truth

Some ideas of how to get more people to look at the evidence of 9/11.


Let's get the churches involved in the truth of 9/11. Go to the church leader and show him/her the evidence. Maybe then all people will go to the streets to stop this uncivilized action by our government. I'm am emailing the churches I find on the web.

How about showing a DVD at family get togethers.

Show DVDs at meetings, and any other gatherings.

If you know anyone that is thinking of going into the military, they deserve to see all evidence before making such a life changing decision.

We must open the eyes and minds from the Denial and Blind Faith. These people are intellegent but must be shown that they have been taken by a con-artist with the best PUBLIC RELATIONS company that tax money can buy.
It's also good to contact senators and representatives 08.Jul.2006 08:54

Fred Bauer

Don't expect anything back. Usually they send some sort of reply, but when you write about 911 they never even send an acknowledgement that your letter has been recieved. They know about 911, but without a clear majority of public behind are afraid to stand up.

People are so deeply brainwashed that just getting some to look at any evidence seems impossible, but the hard cases you bring around often turn into the most steadfast allies for 911 truth becuase they are the most outraged.

Good ideas 08.Jul.2006 11:10

Jody Paulson

The more we get "ordinary people" (those who are not necessarily activists that hang out on Indymedia) to wake up to the evidence, the sooner we'll get out from under this nightmare.

I feel the tide beginning to turn.