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Bring the Troops Home FAST! 3,000 Join Sheehan in a Fast

3,000 people from all over the world
have joined Cindy Sheehan and
Code Pink in a fast to bring the
troops home "FAST".
The corporate media giants have ignored the anti-war movement
for over three years now, so Ms. Sheehan and others have decided
to put themselves at great personal risk by fasting for over 70
days. Humans have been known to make it through 90 days - at
the max - without sustainance.

"Now in the fast's second day, native Texan and environmental activist
Diane Wilson said she was taking this fast seriously.... WIlson plans to
continue the fast at least until September 21st, a deadline CodePink
and other groups have come up with for a call to massive civil disobedience
``and direct action, should the government not respond to the hunger
strike."" (1)

Not all of the 3,000 joining in solidarity with the fast are going to sustain
the full 70+ days.

Sheehan, who did actually get corporate media's attention for a few
weeks last year as she and a group of protesters camped out in a
ditch close to Bush's home in Crawford, Texas in the heat of the
summer, is planning to return to the ditch in August.

Then, "Cindy Sheehan and activists in the growing peace movement
plan to move Camp Casey to the National Mall in Washington, D.C.,
September 8 - 21. The camp on the Mall will carry the name Camp
Democracy at Fort Fed Up. Organizers intend the camp to bring
together peace activists with activists for social justice, united in
demanding a shift of public resources from war to the needs of people.
Participants will lobby Congress to end all funding of the occupation of
Iraq, and will demand that Congress hold the Bush Administration
accountable for the falsehoods that launched the war and the abuses
of power here at home that have accompanied it. Camp Democracy
is launching an outreach effort to include organizations in the planning
of the camp's activities, which are all in the initial stages. Organizations
already on board are listed on the website:

Participating organizations and guest experts and celebrities will provide
workshops and training sessions on a wide range of issues, as well as on
communications, voter registration, nonviolent civil disobedience, lobbying,
organizing, media production, and performance arts. Congress Members
and congressional candidates will take part. Local elected officials will
instruct attendees on participation in local government. Musicians will
perform concerts. New films will be shown on a large screen. Participants
will acquire useful skills while demanding fundamental change."(2)

Individuals should sign up and plan to come:

And volunteer to help:

Organizations, large and small, should sign up to participate:

Organizations, trainers, speakers, educators, and performers should
propose activities that they believe would benefit thousands of citizens
who want to work for change:

Internet activists, and anyone with a blog or a website, should post
this information and link to the website using this link:

Stay tuned for more details about the fast, or visit:

(1) Katie Heim, Houston IMC:  keh1022@yahoo.com

(2) David Swanson:  david@davidswanson.org
Local Troops Home Fast 08.Jul.2006 14:43

pp fast@codepinkportland.org

Code Pink Portland is organizing the local Troops Home Fast. We've got a listserve set up so you can receive updates and sign up for your "fast day/s". We plan to have support systems available for the fasters, and we'll have talking points and flyers available. Ideally, we'll have at least one volunteer fasting every day for the duration.
If you want to sign up for the Troops Home Fast listserve, send email to  troopshomefastpdx-subscribe@lists.riseup.net If you have questions, you can email  fast@codepinkportland.org

Check out Code Pink national's website about the Troops Home Fast:  http://troopshomefast.org/

"We haven't shown the Iraqi people that we are truly against the war, and it's time we did that. Their bodies are on the line every day. And so are the bodies of the US soldiers. So shouldn't we be putting our bodies on the line? Shouldn't we be as serious about making peace as some people are about making war?" - Diane Wilson, author and activist.

and the point is.... 10.Jul.2006 11:41

to keep things the same?

I am not one to casually put someone down for something they do with good intentions, but it really seems like this fast serves the purpose of making the anti-war crowd feel like they are doing something revolutionary, as opposed to actually doing something about the situation in Iraq and the rest of the world.
I am sorry, but it seems more like a giant temper tantrum than doing something responsibly to protect the Iraqi people, something that merits what has been done to them.
The Iraqi people have already put their bodies on the line and proven to us, the lucky ones, that doing that does not work. So, please, wake up and honor those people, and "do something" that will work. WE over here have the freedom to do something different than using our bodies--how can you not use that untapped freedom while others have given all they can and their deaths are the only things that can speak for them?!?!!
What is your back-up plan when you find that you are ignored?
What about handing Bush the actual "pink slip" --what happened to that, or was that just talk?
After two stolen elections, which is the same as saying that the friggin' United States has been overthrown, and countless human and planetary tragedies, do you think that fasting will bring "fast" action? I am not cynical, I am realistic when I say that fasting will not bring "fast" action.
We, the People of this country and this planet do not want illegal wars and such, but they will continue to go on until they are replaced with a solution. Since you already have public support, why don't you do something more PRO-ACTIVE, and let Bush and his gang go on a hunger strike? Why do you go on thinking that for some reason you have to do what they tell you to do and that they are somehow the bosses? I hate to see activists time wasted, especially years of it.
Please don't lead the anti war movement into a giant temper tantrum instead of acting like adults and taking our country and children's futures back.
Cindy, you are a mom, so you can relate. Go back to thinking like a mom and don't take any shit from those who stand in the way of your child. You know that children see through the bullshit and know what's important. The children of this planet are angry and want us to use our advantages as adults and actually protect them, not scream and shout about it. We are letting our children down if we do anything less. They keep us honest, so let's stay honest and stop fooling ourselves that making noise is doing our good deed for the day.