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Letter to Kevin Barrett

A letter regarding Ward Churchill to Kevin Barrett. Kevin Barrett is a University professor in Wisconsin whose position on 9/11 has come to the attention of Representative Robert Nass and Wisconsin Govenor Doyle. Like Ward Churchill his job is in jeopardy because as a result of his political views.
Dear Mr. Barrett,

Just having listened to your interview with McBride I thought I'd drop a line in order to take issue with your characterization of Mr. Churchill's essay on 911. While it's true that Mr. Churchill rejects the notion that 9/11 could've been a false flag operation without examining the evidence, and while it's true that Churchill referred to those who died in the towers as little Eichmanns, it's worth noting who Eichmann was, who Churchill was truly referring to, and reexamining whether or not this characterization really constituted an endorsement of the attack.

Churchill holds that the attacks of 9/11 were blowback for American foriegn policies, a position that until recently I also held. Certainly it is possible that there could be blowback for what this country has done. A cursory glance at the bodies that have piled up over the last fifteen years in Iraq alone should make the prospect of a retalitory strike on the US an overwhelming fear for those who understand that sometimes our victims will push back.

Let's not dismiss the longstanding Imperial ambitions of US leaders, nor ignore the terrible crimes that have been committed abroad, nor put aside a struggle for economic and racial justice as we examine evidence of US complicity in the attacks of 9/11. And let's not participate in character assasination nor attack those who would oppose US Imperialism and who would elucidate why sometimes our victims will push back.

Eichman was a banal figure who justified his cooperation and assistance of the Nazi agenda by focusing on his mastery of mundane tasks. Eichman was good at ignoring the plight and suffering of others. When Churchill spoke of little Eichmans he was not, of course, referring to cubicle dwelling office workers, but rather those who use their mastery of mundane tasks to aid economic imperialism and who justify their own participation with an oppressive, even murderous, imperialist order.

I believe Churchill missed the mark with his rhetoric, but I was disappointed to hear you denigrate Mr. Churchill, and underplay the importance of the substance of his message. I've heard accusations of insanity too often lately, and expect more from a 911 skeptic. It may be politically convenient to distance yourself from Churchill, but what is convenient in this case is not right. Try solidarity.

Thank you,

Douglas Lain

Kevin Barrett responded:

you're right, doug
I clarified that issue in a recent interview with cathy garger that
will soon be out
please forward

Barrett's letter to the Governor of Wisconsin is under the cut.

A Letter to the Governor
July 5th, 2006
Dear Governor Doyle,

It has come to my attention that you have suggested that I ought to be
fired from my job as a University of Wisconsin-Madison lecturer. You
apparently believe that I am incapable of performing well as an
instructor of Islam 370 because I am convinced that the 9/11 Commission
Report is a farcical cover-up, and that overwhelming evidence suggests
top US officials were complicit in the attacks of September 11th, 2001.

I understand that you are under political pressure from your right
flank, and that you may feel you have no choice but to call for my
dismissal. You may be surprised when the 42% of the American people who
believe the 9/11 Commission Report is a cover-up - and we may be over
50% in Wisconsin - decide to cast their votes for a candidate with more
integrity. I understand that there are Green and Libertarian candidates
running for governor, and I predict that the controlled demolition of
our corrupt two-party system by the 9/11 truth movement may begin here
in Wisconsin this fall, with you and Mr. Green serving as first

Meanwhile, since you believe that those who dissent from the government
line on these matters are unable to perform their duties at teachers, I
have decided to help you in your crusade to weed out dissenters from
the ranks of U.W.-Madison instructors. (Doesn't that plaque on Bascom
Hill say we need to do a lot of "sifting and winnowing" of the faculty
in search of the politically incorrect?) To that end, I have prepared a
questionnaire for immediate distribution to all U.W.-Madison
professors, lecturers and TAs.


Kevin Barrett

* * *

Questionnaire for Instructors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Please note that your answers to the following questions will be used
to determine your eligibility to teach at the University of

1) Do you believe that the Warren Report performed a thorough and
unbiased investigation of the murder of JFK, and that its
conclusion—that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone—is correct?
2) Do you believe that allegations of government involvement in the
assassinations of Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X,
John Lennon, Mel Carnahan, and Paul Wellstone, and the attempted
assassination of Ronald Reagan, have been conclusively disproven?
3) Do you believe that Timothy McVeigh acted alone in Oklahoma City,
and that the military officers, and others who deny this, and who who
say his truck bomb could not possibly have done so much damage are
4) Do you believe that reports of massive CIA drug trafficking by
Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Gary Webb--who committed suicide a
few years ago with two gunshots to the head—are crazy?
5) Do you refuse to believe that the US government, at its highest
levels, is just as corrupt as most other governments?
6) Do you believe that rumors of Western intelligence involvement in
the Bali, Madrid, and London bombings are just that—rumors?
7) Do you believe top US officials, including LBJ, did everything they
could to expose the truth about the attack on the USS Liberty by
Israeli forces, and to gain justice for the victims?
8) Do you believe that FDR did everything in his power to protect the
lives of our sailors at Pearl Harbor before the Japanese attack, and
that the attack came as a complete surprise to him?
9) Do you believe your government always tells you the truth about
gravely important matters?
10) Do you think that questions about the Constitutionality of the
Federal Reserve—
a private consortium of banks that creates money out of nothing, backed
by nothing, at interest, thereby controlling the 80% of the world's
currency that is in US dollars—are just a bunch of crazy conspiracy
11) Do you agree that it is the Executive Branch, not the Legislative
Branch or the people, that ought to have the power to decide when,
where, how, and why the nation goes to war under the US Constitution?
12) Do you agree that the oath to defend the Constitution "against all
enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC" is referring to domestic enemies like
Communists and Muslims, not top US officials who violate the
13) Do you believe that Spanish forces sunk the Maine in 1898, and that
the US invasion, occupation and annexation of Spanish colonies was a
justified response to this outrage?
14) Do you believe that the US government did everything it could to
protect the lives of the passengers on board the SS Lusitania?
15) Do you believe that the North Vietnamese attacked a US ship in the
Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, and that the subsequent US escalation of the
war was a justified response to this outrage?
16) Do you think that those who believe in Operation Northwoods -- 1962
plan for war-trigger fake terror attacks involving mass murders of
Americans by covert US military forces -- are crazy?
17) Do you believe that Iraqi forces in Kuwait threw babies out of
their incubators to die, and that the congressional authorization for
Gulf War 1 based on the baby-incubator outrage was justified?
18) Do you believe that questions about the "October Surprise," in
which George Bush 1 was rumored to have negotiated a deal with the
Iranians to keep US hostages locked up until Reagan defeated Carter and
took office, have been fully answered, and that the story has been
conclusively debunked?
19) Do you believe that the US invaded Iraq in order to prevent Iraq
from using WMDs against the US, and that the Iraqi threat was real and
20) Do you believe that the 9/11 Commission Report fully, truthfully,
and adequately answered all of the serious questions that have been
raised about the possibility of official complicity in the September
11th attacks?

Please note that "no" answers to any of the above questions indicate
absurd beliefs and poor judgment, and may be grounds for immediate
dismissal and/or non-renewal of contract.


Steve Nass, Reichschancellor
Thoughtcrime Division
University of Wisconsin-Madison

homepage: homepage: http://911trueorfalse.livejournal.com

Lecturer denounces critics of his 9-11 teachings 10.Jul.2006 19:54


Original Story URL:

Lecturer denounces critics of his 9-11 teachings
'Inside job' theory draws calls for firing, UW probe
Posted: July 9, 2006

A University of Wisconsin-Madison lecturer who has sparked controversy by teaching that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks were an inside job lashed out Sunday at public officials who have questioned his right to teach.

Speaking at a gathering at UW-Milwaukee, Kevin Barrett took aim at state Rep. Stephen Nass (R-Whitewater), U.S. Rep. Mark Green (R-Wis.) and Gov. Jim Doyle.

Doyle, a Democrat, joined the chorus of critics Friday by questioning whether Barrett has the "capacity to teach students in this state."

"I've been teaching for 20 years," Barrett told a crowd of more than 100, many of them cheering supporters. "I dare say I know more about teaching than the governor of the state."

The public sparring came as UW-Madison concludes a 10-day review of Barrett. The university is expected to announce early this week whether the part-time lecturer will be allowed to teach a class on Islam this fall, and if so, whether he will be able to share his theories on 9-11, as he plans to do.

UW spokesman Dennis Chaptman, who attended Sunday's event, said he was not in a position to comment.

Barrett, a bearded man with unkempt hair, said in an interview that he had met with Provost Patrick Farrell twice last week. The provost, Barrett said, never suggested that he would be prevented from teaching the fall course titled, "Islam: Religion and Culture," at a salary of $8,247.

He said Farrell was open to his including theories that the Bush administration planned the 9-11 attacks for its own benefit in the class. Barrett has discussed these theories in a previous class on folklore.

"Basically, the rules of the university are such that it would be a gross violation of academic freedom to fire me," said Barrett, 47, who earned his PhD in African languages and literature from UW-Madison in 2004. "I don't think they'll stand in the way of my teaching. I think I'll basically be able to stick with the syllabus as it currently stands."

The theories that Barrett plans to include in his upcoming course are espoused by a small but vocal group of academics that includes Steven Jones, a physicist from Brigham Young University; David Ray Griffin, a retired professor from the Claremont School of Theology; and James H. Fetzer, a retired philosophy professor from the University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Fetzer, a burly man with a booming voice, co-chairs a group called 9/11 Scholars for Truth. He outlined the theories at Sunday's gathering, saying:

• Explosives must have been detonated inside the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, because the impact of the airplanes was not enough to bring down the twin towers.

• That the damage to the Pentagon was such that a smaller military plane, as opposed to a large commercial aircraft, must have flown into the Pentagon, shooting a missile as it went.

• That the debris of the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was scattered so widely that it must have been shot down.

• That half a dozen of the men who are said to have hijacked the planes are still living in the Middle East.

"It's a myth," Fetzer said of the generally accepted view that Islamic terrorists were behind the attacks. "The American government has been practicing terrorism on its own people."

Barrett told the crowd that the Bush administration orchestrated the attacks to justify invading Iraq. He said the purpose to the war was to take control of oil and other resources in the Middle East.

"The 9-11 images were designed to make us stupid, little children," he said.

Nass has called on UW-Madison's chancellor, John Wiley, to fire Barrett, arguing that it is unacceptable for Barrett to use the university to add credibility to "outlandish claims."

Green, who is running for governor, has said that no public funding should be used to support Barrett's teaching.

Mark Graul, a spokesman for Green, said "that he's being paid to teach this garbage is putting a black eye on the whole state. There is no merit to his theory. All you had to have was a TV to know what happened on 9-11."

But many of those who attended Sunday's gathering disagreed.

John Boly, a literature professor at Marquette University, said Barrett should be able to share his theories in the classroom.

Maryann Stubbs, a computer programmer at UW-Madison, agreed. "I think that all viewpoints should be covered," she said.

Rick Goyett, a 21-year-old auto mechanic from Whitefish Bay, was convinced by the presentations.

"All you need is common sense to believe that 9-11 was an inside job," he said.

The list is ridiculous 11.Jul.2006 23:07


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