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World Media Gets Order to Make Mexican Vote Fraud Disappear Down the Memory Hole

We may see the first day of the real Mexican Revolution in 24 hours.

World Press Covers Up Huge Vote Fraud in Mexican Elections, Obregon rally for Saturday in the Zocalo --- You got to read these articles to believe it, every point they make has been demolished one day before. And even the world press is unable to get their "official" story staight! There are FOUR OR MORE SEPARATE VERSIONS OF OFFICIAL REALITY being spun that I have found in just a short cursory search. So which is it? Don't conspirators at least know you are supposed to get your official story straight before lying to the world?

All of them are wrong. All contradict the previous coverage on vote fraud, missing ballots in the millions, found Tuesday, ballot boxes from "missing pro-Obrador precints" found dumped uncounted in city trash, and outright open lies from the "counting agency" themselves attempting to blame military for missing ballots, when the military said "er, no you guys have all access to the ballots, the fraud, lost ballots, and stolen ballots are is your fault"

Mex Fed Elections commission (IFE) was caught lying about "98.5% counted"--when they discovered several million more uncounted, making their projections only from around 92%, though that's not the spin du jour.

Suddenly, about 30 minutes ago that story went to the trash. That stopped existing in the magical fantasy world of print prostitution, oh excuse me, commericial journalism. And now various spiels are being spun, and how hard they do spin...some links to compare for you.

It seems that if Bush-linked international fascists want to steal another North American election they are in for a fight.
stolen, dumped, tampered, missing millions of uncounted ballots still going on
stolen, dumped, tampered, missing millions of uncounted ballots still going on
Mex media complicit: withheld poll data to justify last minute
Mex media complicit: withheld poll data to justify last minute "projections" lie
and election commission caught lying:
and election commission caught lying: "final totals" missing millions, in trash
the Orwellian memory hole News versions of the events in Mexico:

 link to today.reuters.com


They make it seem that the "rally" is going to be the "crisis", when the rally is going to be the first day of the real Mexican revolution.


And they are unable to even get which "official" tally is right! Hilarious. Look at these two quotes:

"Mexico's electoral crisis deepened today after a recount separated the two leading candidates by less than 0.5 per cent of the vote and the leftist, Andres Manuel López Obrador, called his supporters onto the streets to protest against the result. With 99.48 per cent of the vote reviewed by election officials [NOPE! on Tuesday, with the discovery of millions more they were sitting on uncounted], Felipe Calderon, a pro-business former energy secretary, led Señor López Obrador, a former mayor of Mexico City, by 0.41 per cent, or just 170,000 of the 41 million votes cast on Sunday."

or, is this the official story and count?

"The final results showed Calderón with 35.88 percent of the votes, just 200,000 more than López Obrador, a former Mexico City mayor, who collected 35.31 percent. It was the closest presidential election in the country's history."

or, is this the official story?

"Although a special elections tribunal still must ratify the results, the Federal Electoral Institute said its official count of tally sheets from polling stations, carried out over two days, gave Mr. Calderón a 243,000-vote lead over Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the former mayor of Mexico City who has championed the cause of the country's poor."
 link to www.nytimes.com

or, is it this one?

"The official count shows Calderón, of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), on top by a mere 243,934 votes, only .58% ahead of the runner-up, Andrés Manuel López Obrador of the leftist Democratic Revolution Party (PRD). Calderón received 35.89% of the almost 42 million votes cast, to López Obrador's 35.31%."
 link to news.google.com

or, this one?

"a lead of about 220,000 votes out of 41 million cast."

or, this one?

"With 99.90 per cent of the vote counted last night, Mr Calderón had 35.86 per cent, compared with Mr López Obrador's 35.32 per cent."

or, this one?

"With the 41 million votes counted, Calderon of President Vicente Fox's National Action Party had 35.89 percent or 15,000,284, to 35.31 percent or 14,756,350, for Lopez Obrador."
 link to www.ctv.ca

And you gotta love terms like "threatened to orchestrate street protests" or
"Election loser" or "Señor Obrador, who has a long history of organising street protests" or "Mexico emerged from 71 years of one-party rule and decades of fraudulent elections six years ago." or "Raising the prospect of a protracted battle, Luis Carlos Ugalde, the president of the Federal Election Institute, said that officials could not meet Señor Obrador's demands for a recount, because there was no evidence of voter fraud or interference with ballot boxes."


"One of Obrador's aides, Claudia Sheinbaum, went on to claim that their party had found "very grave inconsistencies" in 50,000 polling booths, including 18,646 in which there were more votes cast than registered voters."

"Supporters of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador show electoral ballots that were found in a public dump."

"IFE's Claim that 98.5 Percent of Votes Had Been Counted Was False: Authorities Now Oppose Recount"

"Tuesday's "discovery" of 2.5 million votes hidden by IFE since Sunday's election,"

"Police cordon a Nezahuacoyotl garbage dump where ballots and ballot-boxes from three precincts won by López Obrador were discovered on Tuesday. ...The ballots from three precincts in the city of Nezahuacoyotl - a López Obrador stronghold - were discovered yesterday in the municipal garbage dump. The results from two of those precincts have been missing, since Sunday, from IFE's vote tallies."

"An IFE official, ambushed by television reporters, exacerbated the crime yesterday when she blamed the Mexican military: the Armed Forces, not IFE, are supposedly guarding the ballots, she said, in defense of her bureaucracy. This, sources close to the military told Narco News, produced significant anger among the military generals and troops"


the actual events going down:

- they pretend that ballot boxes were not found in the trash;

- they pretend that millions of votes were uncounted so far;

- they pretent they weren't caught lying about the extent of their count being a lie

- they pretend it's a done deal, WHEN THE COUNT HAS BEEN FAULTY FROM THE BEGINNING

- Obregon calling all Mexicans to the Zocalo on Saturday

- Obregon still calling for the first real vote count to be achieved, after several million they found had been left out of their "official" tallies, some of his winning districts, which were found in the public dump.

articles to read and pass on to others:

MEXICO: Obrador ballots found in public dump; wants full recount; up to 3 mil "thrown out"
author: update

"Despite the fact that the majority of the exit polls gave the victory to Lopez Obrador the IFE (Federal Electoral Institute) and Fox are refusing to recognise the results of the elections and are manoeuvring by delaying their official publication, declaring that they could not define a clear outcome given the supposed narrowness of the results. According to the website "Casa del Plan de los 3 Puntos", Harvard University gave the victory to Obrador by 7 points. A closed poll by the newspaper Milenio gave Obrador 37% and Calderon 36%."

Mexico arrests Jeb Bush/Katherine Harris connected ChoicePoint workers, who illegally had Mexican vote rosters

ChoicePoint of Jeb Bush/K. Harris fame, illegally had Mex vote database 05.Jul.2006 15:15
Greg Palast
01.Jul.2006 04:21
election fraud | human & civil rights
Stealing Mexico - Bush Team Helps 'Floridize' Mexican Presidential Election

George Bush's operatives have plans to jigger with the upcoming elections. I'm not talking about the November '06 vote in the USA (though they have plans for that, too). I'm talking about the election this Sunday in Mexico for their Presidency.

The Mexican Media is in on the Coup, Intentionally Hid the Exit Polls So the Vote Fraud would have nothing to Double Check Against

"The cauldron that contained the public desire for a democracy long denied began to boil over when the IFE and the two national networks - Televisa and TV Azteca - decided to withhold their exit poll results from the public on Sunday night. This left the IFE's Preliminary Election Results Program (PREP) as the only public source of information."

As Sunday night marched into Monday morning, López Obrador closed the gap. Until 70 percent of the preliminary results were tallied, the López Obrador vote rose in a straight and steady line (see red line on chart). But suddenly, with between 70 and 80 percent of the preliminary results tallied, the trajectory that would have put López Obrador in the lead when less than 90 percent of the votes had been counted, took a swift downturn, exactly corresponding to a swift upturn by the third-place candidate Roberto Madrazo of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), represented by the green line on the chart.

Defenders of IFE explain this suspicious turn of events as one of "the rural precincts coming in last," where PRI was expected to do better. But rural district voters constituted the weakest vote for Calderón across the country; he came in a distant third among rural farmers. As the line graph shows, in that latter stage of the posting of PREP results, Calderón's vote trajectory continues to run in the same downward straight line that it had traveled since early in the night. Had these truly been numbers from rural districts, his trajectory (the blue line) would have dipped significantly farther below.

On Monday, IFE closed its preliminary results, claiming that it had counted 98.5 percent of the precincts. With Calderon up by 377,000 votes (about 1.4 percent) it seemed to the casual observer that his lead was insurmountable. The problem is, the IFE did not tell the truth. Only about 92 percent of the preliminary tallies had been included in that count, leaving 3.3 million votes out of the count. The claim - posted with the PREP results - that 98.5 percent had been counted was knowingly false. It was intended, as has every step taken by IFE in the vote counting, to create the false impression of a clear lead by the candidate of the State, Felipe Calderón.

This was a blatant act of tampering with the PREP results by Ugalde and IFE officials. As IFE's own website says: "La alteración de estos resultados es delito federal." That means, "Alteration of these results is a federal crime." The selective withholding of those results on Sunday and since - again, and again, and again - constitutes multiple counts of what ought to be a criminal charge against those IFE officials responsible for withholding the tallies and also for falsely claiming that 98.5 percent had been counted and included in the final PREP tally when they knew it to be false.

The Missing Three Million Votes

When, on Monday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador accused the IFE of hiding 3.3 million votes, Commercial Media pundits and columnists scoffed, accused him of conspiracy theories, and continued their permanent campaign to marginalize him and his supporters.

But by Tuesday afternoon, IFE suddenly "found" 2.5 million of those missing votes.

It is difficult to believe anything IFE or Ugalde say at this point given the documented deceptions they carried out on Sunday and Monday, but even IFE's accounting of those 2.5 million suddenly reappeared votes shows a strong lead by - surprise, surprise - López Obrador:

Obrador (PRD): 888,971
Madrazo (PRI): 809,003
Calderón (PAN): 743,795
Mercado (ASD): 28,040
Campa (NA): 13,096
Write-ins: 15,019
Nullified votes: 82,452

Not counting the "nullified" votes, this narrowed Calderón's purported lead by 145,000 votes; nearly halving his supposed margin to 0.64 percent, or roughly 257,000 votes - less than two votes in each of 130,000 precincts.

As part II of this series will demonstrate, there is a consistent pattern of "vote shaving" against López Obrador between the official voting tallies (known as "actas") in precincts throughout the nation, and the PREP results. Narco News will publish photographs of the official actas and demonstrate how the PREP results published by IFE shaved handfuls of votes from López Obrador's local tallies - sometimes two, or three, or six votes; and frequently simply by chopping off a digit (in one case, for example, changing the PRD candidate's tally from 188 to 88).

There are more missing precincts (with more than 700,000 votes), plus at least 909,000 "nullified" votes that, given IFE's clear bias and unfair handling of the votes, must be reopened to find if there truly were grounds to nullify them.

There is more, so much more, to report. But the facts above alone obligate a full recount, ballot-by-ballot. And it is revealing that Calderón, Fox's PAN and the IFE are stonewalling in opposition to a public recount, while López Obrador and the PRD are insisting on it.

"El que nada debe, nada teme," is a popular Mexican expression: He who owes nothing, fears nothing.

If they are so sure they "won," why do they oppose a full recount?

At stake: criminal penalties for IFE bureaucrats if it is found that ballots were tampered with or "disappeared." That is one fear. The other - justified or not - is who wins the presidency of the Republic of Mexico.

If the IFE tries to rush to judgment and declare a winner prior to a full recount, Mexico will explode. The IFE, the PAN, Fox and Calderón are thus playing with fire.

To be continued...


obviously 07.Jul.2006 01:55

time loop

Why do I keep saying Obregon? I mean Obrador..


They Had Practice In U.S. 07.Jul.2006 08:51


U.S. was the testing ground for this stuff, 2000, 2004. The genius is that by having a bunch of contradictory 'information' and 'news' floating around simultaneously or almost simultaneously is that it does several things. 1) Confuses average folks. 2) Causes people to doubt anything they hear/read from ANY media. 3) Causes people to think: 'This is too confusing for me...I'll leave it up to folks who know more to figure it all out.'

Is there going to be a protest locally? 07.Jul.2006 11:14


I think there is a Mexican consulate in Portland, anyone know if there's going to be a protest?

"827,000 ballots without a mark for president" claimed by IFE 07.Jul.2006 13:22

Palast on the scent, going to Mexico City

"And what exactly was the International Republican Institute, the imperial arm of the GOP, doing down there? Shouldn't someone ask? Shouldn't someone investigate?...As soon as I saw the "official" vote count, I booked a plane to Mexico City. I'll be there to tomorrow to join our investigators on the ground - and to fill in the blanks."

And Palast is quoting yet another completely different "official IFE" total.

Mexico - Ohio Con Salsa, Ken Lay'd To Rest & London 7/7
By Greg Palast

'Senor Blank-O' Wins In Mexico

And the winner in Mexico's presidential contest is Senor Blank-O!
The official count of the ruling party is: 36.38% for the ruling party and 35.34% for the challenger.

Or, to put names and numbers to it: The Bush-o-philiac candidate, Felipe Calderon, collected 402,000 more votes than Bush-bashed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. But the big winner was Mr. Blank -- the 827,000 ballots without a mark for president.

I smell something rotten eau d'Ohio, vintage 2004. In that state, as in Mexico this week, the presidential "winner," George Bush, had victory margin smaller than the combined "undercount" (blank ballots) and rejected and mangled ballots.

Blank ballots are rarely random - in the USA, nearly 88% were cast in 2004, notably, in minority areas, the result of bad voting machines. That is, Democrats' ballots "spoil" and "blank out" a heck of a lot more often than Republican ballots. What about in Mexico?

I intend to find out. As soon as I saw the "official" vote count, I booked a plane to Mexico City. I'll be there to tomorrow to join our investigators on the ground - and to fill in the blanks.

And what about the "spoiled" vote - ballots rejected, lost, mangled? Well, some are sitting in dumpsters in Veracruz State which is controlled by the old ruling PRI. (There's a darn good chance that the PRI, hoping to stave off its extinction, played a bigger role than Calderon's PAN in shoplifting votes from challenger Lopez Obrador.)

In a prior missive, I noted that the Bush Administration, under the guise of a secret War on Terror contract, hired ChoicePoint Inc. to filch the voter and citizen files of Mexico. These are the same characters (the Bushes and ChoicePoint) who helped purge Florida's voter rolls of African-Americans before the 2000 race. Were the Mexican rolls "scrubbed" with Dubya's help?

And what exactly was the International Republican Institute, the imperial arm of the GOP, doing down there? Shouldn't someone ask? Shouldn't someone investigate?

Too many uncounted votes, too many blocked voters, too many statistics missing from the official tallies to jump to the automatic conclusion of US mainstream media, that this election was Mexico's first "clean" vote. It may look clean and neat from the Intercontinental Hotel in Mexico City where reporters shuttle from bar to press conference. But sniffing into the garbage piles and ballot piles of Veracruz, it smells more like Ohio con salsa.

Greg Palast is the author of the New York Times bestseller, "Armed Madhouse." (Media requests for reports from Mexico to Kat(at)GregPalast.com,  Kat@gregpalast.com )

Mexican consulate 08.Jul.2006 00:55

over in SW

just on the other side of I 405.

let's call people to gather there? Monday?

That must be why 08.Jul.2006 18:36


it's on the front page of the BBC news site. Mexico, and I presume, almost all nationalist democracies have also been "plagued" by corruption. Indeed, the system of democracy (capitalist or otherwise) as it is, is a corruption. Furthermore, Obrador is no leftist revolutionary, whatever they're supposed to be. Actually, last weeks economist lamented that he was not radical enough to bring much needed change to Mexico's political system. The Economist! If those guys think someone is not left enough, then...oh wait, let me guess, clever disinformation in the form of reverse-psychology.