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Z is for zionist

here we are.
Running 'against' Lieberman(Z) in the Connecticut senate race, Yale educated Ned Lamont(Z) had this to say on the recent election in Israel:

"I think Americans now have a better understanding of the complexity of the Mideast and the environment within which Israel survives and prospers. So the first thing I think about the election is, God bless Israel for what it has achieved and has continued to achieve consistently for decades in terms of establishing itself as a democracy.'

And this on the controversial fence that Israel is building:

"I think that the barrier fence makes sense. Good fences do, after all, make good neighbors. If I had my preference we'd negotiate location of the fence... but right now I'm not sure Israel has anyone to negotiate with. I understand Sharon's move in Gaza and I hope they (build the fence) in a productive way and that people think at the end of the day that it's fair. But the fence makes sense in terms of Israel's security and in defining the two-state solution." - Ned Lamont(Z)