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Portland Premiere this Saturday of New Documentary about Juarez murders

At St. Francis Church Saturday, July 8, a new film, "On The Edge," will have its first public screening in Portland. The documentary, by an Indymedia filmmaker formerly of Portland and now based in Tucson, concerns the killings of hundreds of women in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez. Director Steev Hise will be present for discussion afterward, as well as guest speaker Dan Denvir from Portland Central America Solidarity Committee.
flyer for screening
flyer for screening
Announcing a special Film screening: "On The Edge: The Femicide in Ciudad Juarez"

7pm, July 8 at St. Francis Church, 330 SE 11th St. in Portland, Oregon

On The Edge is a documentary covering the brutal murders of hundreds of poor young women in the border town of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, murders that have been repeatedly ignored and unresolved by police and governments since 1993, despite the continued and persistent efforts of family members and activists to obtain justice for the victims. Rather than provide an easy, murder-mystery style solution to the crimes, the film sets out to explain the social, cultural, and economic factors that have created this situation where the killings can continue, and continue to go unpunished. In addition to explaining the circumstances, On The Edge situates the Juarez killings in the context of wider political and economic trends, showing the audience that this is not just an isolated phenomenon in one far-off city, but a glimpse at a nightmarish future for much of the world, unless something is done to prevent it.

Filmmaker Steev Hise, and guest speaker from PCASC will be in attendance.

(58 minutes, 2006, in Spanish and English with English and Spanish subtitles)
$3 dollar donation requested. no one turned away for lack of funds

Presented by Portland Indymedia.

homepage: homepage: http://political.detritus.net/juarez

missed the screening? 09.Jul.2006 07:08


if you missed the portland screening, you can buy a copy of the dvd at Blackrose Collective Bookstore, 4038 N Mississippi. Support local Collectives!

I did 09.Jul.2006 11:11

winston smith

I bought one. It's gr8!

is this an ad? 09.Jul.2006 15:49



ew 09.Jul.2006 16:18


like o'mi'god. welcome, 6th grader.

re Juarez femicide 16.Jul.2006 01:20

anonymous coward

It seems the point is to keep people stirred up, rather than to inform and enlighten.

Here in the US, Anglos all like to believe truth is somehow always on their side. Even when it isn't present, they like to think that when it rears its lovely head, it will be to prove them correct. "The truth will out", they like to say. My observation has been that white America is and has always been uncomfortable with the truth.

The Juarez 'femicides' are an example. The murders feed the Anglo racism as long as everyone believes the murders are unsolved cases of Mexican brutality.

I thought the matter was more or less over some years back. The Juarez authorities caught the murderer. He didn't confess, but they had the goods on him. As I remember, he was an American, an ex-employee of Los Alamos National Laboratory. While he was in custody, the murders stopped, but then they started back up again.

Thinking they had the wrong man, they released him. There was more investigation and they brought in another suspect. An ex-con. Under interrogation, he informed the cops that while he'd been previously incarcerated, the police's first suspect (the American) had paid him money to go kill women immediately after his pending release. Which the freed ex-con did. That led the police to think they had the wrong man... so they released him.

So the police went and picked up the first suspect again. The American. He pleaded innocence and said that if he was the murderer, the murders would stop. They didn't. His lawyer argued forcibly that he was innocent and proof was that the women murders continued. So the police let him go again.

The cycle repeated itself at least once more.

All this was revealed in news articles published in the internet edition of news periodicals. Trouble is, the news that the culprit might be an American doesn't sit too well with white America, so it is forgotten. Right now the situation sits as if no one had any idea who done it or why.

Reading between the lines of the news items, it seems someone is paying out big bucks to someone to continue the high-profile crimewave.

White America will not consider the matter settled until an 'acceptable' guilty party is brought forth. I personally believe the matter will not be settled at all. It suits the white Anglo American mentality to continue thinking that this kind of barbarity is typical of Mexicans.