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cops tried to kill the pillow fight

Cops roped off the square in hopes the pillow fight would die.
When we showed up to the square for the pillow fight tonight, we were surprised to see they had the entire lower section surrounded in police tape. We'd been by the square just 30 minutes earlier and there was no police tape. Clearly it was timed very intentionally. The pillow fight went on anyway, of course. There were hundreds of people there. Did they think we'd all just go home? We had to have the pillow fight up above the square in the blocks around the stairs. No one got hurt, but it was clearly more dangerous and less room to play. I asked an officer why they roped off the square when fighting near the stairs was clearly more dangerous. He said "you shouldn't be here anyway!" We shouldn't be in Pioneer Square? What exactly is Pioneer Square if not hanging out and having fun? Weird strategy. I'm glad it didn't discourage people too much and everyone had a great time anyway. Afterwards the police handed out trash bags to help us clean up, which was appreciated.

homepage: homepage: http://myspace.com/pillowfightpdx

What does Mayor Potter think? 16.Jul.2006 14:07

Collin S. Ferguson savepac17@yahoo.com

Sport comes in all forms. A leage of professional pillow fighters I think is excellent: the PPPF (The Portland Professional Pillow Fighters). But, I am still confused why the police would waste their time attempting to stop people from having fun, especially when the participants were so kind to clean up after themselves. I wonder what Mayor Tom Potter thinks? The Portland City Council needs to begin understanding that when the public square was built it was going to become a public space. I remember having pillow fights in my living room. I don't see why I can't have a pillow fight at Pioneer Court House Square.

Either way, I applaud your efforts and I look forward to hearing about future pillow fighting events. You could even have class sizes such as small pillow and big pillow. Are there plans for a website?

Collin S. Ferguson

P.S. I recently created a yahoo group called The Cascadian Sports Forum. We are trying to gather all the sports/activity advocats so as to inform people in the pacific northwest that there is no reason to be bored. Check out the link to the website.