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Green Scare: Zachary Jenson Support Update

Sacramento Prisoner Support
July 7, 2005
Zachary Jenson's Birthday
Zachary Jenson, Lauren Weiner and Eric McDavid were arrested on January 13, 2006 in Auburn, California as part of the ongoing nationwide Green Scare. (More info on his case is located at the bottom of this message.)

Zach will be turning twenty-one on July 23. Please don't forget his birthday! Zach has been in total separation (Solitary Confinement) since the day of his arrest, January 13th, 2006, and receives very little human contact. The cards and letters from supporters all around the world really help to build his morale in this horrible situation. Write him a letter or send him a card and help make Zach's birthday a little more enjoyable. He deserves it! Remember, it takes longer for Zach to receive his mail because he is in jail, try to send your letters and cards early so they get there in time!

Funds for Zachary Jenson's lawyer are still desperately needed. Please spread the word, make a donation, or plan a fundraiser. Email us for ideas or information on raising money for Zach.

For up to date information on how to support Zachary and Eric, please visit their support websites at www.supportzach.org and www.supporteric.org.

Feel free to contact us at sacprisonersupport[at]riseup[dot]net with any questions or concerns regarding Zachary, Eric, or the case as a whole.

Guidelines for writing Zachary:
- All letters must have a return address on the envelope.
- Please also put a return address on the letter itself, as prisoners are almost never given the envelopes.
- Keep in mind that all mail is read by authorities. Please do not discuss his case, charges or issues relating to either.
- Pictures are allowed, but must be 4x6 size or smaller. No Polaroids.
- Sacramento County Jail does not allow people to send envelopes, blank paper or stamps to prisoners.
- Avoid using white-out, stickers, tape, colored ink/paper or glitter.
- Written correspondence and drawings may be in pencil, standard ink pen, typewritten, or computer generated. No felt pens, markers, crayon, or colored pencil, etc.
- All personal artwork must be in black & white, copied pages can be in color.
- PLAIN cards are allowed
- Most facilities do not allow torn pages from books, magazine or newspaper clippings. Photocopies, however, are accepted
- Please remember that, even if unsolicited, mail can still result in sanctions against a prisoner.
- Please address all mail to Zach as follows

JENSON, ZACHARY X-4198632 8E309A
Sacramento County Main Jail
651 "I" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Case Info:
Zachary Jenson, Lauren Weiner and Eric McDavid were arrested on January 13, 2006 in Auburn, California as part of the ongoing nationwide Green Scare. They are accused of conspiring to damage or destroy property by means of explosive or fire. Lauren was released on bail and has recently plead guilty; taking a deal that requires her to testify against her co-defendants and assist investigators in every way possible, and we therefore consider her to be a government informant. Eric and Zach have maintained their innocence since they were arrested. They are both pleading not guilty and are still being held in the Sacramento County Main Jail awaiting trial.

homepage: homepage: http://www.supportzach.org

donations still needed! 07.Jul.2006 23:54


dont forget they are still trying to raise $25,000 for his lawyer and theyre not there yet. donate and help out for his birthday!

heres how to donate (from his website):

Donations for his commissary AND defense fund can also be made out to "Sacramento Defense Fund" and sent to:

Sac Prisoner Support
PO Box 163126
Sacramento, CA 95816

Or donate to sacprisonersupport[at]riseup[dot]net through paypal.com.

To organize a much needed fundraiser for Zach, please e-mail sacprisonersupport[at]riseup[dot]net

obviously replace the [at] with @ and [dot] with . before sending $ to paypal