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Germany: ca. 320 arrests at student demonstration

Yesterday, July 6th, police made around 320 arrests during a protest by students against tuition fees. Ca. 6000 students marched through the city of Frankfurt a.M. demanding a retraction of the planed fees and social cuts in general.
Just a very short summary:
During a hot and sunny day the protest started peacefully without incidents. A Mix of students, pupils, union members from all over germany participated. Despite the heavy police presence the mood was quite good. After the closing rally at the Opernplatz hundreds decided to go and block the city highway (a common practice in the last monts/weeks). At this point the cops started to attack the demonstration with clubs and pepperspray and many were arrested. It was by far the biggest wave of arrests at a student demonstration in the last months, as the level of repression rises more and more.

Background ect.:
Update+Correction 07.Jul.2006 03:08


Not 320 arrests were made, but 230. All of them have been released by today and facing different charges from breach of the public peace, rioting, coercion and/or resistance against police officers.

Ah, the "Resistance" Thing 07.Jul.2006 09:02

Den Mark, Vancouver

So, Germany also has the "resistance against a police officer" thing. Bogus crap. We need to enforce a "resistance against a citizen" thing.

; 07.Jul.2006 16:01


resist police state!

Huh? 07.Jul.2006 19:48


To Den Mark of Vancouver: *Everywhere* has a resistance-to-police-officers thing. We are everywhere.

Huh x 2 08.Jul.2006 16:33

Den Mark, Vancouver

Sorry, but i don't get what you mean. Who's the "we"?