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Action: Contact City Council to Support Moratorium on Hayden Island

Over 100 residents of Hayden Island (commonly known as Jantzen Beach) attended a meeting Wednesday night to hear Commissioner Sam Adams proposal to place a moratorium on Hayden Island. His proposal would put a development delay on commercial development that significantly increase vehicle trip or threaten land needed to construct the new Interstate-5 Bridge. The moratorium would end when a neighborhood comprehensive plan is developed that addresses road infrastructure, pedestrian facilities, and modes of mass transit. Adams plans to bring a resolution to Portland City Council on Wednesday, July 12th at 3pm to start the 45-day public notice in order for Portland City Council to consider enacting a temporary moratorium.
Before Wednesday, please contact the other commissioners to ask them to support this moratorium. Another option is to attend the City Council hearing to testify in support of this resolution. Big development lobbyists (mostly representing big box) will try every effort to stop this moratorium. Let us stand by the Hayden Island community for a better planned neighborhood.

To obtain more information, I have provided the following link:

I have also posted the contact information for the four other commissioners:

Mayor Tom Potter = 503-823-4127
Commissioner Dan Saltzman = 503 823-4151  dsaltzman@ci.portland.or.us
Commissioner Erik Sten = 503-823-3589  erik@ci.portland.or.us
Commissioner Randy Leonard = 503-823-4682  randy@ci.portland.or.us

moratorium to ensure a new bridge is built? 08.Jul.2006 03:05

not what's needed

A new bridge will definitely increase traffic and more population and consumption growth. When will we ever learn?

reply to comment 1 09.Jul.2006 19:24

commentator 2

To reply to the previous comment regarding the new bridge:

"A new bridge will definitely..."
1. "increase traffic" - The I-5 bridge will surely have more vehicles on it than the predecessor due to the additional capacity. Some of the vehicles would shift from using the I-205 to use this new bridge. The new bridge would no influence on urban sprawl since it is being built in already densely populated area.

2. "more population" - As stated in the previous point, there would no influence to urban sprawl by building this new bridge. The proposed Sunrise Highway has influence on urban sprawl because this highway is going through rural areas outside the urban growth boundary (UGB). The Sunrise Highway brings an infrastructure for the UGB to spread out to Damascus to Boring to Sandy.

3. "consumption growth" - The new bridge would use a lot of concrete and possibly require dredging the river; but in the long run, the bridge would create less consumption. Light rail is proposed as part of the new bridge. The new bridge will also not be a draw bridge, so we have no cars in park wasting gas when the bridge is up. This could change if they make it a toll bridge.

update on council hearing 12.Jul.2006 07:13


UPDATE: Council has changed the date on the hearing. The Council will hear the propsed resolution Thursday, July 13 at 3:00pm.

Please support Hayden Island seeking a neighborhood plan!